Fitbit Alta HR

Specs and features Fitbit Alta HR

Display 1.4" 36x128px. OLED
Communication Bluetooth
Sensors Pulsometer Accelerometer Sleep analysis Gyrosсope


Wristband sizes

S 140-170 mm
L 170-206 mm
XL 206-236 mm

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Customer reviews Fitbit Alta HR

TexnikaPro 3056 4.2
Bed Bath & Beyond 15 4.7
BestBuy 1380 4.7
Yandex Market 1 1.0

Applications Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Fitbit, Inc. 3.9
Fitbit Fitbit, Inc. 3.6


Overview Fitbit Alta HR — fitness wristband

Fitbit Alta HR is a fitness tracker which helps people to take care of their health and to stay in good shape.
Fitbit Alta HR was launched in the spring of 2017 and became a logical continuation of Fitbit Alta. The device turned out to be pretty and stylish, not very expensive and was supplied with a heart rate sensor. The wristband is suitable for those athletes who know their goals and tasks well and need only an adequate and reliable assistant on their wrists. For those who are looking for a wristband equipped with personalized workouts, touch screen with colorful pictures and the ability to read SMS-messages and social networks notifications, it is worth searching for something else.

Main functions of Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR has a standard number of functions typical of all fitness wristbands:
  • Measures heart rate;
  • Calculates the number of steps and calories burned;
  • Calculates the distance covered;
  • Reminds of little activity if you do not move for more than an hour;
  • Measures the duration and the quality of sleep;
  • Can be used as a noiseless alarm;
  • Shows notifications about calls, SMS-messages and reminds you of events in your calendar;
  • Reminds you of necessity to move if you sit in front of the computer for a long time (or just if you were not active for more than an hour).

Pros of Fitbit Alta HR

  • It can work up to 7 days being charged only once. We really want to remind you that the record in the market of fitness wristbands was broken by Withings Steel HR, which can work up to 25 days;
  • Very light tracker, barely perceptible on the arm;
  • Elegant design. Alta HR is often compared to its closest relative, Charge 2. One of the differences between Alta is a thin, elongated screen that is by 25% narrower than one of Charge 2;
  • Precise optical sensor for determining the number of heartbeats;
  • Being a fitness tracker, Fitbit Alta HR controls sleep well, it does not even confuse sleep phases a lot;
  • It is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS. To tell you the truth, we have come across the opinion that the tracker works better with the iPhone;
  • Informative application. It is one of the best applications for smartphones, allowing you to monitor your results, share your success with friends and set new sports challenges.
  • There are no complaints about the fastener, everything is simple and convenient. In addition, it is reliable, and so, using the tracker it is possible to go to the forest, and in the mountains, and to bounce on the trampoline;
  • Not annoying alarm clock. If in the morning you desperately want to spend under the blanket a little more time, the wristband will not insist. It gives a mild sound at the appointed time, and if you do not react, it will try to wake you up again in 9 minutes;
  • Suitable for the arm as well as the leg. Owners of thin wrists and ankles declare that the wristband can be worn both on the arm and on the leg. And often the last option is more preferable for them: you do not have to think about what clothes and accessories will match the wristband.

Cons of Fitbit Alta HR

  • Step inaccessibility. A fitness tracker can make mistakes when counting your steps and overrate your results. It is not about a large-scale phenomenon (there are reviews of "extra" 400-600 steps), but accuracy is much better at its competitors;
  • It keeps your correspondence secret. Because of the narrow screen, you cannot read directly the messages that are sent to your phone. The wristband will show the notification of the call or SMS, but you will not know neither the name of the caller nor the content of the letter;
  • It Is afraid of water. The tracker has only a protection against splashing;
  • Screen. It is not a touch screen, but it does not have buttons on its side panels. It reacts to light shakes and pushes, but sometimes it does not notice them;
  • The lack of GPS;
  • The price of Fitbit Alta HR (based on data for March 2018) is 130 USD. It is, of course, not the level of Apple Watch 3, but, for example, Garmin Vivofit3 will cost 70 USD.
  • Straps, especially light ones in colour (for example, peach) become dirty after some time (some of them become dirty even after 4 weeks of constant wearing);
  • Lack of built-in breathing exercises;
  • Lack of saturation sensors or VO2 max;
  • In very bright sunlight, the data on the screen cannot be read;
  • The charging cable is too short (if there is no low table, you will have to charge the wristband on the floor);
  • Fitbit Alta HR automatically determines the beginning of your workout. On the one hand, you can get rid of unnecessary trouble, but on the other hand, it does not allow to reflect the intensity of your training accurately. For example, a game of badminton will be regarded as "sports".

Recommendations for Fitbit Alta HR usage

  • Taken into account the device’s problems of steps calculation, you can manually set some characteristics which will help it to work more accurately. In particular, you can measure the so-called "stride length" — the distance between two consecutive steps of the same leg — and save this data in the settings;
  • The manufacturer emphasizes that the wristband is protected from splashes, drops of rain and sweat, but it is not waterproof. So, be careful when you do washing-up, remove it before taking a shower and visiting the pool;
  • Some people are not entirely satisfied with constant reminders about the need to move. Especially if the tracker shows its insistent care on the weekends or during a theater or cinema visit. The good news is that the settings of the wristband are easy to change, and you can decide on your own when you receive its fitness instructions (and whether you receive them at all);
  • In the network you can find various straps for the tracker, some of which cause real aesthetic joy (though it mainly happens with girls). For example, this, this and that is also a good option. However, we must warn that some users complain about them (they are too heavy, smell strangely, can be easily unfastened, hurt your arm, fasten tightly, etc.).

Analogs Fitbit Alta HR - Comparison

Brand Fitbit Xiaomi Fitbit Fitbit
ModelAlta HR Mi Band 2 Charge 2 Ionic
Minimum price USD
User rating 4.4 4.6 4.4 4.0
Functionality 3.4 4.9
Sesors accuracy 3.9 4.2
Pulsometer 4.3 3.8
Accelerometer 4.3 4.4
Sleep analysis 3.1 4.5
Connected GPS
Material sensor Plastic; aluminum Stainless steel Aluminum
Material strap Silicone Thermoplastic elastomer Elastomer Silicone
Item width 15.7 mm. 225 mm.
Item height 40.3 mm. 129 mm.
Item depth 10.5 mm. 2506 mm.
Item weight 19.4 gram 36.8 gram
Replaceable straps
Strap dimensions S;L;XL
Buttons 1 2
Package weight 90 gram 300 gram
Package width 10 mm. 112 mm.
Package height 3 mm. 53 mm.
Package depth 10 mm. 200 mm.
Display type OLED OLED OLED
Display size 1.4 inches 0.42 inches 1.5 inches 1.42 inches
Display backlight
Display colors 1 colors 1 colors
Display width 36 px 348 px
Display height 128 px 250 px
Pixel density 95 ppi 302 ppi
Water Resistant IP67 WR20 WR50
Temperature minimum -20 °C 14 °C -4 °C
Temperature max 70 °C 113 °C 113 °C
Battery type Li-pol Li-pol Li-pol
Battery capacity 70 mAh
Replaceable battery
Battery life - waiting 480 hours 720 hours 96 hours
Battery life - tested 10 hours
Input voltage 5 volt 5 volt
Input current 45 mA
Charging time 2 hours 2 hours 1-2 hours 2 hours
Android version 4.4 4.4
iOS version 7
Windows 8.1 10
Mac OS 10.6
Incoming call
Incoming message
Call ID display
Digital faces 2 10
Analog-digital faces 1
Operating system Proprietary OS Proprietary OS
ROM 2.5Gb
Support updates
Music control
Unlock identity
Find my device
Silence alarm
Rotate to switch
Dynamic heart rate
Training mode
Reminder to move
Guided breathing sessions
Calorie consumption
Distance covered
Active minutes
Food log
Water log
Weight log
Scan barcode
Applicatio feature
Add friend
Share results
Weight training
Compatible apps 3 18
Bluetooth 4.0 LE 4.0 LE 4.0 LE 4.0 LE
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
USB cable
Check prices