In the story I described earlier I talked about all the arrangement I did to get admitted to the National University of Singapore.

Now I am going to describe my travel to Singapore served with my personal impressions. I will try to give the general idea on my coursework, disciplines we learned, the way we prepared and passed exams as well as the way we relaxed.

Arrival to Singapore

I arrived to Singapore in the end of July and was seriously impressed with the Changi Airport at first glance. This was some kind of a small town with green gardens, luxury stores, cozy café and restaurants all over the place.
Taking a snap at the Starbucks in the morning I caught sight of a great number of young visitors. They were almost all students. I found out that they sometimes arrived to the airport since the place offered encouraging and welcoming environment to study here. If they felt like doing so, they could easily come there and spend all the day long preparing to their exams. Sipping their hot caramel macchiato they could share ideas and comment on issues discussed with their mates.

My impressions on Singapore

As soon as I arrived to the country, I realized that I made an adequate choice. I was satisfied with everything surrounding me. I liked the natives, weather, transport and food. I was about to live here for several years and I really liked that!
As I was instructed by the authorized agency, I had to register In-Principal Approval Letter of Student Pass of mine as soon as I arrived to the country. That was to prove my valid student visa. I had to register my arrival to the university, either.
I was also examined by the student medical commission at the university and got a visa-card at the immigration department in Singapore. The university authorized personnel did me a service in my registration documents to execute, which was very pleasant.

Study for Master’s degree

Being a student at NUS, I realized that I had to improve my studying skill all the time long. The education system in Singapore appeared to differ from what is adopted in other western countries. The study semester consisted of two periods. The students passed mid-terms in the middle of the semester period. As a rule, these exams were of the same significance as the final exams. I was surprised to find out that I had to take my first exam period a month after I started my studies. Each exam required 300 pages to read and report apart from online tasks to do.

The coursework at the NUS was different with its substantial complicacy and considerable mental work load. The NUS adopted the same system as applicable to other high class tertiary education institutions. All our classes were in the form of lecture followed by stormy discussions of the theme. Thus, students who were not well prepared failed to participate in discussions.

Education program at the University of Singapore

I would say that the plan of study at NUS was rather adapted to Asian region than to others. Most study cases referred to Asian and its regional cases. We were lucky to have the best lecturers in the region qualified in law. The courses were taken by professorate in law from the best western facilities such as LSE, Harvard, Columbia University and others. Visiting scholars and international-level politicians were also frequent at our course.
Again, I happened to meet most interesting and brilliant people and since I intended to get involved in jurisprudence in future, it would be nice to have good relations in this sector.

Campus and the university infrastructure

When I first arrived to the campus I got greatly confused. The place was different from what I would call a study place. The campus looked like a small town where the visitor could have lost. However, it took me a couple of weeks to get to know to the place. I took the advantage of taking special buses that travel at the campus. The schedule for such buses was accurate to prove by myself to be in time for classes.
The student area of the National University of Singapore is equipped with special entertainment zones for students. So, I was happy to become a permanent user of the student swimming pool at my leisure time. Besides, tennis courts were amazing there.
The Law School (I am sure, it is the same for other schools) is perfectly equipped with everything for continuous study. I permanently used a huge library where I managed to find lots of fascinating aids in law and belles-lettres. It is noteworthy that the university management decided to abandon paperback so regular for most people. Thereat, most literature sources are available as e-type books. I had to get used to them at first.


The session at the National University of Singapore ends in vacations. The holiday lasts for about a month in the end of the first semester and it is of two-month duration after the second semester is over. The vacation period is enough to visit the home country and meet friends. As an alternative, this is a good time to get to know to Singapore traditions and customs and go sightseeing.

Completion of Master-degree programme

I have never regretted on my choice in the course of my studies there (three full years). The Law School at the National University of Singapore is distinct in the highest level of teaching. The legal cases adopted in the country and all law nuances were known to me including legal frames of other governments. I gained the knowledge solid enough to become a high-class lawyer and a legal expert.
Being in one of the most developed countries in the world and possessing such a perfect background, I planned to make every endeavor to stay here and gain the most demanded experience in my area based on cases that occur in the most law-bound state of the world.

I know I am not finished until I describe my life in Singapore in details including the valuable information on costs of living and prices for food, as well as other nuances of my personal experience of living there.