Fitbit Ionic
Introducing Fitbit Ionic Fitbit
Introducing Fitbit Ionic
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Fitbit Ionic smartwatch review
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Обзор фитнес браслета Fitbit ionic
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Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Tracker - REVIEW


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ProtectionWater ResistantWR50Temperature-4 / 113
Resolution348 x 250px302ppi
SynchronizationAndroidiOS versionBlackberryWindowsMac OSWeb
Memory cardROM
NavigationConnected GPSGPS
Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth4.0 LE
Cellular network
SIM Card
SoundHeadphone input 3.5mm
Charger2hoursWireless charger
Battery lifeBattery life - waiting96hoursBattery life - tested10hours
WatchDigital faces
Remote controlMusic control
ContentsManualsUSB cable
FitnessGuided breathing sessionsCalorie consumptionDistance coveredActive minutes

Fitbit Ionic overview

Fitbit Ionic is the first "smart"watch developed by the American fitness trackers manufacturer. The company claims that space and science fiction have inspired them to develop this design. It has obviously influenced the price too: the device costs almost 300 dollars.
Fitbit launched its flagship smartwatch Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch in the autumn in 2017. Before that, the company was known in the market of fitness wristbands, being, according to IDC, the world's third largest supplier of portable electronics (its closest competitors are Apple and Xiaomi [1]). New watch has become and is still the most expensive device of the manufacturer.
All that the manufacturer has been able to offer is several partner’s applications.
  • Starbucks;
  • Strava;
  • Pandora;
  • Accuweather;
In this regard, Fitbit is at a disadvantage compared with Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung Gear.

Fitbit Ionic’s main functions

Fitbit Ionic is a multifunctional watch. With its help you can track your main activities and training, monitor the quality of sleep, count calories burned, make purchases and receive messages and notifications from social networks and Skype.

Fitness functions of Fitbit Ionic

  • Pulse measurement;
  • The sleep quality monitoring;
  • Achievement of sports goals during one week and 24 hours;
  • Calories burned, steps and distance covered counting.

Watch functions

  • Time display;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Alarm clock;
  • Timer.

Why does Fitbit Ionic know about its owner more than he or she does him (her)self?

Fitbit Ionic is equipped with GPS and counts very accurately each step taken by its owner, the beating of his / her heart, and also monitors the sleep quality perfectly. All these data is automatically sent to the smartphone application Fitbit app, which analyzes it, converting the information in the form of diagrams, recommendations and reports. The application itself is very praised, and it is often referred to as almost the best one among its competitors. In addition, Ionic was the first to learn to show saturation (oxygen content in the blood), which is important, for example, for diagnosing sleep apnea or reducing the performance of the respiratory system.

Fitbit Ionic design

Space, a small coffin, or a stylish thing? (it is a tricky item, but it is definitely memorable), then the link to the "Design" section.
The design and appearance of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch has caused an extremely ambiguous reaction. And that is why we have decided to regard its design as an advantage of the device: you cannot definitely be indifferent to it. The emotional owners’ estimations vary from "ugly, clumsy and strange" to "stunning, stylish and" with a catchy peculiarity". To someone the watch resembles a small coffin, and to another people — a small copy of the TV screen. According to our observations, negative reviews are mostly given by women, whereas men, on the contrary, are satisfied that the watch "looking simple," but "not in Darth Vader’s style" and "looking more imposing on the wrist than an Apple model".

Pros of Fitbit Ionic

  1. Light weight and comfort (it weighs less than a small orange);
  2. Battery life is long (the manufacturer states that the battery watch will last up to five days without being recharged. And surprisingly, users confirm it);
  3. Is not afraid of water (you can put it on your retriever);
  4. Very high accuracy of the sensors;
  5. Fitbit is compatible with all devices, whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone;
  6. Despite its apparent heaviness, you almost do not feel the watch on your arm.
  1. Fitbit Ionic is one of a few smartwatches that is really waterproof;
  2. Wearing this watch you can easily take a shower, swim in the sea and even dive to a depth of 50 meters;
  3. And thanks to its smoothed corners the watch does not cling to your radial bone, does not hit your wrist and does not hurt skin even during very intense training and long running;
  4. Many users remark that they began to sleep better because due to the data collected by the watch they were able to understand what prevented them from sleeping and what helped them to sleep better. However, a similar result can be achieved with the help of any other device that can control the quality of sleep.

Cons and features of Fitbit Ionic

  1. Price. Everyone will agree that 300 dollars is definitely not a little amount of money. However, it is still cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 3 and 2;
  2. To watch, but not to answer. Fitbit Ionic will show the notification of the call or message, but you will not be able to answer them;
  3. Not enough number of applications, or rather there are not any almost at all;
  4. Difficulties with NFC and contactless payment;
  5. Not durable and hard-wearing charging;
  6. Battery. We have already mentioned that the watch can work up to five days without being recharged. However, if the device is actively used and the screen is switched on permanently, the battery performance can reduce significantly, up to 24 hours.
  • You can charge the watch only with the help of a native cord. Keep this in mind when you travel or take a business trip, otherwise you will carry on your wrist just 47 grams of aluminum. In addition, charging is fixed poorly and constantly drops out of the connector;
  • Why will Fitbit not change its credit card? Despite the official statements, it is not so easy to make your purchases with the watch. Fitbit could not agree on working with the world's largest banks such as Barclays, Natwest or Santander. The only bank with whom the manufacturer cooperates is Starling, a young financial start-up which is not available in some countries;
  • In theory, the watch supports Bluetooth technology, so you can connect your wireless headphones to them. In practice, it turns out that it is not as simple as it seems to be. The sound can be interrupted or be lost completely, especially if you move your arms actively. Sometimes the watch simply refuses to detect other devices;
  • Be patient, do yoga or meditate before uploading music. This process will not be rapid and not immediately understandable. The most nimble users coped with it in 15 minutes, but there were also those who spent a few days trying to do it;
  • Due to its peculiar design the watch can become dirty at the bottom. However, it is easy to clean this device (and it is not afraid of water!);
  • Paid content. Users complain that Fitbit Ionic offers too many paid trainings, and the manufacturer does not give any opportunities to get acquainted with their content before buying.

Glitches and mistakes of Fitbit Ionic

We have found out quite a lot reviews with complaints about different "glitches" of the device. The most frequent of them we put together in a separate table:
  • Sometimes applications suddenly come back again after being removed;
  • It is hard to delete unused workouts;
  • Difficulties with music downloading (although 2.5GB is left for songs storing);
  • The update does not start on the first try, it often hangs and suddenly closes;
  • The screen may suddenly go blank and stop responding at all.

Instructions of Fitbit Ionic usage

  • Extra care when handling with the watch is needed. The case of the device is made of aluminum which is a brittle and easily bending material. If you do not want to get splits, scratches and dents — take care of it;
  • Taking into account the imperfection of the connector for charging, you should always check whether everything is well with the cord: whether it is fixed firmly and whether the battery is still charging;
  • Wipe the back of the watch: It can become dirty very quickly due to the peculiar device design;
  • Once again about music: you can transfer it only from your computer. But! To do this, you need to connect the watch to the same Wi-Fi network that is used on your computer. This, in its turn, can only be done with the help of the smartphone.

What Fitbit Ionic promises to add

  • Voice control in 2018;
  • More apps and games;
  • New themes for the screen.
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