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фитнес браслет xiaomi amazfit cor обзор
Обзор фитнес-браслета Huawei Honor Band 3
Обзор фитнес-браслета Huawei Honor Band 3

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Operating systemProprietary OS
MaterialsSensor316L Stainless Steel
ProtectionDisplay2.D Gorilla GlassWater Resistant
Resolution80 x 160px
Primary cameraMPVideo
Front cameraMPVideo
SynchronizationAndroid4.4+iOS version8+BlackberryWindowsMac OSWeb
Memory cardCard slot
ConnectionNFCFM RadioInfrared port
Cellular network
SIM Card
SoundHeadphone input 3.5mmDictaphoneMicrophone
FeaturesPlay audioPhoto viewerPlay videoJavaBrowser
Battery lifeBattery life - waiting288hours
NotificationsVibrationIncoming callIncoming messageApps
WatchDigital faces
Remote controlMusic control
SecurityFace IDFingerprint
ContentsManualsUSB cableCharger

Amazfit Cor Overview

Amazfit Cor is a fitness tracker designed by Huami (a sub-company of Xiaomi), famous for the portable electronics production. In terms of smart watches, Amazfit Cor's set of functions is standard, but if we regard Amazfit Cor as a fitness wristband, its set of functions is quite wide. Speaking about similar devices of the Amazfit Cor price category, much more multifunctional models can be singled out, such as iWOWN i6 Pro which is compatible with 20 kinds of sport and can control the camera of a smartphone connected to it.
Nevertheless, it should be remembered that Amazfit Cor, due to its limited set of functions, is a device for those who want to monitor their health and are engaged in amateur but not professional sports. Athletes should think about buying more functional devices, like Apple Watch Series 3 or Garmin vivosmart HR.
Amazfit Cor was launched on February 7, 2018 and its version produced specially for China was called Huami Smartband Midong. Amazfit Cor is a kind of a hybrid between a fitness wristband and a smart watch.
One of the key changes in Amazfit Cor is its IPS display. Previous models — Amazfit Pace and Amazfit Bip — were equipped with a reflective LCD display, the visibility of such a display depended on the amount of sunlight that many users disliked. Unfortunately, changing from a LCD display to IPS one only exacerbated this discontent, since under direct sunlight the Amazfit Cor screen becomes absolutely invisible. In addition, the IPS matrix negatively affected the battery life.
Unlike Amazfit Arc and Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor does not have the ability to track running route with GPS.
Nevertheless, Amazfit Cor does have some positive differences in comparison with its predecessors: this watch is much better at coping with water protection and it is even suitable for swimming.

Amazfit Cor functions

  • Regular pulse measurement with an optical sensor;
  • Water resistance at a depth of 50 meters;
  • Calculation of the steps taken with the help of a three-axis accelerometer;
  • Tracking the duration and phases of sleep;
  • Calculation of calories burned during physical activity;
  • Amazfit Cor motivates to move more: if you sit for more than an hour without moving, the watch will vibrate, reminding you to walk(if this function is not needed, you can turn it off in the Mi Fit application);
  • Search for a phone connected to Amazfit Cor;
  • Time and weather showing.

Design and construction of Amazfit Cor

The case of Amazfit Cor is made of 316L stainless steel, plastic and glass. The smart-watch is equipped with IPS display with a diagonal of 1.23", protected with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 and oleophobic covering. Below the display there is a button that takes the watch out of sleep mode. Speaking about the quality of the display, its resolution is small, pixels can be seen without much difficulty.
The device has a very stylish, minimalist design which will suit those who want to wear their smart watch not only as a helper in monitoring their health state, but also as an accessory that shows a certain status of its owner. In many respects, a good quality of assembly and construction affects Amazfit Cor’s excellent design.
The Amazfit Cor strap is attached tightly to the device and it can be replaced. Moreover, the quality of the Amazfit Cor strap is very good, it is made of hypoallergenic silicone, it does not stretch and it is dust-resistant. Due to smoothed lines and streamlined design of Amazfit Cor the watch does not damage clothes.
The standard abilities of customizing the look of the main screen are quite limited: there are three standard themes on the watch and one theme that can be installed from the Mi Fit application. If you want, you can find additional themes on the Internet.
Amazfit Cor is not the lightest watch: the weight of the device is 32 grams, the watch is quite large and perceptible on the arm.
Amazfit Cor is attractive to a buyer with its interesting and versatile design, which simultaneously resembles other smart watches (it is especially similar to Microsoft Band 2), but it still retains some part of uniqueness. In addition to its interesting design, quite reasonable and affordable price adds more advantages to the device.

Pros of Amazfit Cor

  • Amazfit Cor’s mode of autonomous operation is 10-12 days;
  • Moisture protection of Amazfit Cor really works well in practice, allowing you to go swimming without taking the smart watch off;
  • Amazfit Cor reacts to awakening with a gesture very quickly (putting the watch in front of your face as if you are watching the time).

Cons of Amazfit Cor

  • The Amazfit Cor display is invisible in direct sunlight, even with its maximum brightness;
  • Amazfit Cor is limitedly compatible with sports and supports only running, swimming, cycling and walking;
  • Amazfit Cor does not have the most responsive touchscreen and very often it is necessary to press it several times to activate the necessary function;
  • The Amazfit Cor pulsometer shows inaccuracy of work while doing sport;
  • The training mode of Amazfit Cor is too simple: when you call the "Exercise" command, Amazfit Cor does not offer to choose any particular kind of activity, but immediately enters the training mode trying to determine the type of exercise by itself, which is not always successful. That's why during training Amazfit Cor does not display anything, except for calories burned and heart rate.
  • Amazfit Cor shows only 54 words from a message on its display. If you receive a long message, then you definitely need to use a smartphone to read it;
  • With Amazfit Cor you cannot reply to messages: when you see a notification about the message on the watch screen, you will have to take your smartphone to answer it;
  • Despite its qualitative clasp, Amazfit Cor is difficult to be fixed on the arm tightly by its user himself/herself.

Errors and bugs of Amazfit Cor

  • Cyrillic font on Amazfit Cor is almost unreadable;
  • Notifying a user of a call or from applications, Amazfit Cor does not show the name of the caller or the icon of the application from which the notification has come;
  • Amazfit Cor has problems with automatic recognition of awakening and often recognizes it when a user is already awake for several hours.

Recommendations for Amazfit Cor

  • It is not recommended to install additional firmwares from the Internet to extend the set of functions of Amazfit Cor, as they often damage the device preventing its stable operation;
  • The back of the Amazfit Cor case should fit your wrist tightly to read heart rate data most accurately;
  • You should remember that the magnetic charger for Amazfit Cor is not sold separately, and in case of its loss or damage you will need to buy a new smart watch;
  • Amazfit Cor is recommended to be charged via USB from other devices, since charging from the grid can adversely affect the performance of the battery;
  • You can download additional themes for Amazfit Cor from the Internet, but it's important to know that when they are used, the battery life of the smart watch is significantly reduced. Moreover, the installation of the watch faces requires that a user gets familiar with the instructions that are usually published along with the themes carefully;
  • If you do not want some applications to send you notifications on the watch, they can be ignored by canceling notifications receiving in Mi Fit;
  • Amazfit Cor is compatible with the Mi Fit application, so if you have already used a fitness wristband or a smart watch designed by Xiaomi before, you will not have to be adapted to the new application.

Reviews about Amazfit Cor

  • Users note that in order to press the touch button on Amazfit Cor and take the device out of sleep mode, you need to push the button exactly, which often fails and it's very uncomfortable while running;
  • The interface of Amazfit Cor is simple, but still you need some time to get used to it;
  • It is reported that due to its size Amazfit Cor is unlikely to suit people with small wrists and those who do not like to feel the watch on their arms;
  • In practice, to achieve a good fit of Amazfit Cor is difficult because of a large display which height is usually greater than the height of the wrist.
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