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Умные часы от Xiaomi: полный обзор, отзыв. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit обзор на русском. stupidmadworld
Умные часы от Xiaomi: полный обзор, отзыв. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit обзор на русском.


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Amazfit Pace Overview

Amazfit Pace is a smart watch from Huami, a subsidiary company of Xiaomi, was designed by order of Xiaomi.
The watch is available in two versions:
  1. Asian — Amazfit Watch, is supported by Xiaomi Mi Fit and Mi Dong's own application, Amazfit Watch interface is presented in Chinese;
  2. International — English interface, synchronization with Strava.
Overall, Amazfit Pace is equipped with rather standard features: a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.5GHz, its RAM is 512MB and its ROM is 4GB. The Amazfit Pace processor is referred to as one of the best one among smart watches at the beginning of 2018.
A transflective display, compatibility with various types of running, treadmills and exercise bikes together with an excellent processor and design make Amazfit Pace an excellent choice for those who are engaged in cardio sports.
In terms of the battery capacity, the predecessors are not much different from Amazfit Pace: Amazfit Bip Light and Amazfit Bip capacities differ from Amazfit Pace by only 10 mAh (190 mAh in previous models against 200 mAh in Amazfit Pace). But Amazfit Pace is distinguished by the number of supported kinds of sport because in addition to running and cycling outdoors it can offer classes tracking using cardiovascular equipment.

Amazfit Pace functions

  • The opportunity of regular pulse measurement;
  • Measurement of the steps taken and fulfillment of the goals of the steps (the function is removed from the firmware);
  • Tracking of the distance covered with GPS;
  • Tracking of the sleep phases duration and sleep graphs drawing in the Amazfit Watch application;
  • Displaying and synchronization of notifications of an attached device with a watch;
  • Playing of music downloaded to a smart watch via Bluetooth headset;
  • Additional functions: a stopwatch, a compass, weather, GLONASS.

Amazfit Pace design and construction

Amazfit Pace has a sporty design that can be transformed into a little more classic one because you can change straps at the device. In addition, the design of the device can be customized by changing the look of the main screen. Additional themes for the screen can be downloaded from the Internet.
It is worth noting that the "native" Amazfit Pace strap is made of soft rubber which is very comfortable, user-friendly and hard-wearing.
There is a ceramic rim, stylized for a metal one around the display.
Amazfit Pace has a degree of moisture resistance IP67, and the screen covered with Gorilla Glass and the ceramic rim of the device are scratch resistant.
From the inside part of the watch there is an optical sensor for pulse measurement and four magnetic sensors that are used to recharge and synchronize Amazfit Pace with a computer using a USB cable.
A clear user-friendly interface of smart watch deserves special attention.

Pros of Amazfit Pace

  • Battery life. If you are looking for a smartwatch that will not run out of charge very quickly, then Amazfit Pace can be an excellent choice. The charge of this watch lasts from 2 (when using GPS) up to 7 days;
  • Many types of activities. The problem of almost all fitness wristbands is solved in the smartwatch Amazfit Pace. The watch from Amazfit is compatible not only with running and walking that is quite usual for wristbands, but also with treadmill running, cycling, exercise bikes, trail running and elliptical trainers;
  • Regular heart rate measurement. Huami has also solved the problem of irregular pulse measurement which accompanies a lot of fitness wristbands (Xiaomi Mi Band 1s, Amazfit Arc and others): these devices measure the pulse only when you are not moving and exclusively with the intentional calling of this function.
Amazfit Pace allows you to measure your pulse regularly, even when you go in for sports, that gives a complete picture of the heart rate throughout the day;
  • Device autonomy. Perhaps, it is the autonomy of the smartwatch that gives it additional points to win in the fight with smart wristbands. Smart watches can perform much more functions than wristbands, for example, Amazfit Pace can measure the number of steps taken and the running distance per day on its screen, so you don’t have to synchronize the device with a smartphone or a tablet;
  • Excellent GPS performance. GPS on Amazfit Pace works fine and shows the route of running or walking as accurately as possible;
  • Visibility of the screen in the sun. Unlike many fitness wristbands, the Amazfit Pace screen is perfectly visible in the sunlights. Moreover, the more sun falls on the display of the device, the better it is visible;
  • A convenient charger. It is very inconvenient to charge many smartwatches and fitness wristbands with magnetic charging, as the charger isn’t fixed firmly. Amazfit Pace is equipped with a docking station that is attached to the back of the watch, connecting it to the USB port for charging;
  • A good motivator. Amazfit Pace allows you to set the desired speed and target distance when running. The smartwatch will monitor your speed, and if it is less than the set one, Amazfit Pace will tell you about it on its screen;
  • Synchronization with Strava. This function makes Amazfit Pace especially useful for runners because each of them knows about this application at first hand.

Cons of Amazfit Pace

  • Not the most responsive touchscreen. In order to press something on the Amazfit Pace display, sometimes you have to put some effort by pressing it several times;
  • GPS search does not work immediately. Sometimes Amazfit Pace requires extra time (more than 30 seconds) to detect your location and to start tracking it with GPS which can be annoying;
  • Lack of water sports support. Moisture protection IP67 does not allow you to immerse the device underwater for a long time and to track water sports. That's why Amazfit Pace will be useless for swimmers. If you go swimming, we recommend you to spend a little more money and consider the purchase of Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit Ionic, Garmin Vivioactive 3 and Samsung Gear Sport;
  • Lack of strength training support. When you do strength training, Amazfit Pace shows the heart rate that is only slightly different from the readout when you are not engaged in any sport activities, so it makes Amazfit Pace a useless device for those who work out at the gym. If you are engaged in strength training, you should choose Garmin Vivosport, Atlas Wristband 2, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Fitbit Charge 2 or TomTom Spark 3;
  • Inability to reply to messages. Receiving notifications about incoming messages to your smartphone, you can see only the text of the message, but you cannot reply to it using text (only smilies are available). Moreover, if you receive two notifications about messages from one application, this text will not be visible.

Errors and bugs of Amazfit Pace

  • Incompatibility with Android 8.0;
  • Playing music in random order (fixed in the new firmware version);
  • Problems with iOS synchronization (may not occur after several successful synchronizations);
  • Call notifications do not always show the name of the caller. To correct this error, write down all the phone numbers in the device attached to Amazfit Pace without spaces in the following form +(country code)(operator code)(phone number);
  • Sometimes Amazfit Pace is not connected to the attached device without any obvious reason;
  • Amazfit Pace can display that it reads data using the units of imperial systems of measurement, but in fact it provides data in the metric system;
  • The Amazfit Watch app does not allow you to change from metric units of measurement to the imperial ones. This minor flaw will not seem to be significant to you if you do not live in the USA, but if you are used to measure the distance covered in miles, you will have to bother installing Annex Strava app.

Recommendations for Amazfit Pace

  • Charge Amazfit Pace with USB, avoiding charging it from the grid which can damage the smartwatch battery;
  • We recommend to avoid using unofficial firmwares for Amazfit Pace, as it can put the device out of operation.

Reviews about Amazfit Pace

  • Users note that the device does not suit those who like small screens because the device display is rather large;
  • The watch is suitable for tracking the overall picture of user’s state of health, amateur and professional running;
  • It is reported that the Amazfit Pace heart rate monitor works as accurately as possible, but nevertheless, its measurements are not absolutely ideal.
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