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Amazfit Bip Overview

Amazfit Bip is a smart watch designed by Huami (a subsidiary company of Xiaomi which specializes in smartwatches production). In fact, Amazfit Bip is an equivalence of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and it represents Huami's attempt to make a cheaper alternative to Apple Watch.
Amazfit Bip is a good option for an average buyer with modest requirements. If you need an extremely easy-to-use device with an excellent battery life (up to 45 days) and quite fast charging time (up to 2.5 hours) to monitor your health, then you should make your choice in favour of this smartwatch.
Nevertheless, it is unlikely that this watch will suit professional athletes. The reason for this is in the limited set of functions of Amazfit Bip: the watch supports only running outdoors, running on a treadmill and walking. Buyers with high requirements for the device should pay attention to the smart watches of the higher priced segment of the market that are equipped with wider set of functions (Garmin Vivosport, Atlas Wristband 2, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Fitbit Charge 2, TomTom Spark 3 or Apple Watch Series 3).
Amazfit Bip was launched on December 8, 2017. This smart watch can be referred to as a simplified version of Amazfit Pace. The set of functions of these two devices is almost the same, although Amazfit Bip supports fewer kinds of sport (there is no support for trail running and exercises on exercise bikes), it has a smaller display and it is more suitable for amateur sport than for the professional one.
Despite this fact, in comparison with a similar Xiaomi Mi Band 2 model, Amazfit Bip has an advantage in the form of a durable and relatively large screen, the GPS system and a long battery life.

Amazfit Bip functions

  • Periodic measurement of heart rate with an optical heart rate monitor;
  • The ability to track walking, cycling, running outdoors and running on a treadmill;
  • Tracking the sleep time and its phases;
  • A user is informed about incoming calls, SMS, events from the calendar, e-mail messages with the help of vibration;
  • Tracking the running speed and route with GPS;
  • Calculation of the calories burned during physical exercises;
  • Time and weather showing, a timer and a compass.

Amazfit Bip design and construction

Amazfit Bip has a reflective display with a diagonal of 1.28" made of Gorilla Glass 3 with an oleophobic coverage. The only element of physical control of the device is the button on the side of the watch which is responsible for getting out of sleep mode. The weight of the device is small (about 30g), the Amazfit Bip strap is made of hypoallergenic silicone and it can be changed. The device itself is made of polycarbonate and zirconium ceramic alloy.
Amazfit Bip is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP68 standard which allows you to immerse the device in water with a depth of up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.
In addition, the look of the main screen can be customized with the help of Notify & Fitness for Amazfit application where you can choose from 10 themes. Unlike Amazfit Pace, there is no ability to download additional themes from the Internet.
The design of Amazfit Bip can be defined as rather ill-conceived because of the too wide rims around the display, although the shape of the device is very similar to Apple Watch. If we consider Amazfit Bip to be an accessory, this smartwatch surely cannot demonstrate a high status of its owner, and if the device design is really important for you, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on a smartwatch, we recommend that you pay attention to Amazfit Pace.

Pros of Amazfit Bip

  • Amazfit Bip holds the charge well, its battery life in practice is up to 20 days with GPS enabled;
  • Amazfit Bip regularly checks the heart rate (the measurement graph can be set in the Mi Fit application) and allows you to build up a good overall picture of the heart rate throughout the day;
  • When you run on a treadmill, Amazfit Bip helps you to track your progress by informing its user about every kilometer that he/she has run with vibration;
  • Amazfit Bip almost never loses Bluetooth connectivity to attached devices;
  • Amazfit Bip display is visible perfectly in the sun.

Cons of Amazfit Bip

  • Amazfit Bip’s touchscreen is not responsive. Often in order to make a command appera on the display, it is necessary to put some effort by pressing it several times;
  • Amazfit Bip does not measure the pulse regularly. To measure the heart rate, you must select this function manually from the menu;
  • Amazfit Bip displays notifications inconveniently: when a user gets notifications from messengers, Amazfit Bip notifies you of the entire branch of previously unread messages instead of showing the most recent unread ones;
  • Amazfit Bip does not involve strength training. Therefore, for those who prefer running or cycling to working out at the gym, we recommend paying more money, but getting a reliable device. For example, Garmin Vivosport, Atlas Wristband 2, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Fitbit Charge 2 or TomTom Spark 3;
  • Amazfit Bip is not fully compatible with iOS: the Notify & Fitness for Amazfit app is not available for iOS, and you will not be able to change the look of your watch's main screen with a tablet or an Apple smartphone. Nevertheless, 10 themes for change will be available on the watch itself, but you will not be able to use the additional 11 themes from the application;
  • Amazfit Bip is considered to be one of the best cheap GPS enabled watches, but the frequency of the sensor’s scanning of this smart watch is too low in order to make a pretence at being a device suitable for professional running;
  • Amazfit Bip can not be synchronized with the computer, since the USB cable that comes with the computer is equipped only with power supply lines.

Errors and bugs of Amazit Bip

  • Amazfit Bip can give incorrect information about how many kilometers you have run;
  • Amazfit Bip often does not recognize awakening and for a long time supposes that the user is still asleep.

Recommendations for Amazfit Bip

  • Despite the degree of dust and moisture resistance IP68, do not immerse the device in water for a long time, with the exception of some daily and household contacts of Amazfit Bip with water (washing hands, doing the washing-up or taking a shower);
  • Use only Amazfit Bip licensed firmware and do not install other third-party firmwares from the Internet, as they do not guarantee security and can do harm to the device.

Reviews about Amazfit Bip

  • Users note that Amazfit Bip is an excellent option of a smart watch for those who have never had experience of dealing with similar devices and for those whose requirements for watches are not high;
  • It is reported that the standard Amazfit Bip strap draws dust to it and even the slightest dirt becomes noticeable there, and it is very difficult to remove it from the surface of the strap;
  • According to the remarks of some users, the compass on Amazfit Bip is useless because it shows incorrect data or does not want to be calibrated at all;
  • It is known that Amazfit Bip is rather simple to use, but its interface is not so clear at first sight and you need some time to get used to it;
  • Users confirm the full incompatibility of Amazfit Bip with strength training. When you try to measure the pulse during your training at the gym, Amazfit Bip shows a very low heart rate even when it is felt to be wrong.

List of applications for Amazfit Bip

In addition to the official application Mi Fit, we recommend that Android users install a proven Notify & Fitness for Amazfit application (currently this application is not available for iOS).
  • Mi Fit. The application allows you to save your workout data, synchronize with Mi Body Composition Scale, analyze sleep, set announcements of notifications, SMS and calls, control the alarm clock on the smart watch. In addition, if you sit too long without moving, Mi Fit will send a notification to your watch with a vibration that will remind you that it's time to walk a little.
  • Notify & Fitness for Amazfit. Notify & Fitness for Amazfit is, in fact, an equivalence of Mi Fit, but it has paid additional functions and add-ons, such as setting customized notifications for each phonebook contact, ignoring notifications from unwanted applications so they do not appear on the watch, searching for a phone / tablet connected to Amazfit Bip. The free version differs from Mi Fit by its ability to set up to 8 alarm clocks.

Analogs Amazfit Bip - Comparison

Brand Amazfit Xiaomi Huawei Honor Fitbit iWOWNfit
ModelBip Mi Band 2 Band 3 Charge 2 i6 Pro
Minimum price USD
User rating 4.6 4.9 4.4 4.1
Functionality 3.4 4.1 4.9 4.1
Sesors accuracy 3.9 3.2 4.2 2.6
Pulsometer 4.3 2.9 3.8 2.3
Accelerometer 4.3 2.7 4.4 3.0
Sleep analysis 3.1 4.0 4.5 2.6
Connected GPS
Material sensor Plastic; aluminum Plastic Stainless steel Stainless steel
Material strap Thermoplastic elastomer Polyurethane Elastomer Polyurethane
Item width 15.7 mm. 16.5 mm. 225 mm. 19.8 mm.
Item height 40.3 mm. 43 mm. 129 mm. 39.6 mm.
Item depth 10.5 mm. 10.3 mm. 2506 mm. 9.5 mm.
Item weight 19.4 gram 18 gram 36.8 gram 18 gram
Replaceable straps
Strap dimensions S;L;XL
Buttons 1 1 2
Package weight 90 gram 104 gram 300 gram 85 gram
Package width 10 mm. 100 mm. 112 mm. 95 mm.
Package height 3 mm. 40 mm. 53 mm. 20 mm.
Package depth 10 mm. 160 mm. 200 mm. 175 mm.
Display size 0.42 inches 0.91 inches 1.5 inches 0.73 inches
Support slides
Display backlight
Display colors 1 colors 1 colors 1 colors 1 colors
Display width 32 px 88 px
Display height 128 px 128 px
Pixel density 147 ppi 213 ppi
Auto adjust brightness
Water Resistant IP67 WR50 WR20 IP67
Temperature minimum -20 °C 14 °C -20 °C
Temperature max 70 °C 113 °C 60 °C
Battery type Li-pol Li-pol Li-pol Li-pol
Battery capacity 70 mAh 100 mAh 58.2 mAh
Battery life - waiting 480 hours 720 hours 720 hours 240 hours
Battery life - tested 15 hours
Magnetic charger
Input voltage 5 volt 5 volt 5 volt 5 volt
Input current 45 mA
Charging time 2 hours 1.5 hours 1-2 hours 2 hours
Android version 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.3+
iOS version 7 8 8+
Windows 8.1 10
Mac OS 10.6
Incoming call
Incoming message
Call ID display
Digital faces 2 10 2
Analog-digital faces 1 3
Display weather
Operating system Proprietary OS Proprietary OS Proprietary OS Proprietary OS
RAM 256Kb
CPU ARM Cortex-M4
Flash 16Mb
Support updates
Find my phone
Unlock identity
Find my device
Camera shoot control
Smart alarm
Silence alarm
Read SMS
Ability to turn off
Rotate to switch
Dynamic heart rate
Training mode
Reminder to move
Guided breathing sessions
Calorie consumption
Distance covered
Active minutes
Food log
Water log
Weight log
Scan barcode
Applicatio feature
Add friend
Share results
Weight training
Table tennis
American football
Skipping rope
Ice skating
Rock climbing
Compatible apps 3 3 18
Google Fit
UP by Jawbone
Bluetooth 4.0 LE 4.2 4.0 LE 4.0
USB cable
Check prices