Australia ranks third in the world in the number of foreign students. This is not surprising, because in Australia there are seven of top 100 universities in the world.

Advantages of studying in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful and comfortable countries in the world to live in. High level of comfort is combined with environmentally friendly conditions. Australians are welcoming and friendly and the crime rate in urban areas is one of the lowest in the world. It should also be considered, that Australia is a country with an open immigration policy, and many people go there for studying in order to find a job in the future and stay there.

Admission requirements

The basic admission requirements for higher education programs in Australia are proficiency in English at a decent level, as well as Australian certificate of secondary education (12 years) or its equivalent.

Options of admission to university:
  • enroll in the Foundation program. Average duration of such programs is 10 months. Foundation programs include intensive English learning, training in 3-4 core subjects and study several academic subjects.
  • enroll in a program of professional education in college, and then transfer to a second or even third-year of university and complete studying on a bachelor's degree. Graduating from college with an advanced Diploma allows you to bypass acquiring of Bachelor’s degree and enroll straight away in Master’s degree program.