Guidance in the admission process

Our staff will walk you through the entire admission process: from choosing a university and preparing documents to enrollment and obtaining a visa. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. UniPage experts will always objectively assess your situation and suggest the most suitable university options.

The information in the table is for informational purposes only. Up-to-date data should be checked on the official websites of educational agencies.

Last update — April 2022


CompanyWebsiteRating in RussiaRating in the worldRating in the categoryeducation in RussiaRequests in the top-10 YandexRequests in the top-10 GoogleSpecializationCity
1UniPageunipage.net139201118485772111321292Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
2SMAPSE Educationsmapse.ru237623497518731427513868Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
3EF Education Firstef.ru273644375571020446614603Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan
4Lingua education + language coursesMoscow
5IQ Consultancyiqconsultancy.ru4960271915715829774475Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
6LanguageLinklanguagelink.ru65935106965119388532282Higher education + language coursesMoscow
7Education Indexeducationindex.ru86826584027242616435396Higher education + language coursesMoscow
8Глобал Диалогglobaldialog.ru99542469649275714923494Higher / Secondary education + language courses, business immigration to the USAMoscow
9Students Internationalstudinter.ru99733141899227632312711Higher / Secondary education + language courses, IELTS & IELTS UKVI examsMoscow
10Allterra Educationallterra.ru1196341271166325311842318Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow, Saint-Petersburg
11StudyLabstudylab.ru133507177801436199863025Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
12AcademConsultacademconsult.ru1559611954216419350938Higher / Secondary education + language coursesSaint-Petersburg
13GSA — Grad Study Abroadgradstudyabroad.ru20044316968075624158732Higher education + internshipsOnline
14Travel Smart Clubtravelsmartclub.com2021954258075680944303Higher / Secondary educationMoscow, Saint Petersburg
15ITECitecgroup.ru2222004382189605634031075Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
16EduTraveledutravel.ru24024712052646624625824Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
17Star Academystaracademy.ru24256235056576698379896Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
18ABstudy.ruabstudy.ru3027435973808604466427Higher education + language coursesMoscow
19Канцлерestudy.ru372652686233411073291782Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
20«Прямой разговор»directtalk.ru40724827187921237092399Higher / Secondary education + language coursesOntario, Canada
21Альбионalbioncom.ru416222497573012707103551Higher education + language coursesMoscow
22Знание Центрznaniye.ru46438388765021482038130Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
23InterAcademinteracadem.com48576045030281518564300Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
24Интеллектуалintelstudy.ru5936141064825919262533Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
25BSI groupbsistudy.ru63369211288542no data36129Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
26Открытый Мирopen-world.ru80107614153216259721133Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
27Планета Эсперантоstudytravel.ru134348921809251no data32Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
28Crimson data67674no data2517Higher education + language coursesMoscow
29ИнсайтЛингваi-l.runo data5770034no data110495Higher / Secondary education + language coursesMoscow
30InterCanadaintercanada.runo data19046525no data911Language courses + immigrationCanada
31Умная Заграницаумнаязаграница.comno datano datano data22-Online
32Master-Studium.rumaster-studium.runo datano datano data1-Higher education + language coursesMoscow
33London Consulting datano datano data-5Higher education + language coursesLondon
34Westudy.inwestudy.inno data1047073510131---India
35Abroad.ruabroad.runo data3030422137479483Higher education + language coursesMoscow
36Линктурс Русlinkturs.lvno data162389941326129Higher / Secondary education + language coursesRiga

UniPage guidance in the admission process

UniPage is an educational agency. We consult students and help them with admission to universities abroad, including the most renowned educational institutions such as Stanford, Sorbonne, and TUM.

We are experts in our field and know how to ensure that you enter the university that suits your goals, research interests and budget.