Guidance in the admission process

Our staff will walk you through the entire admission process: from choosing a university and preparing documents to enrollment and obtaining a visa. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. UniPage experts will always objectively assess your situation and suggest the most suitable university options.

Alexa September 2017
Alexa September 2017

Alexa September 2017

TOP Educational agencies in Russia —

#AlexaRating site in the world according to Alexa.comCompanyWebsiteEmailPhone Number
192,453UniPage — 677-18-64
2287,[email protected](499) 707-72-05
3297,632Language[email protected](495) 730-63-96
4317,584EF Education First[email protected](495) 937-38-88
5408,456Students[email protected](495) 956-15-76
6477,658GSA — Grad Study[email protected](812) 981-72-37
7562,[email protected](812) 333-32-00
8584,[email protected](495) 708-42-42
9692,198Канцлер[email protected](495) 660-35-95
10709,785London Consulting[email protected](495) 789-92-39

Statistics of educational agencies in the search engines — Russia

#YandexGoogleCompanyWebsiteEmailPhone Number
11,5121,222Language[email protected](495) 730-63-96
21,048139UniPage — 677-18-64
3594220Альбион 694-36-00
4583143London Consulting[email protected](495) 789-92-39[email protected](495) 935-85-45
6558178Канцлер[email protected](495) 660-35-95[email protected](495) 407-78-23
85211,164EF Education First[email protected](495) 937-38-88
9421198Глобал Диалог[email protected](495) 984-33-73
10389203Инсайт-Лингва[email protected] (495) 795-09-22
11329271Students[email protected](495) 956-15-76[email protected](499) 707-72-05[email protected](495) 708-42-42
14269201GSA — Grad Study[email protected](812) 981-72-37 730-63-96
16227126Star[email protected] (495) 797-95-55
1718364Мир Образования[email protected](495) 660-96-33[email protected](499) 374 7430[email protected](812) 333-32-00
2010341BSI[email protected] (495) 783-26-23
219221Прямой разговор[email protected](495) 995-95-14
228825Открытый Мир[email protected](495) 228-03-00
235753Знание Центр[email protected](495) 225-44-43
243516IClass Education[email protected](812) 233-75-01
25166Travel Smart[email protected](495) 647-05-51
2614101IQ[email protected](495) 604-12-08
27115Линктурс Рус[email protected](371) 6722-32-67

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UniPage guidance in the admission process

UniPage is an educational agency. We consult students and help them with admission to universities abroad, including the most renowned educational institutions such as Stanford, Sorbonne, and TUM.

We are experts in our field and know how to ensure that you enter the university that suits your goals, research interests and budget.