Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy
Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy 2008-2011Linguist-translatorSpecialist
Università degli studi di Milano
Global Politics and SocietyMaster’s

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Refresher training

  • Mendel University, Czech Republic, Brno 6-month “Business Economics” course, 2011-2012.
  • Arbitration anti-crisis management of the PI “Educational Organization of Additional Professional Education “International Academy of Expertise and Evaluation,” 2018.

List of educational institutions with successful admission

University of PaviaITMaster’sInternational Business and Entrepreneurship-
University of FlorenceITMaster’sEconomics and Development
Sapienza UniversityITBachelor’sInternational RelationsDSU
Cattolica University RomaITMaster’sHealthcare Management5200 euro
Brera AcademyITBachelor’sPitturaDSU
University of BolognaITMaster’sInternational Management
State University of MilanITMaster’sGlobal Politics and SocietyDSU
University of PadovaITMaster’sEuropean and Global Studies
University of SienaITFoundationHumanities and Social SciencesNO
University of PisaITMaster’sEconomics
University of FlorenceITMaster’sManagement and Business Administration