iWOWNfit i6 Pro
iWOWNfit i6 Pro "FitBit Like" Fitness Tracker Smart Band: Unboxing and Review SmartWatch Ticks
iWOWNfit i6 Pro "FitBit Like" Fitness Tracker Smart Band: Unboxing and Review
фитнес-браслет iWown fit I6 pro, видео-обзор Dmitriy Frotter
фитнес-браслет iWown fit I6 pro, видео-обзор
The use tutorial of i6 Pro iWOWNfit
The use tutorial of i6 Pro


Wristband sizes

M 160-220 mm

Applications iWOWNfit i6 Pro

iWOWNfit Pro com.kunekt 3.3
iWOWNfit Pro iwown 2.7


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Operating systemProprietary OSSupport updates
Body18gram19.8 x 39.6 x 9.5mm.
MaterialsSensorStainless steel
Package85gram95 x 20 x 175mm.
ProtectionWater ResistantIP67Temperature-20 / 60
TypeOLEDBacklightConstantly workingDisplay colors1
Touchscreen+/-Support slides
Resolution88 x 128px213ppi
ContrastAuto-BrightnessManual brightness
Primary cameraMP
SynchronizationAndroid4.3+iOS version8+BlackberryWindowsMac OSWeb
Memory cardCard slot
ConnectionNFCFM RadioInfrared port
NavigationConnected GPSGPSGLONASSCompass
Cellular network
SoundHeadphone input 3.5mmDictaphone
FeaturesPlay audioPhoto viewerPlay videoJavaBrowser
Charger2hoursMagnetic chargerWireless charger5volt
Battery lifeBattery life - waiting240hours
NotificationsLightVibrationIncoming callIncoming messageCall ID displayApps
WatchDigital facesAnalog-digital facesAnalog face
TimeSilence alarmStopwatchTimerSmart alarmCalendarWeather
ConrolButtonsFind my phoneAbility to turn offRotate to switchVoice controlFind my device
Remote controlCamera shoot controlCall initializationRead SMSRead EmailIMMusic control
SecurityUnlock identity
ContentsManualsUSB cableCharger
FitnessDynamic heart rateTraining modeReminder to moveGuided breathing sessionsCalorie consumptionDistance coveredActive minutes
DiaryFood logWater logWeight logScan barcode
SportRuningWorkoutTreadmillWalkingWeight trainingCyclingSoccerCricketTennisVolleyballTable tennisField hockeyBaseballGolfAmerican footballBasketballBadmintonRugbyBoxIce HockeySwimming Snooker EllipticalSkipping ropeIce skatingBowlingSkiDancingYogaAerobicsPlankMountaineeringRock climbing

IWOWN i6 Pro Overview

iWOWN i6 Pro is a fitness wristband designed by iWOWNfit, a company which specializes in the fitness wristbands production. The device iWOWN i6 Pro is referred to as an improved Xiaomi Mi Band 2 model and a cheaper alternative to a smart watch designed by Fitbit. So, the price, good set of functions and rather good quality of iWOWN i6 Pro — all these are factors that make the device attractive to a buyer.
Overall, the set of functions of the wristband is quite wide and does not cause any particular complaints. Good compatibility with different kinds of sport makes iWOWN i6 Pro a device that deserves attention.
Features of iWOWN i6 Pro and iWOWN i6 HR are identical in all points except for the battery capacity and small differences in the touchscreen size: iWOWN i6 Pro has a smaller battery capacity (55 mAh vs. 75 mAh of iWOWN i6 HR), although in practice no significant difference in battery life between these two devices is observed. In addition, the iWOWN i6 Pro's touchscreen of 0.73" in size is obviously smaller than the iWOWN i6 HR one with a diagonal of 0.93". Choosing between iWOWN i6 Pro and iWOWN i6 HR, we would still recommend choosing the latter, since its design practicality is much higher than one of iWOWN i6 Pro.

IWOWN i6 Pro functions

  • Regular pulse measurement with an optical sensor;
  • The calculation of the steps taken and the calories burned during physical activity;
  • Tracking the sleep phases duration and quality of sleep;
  • Vibrating notifications of incoming calls and SMS messages of the device connected to iWOWN i6 Pro;
  • The possibility to clear calls directly from the smart-watch screen;
  • Control the camera of the smartphone connected to iWOWN i6 Pro.
  • If you sit for more than 30 minutes without moving, iWOWN i6 Pro will vibrate, reminding you to walk. In case you do not need this function, you can always turn it off in the application on your smartphone;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro allows you to set goals for activity and desired weight. The iWOWN Pro 6 app tells you how many kilograms you need to lose weekly and how many calories you need to burn for healthy weight loss;
  • The opportunity to choose between units of metric and imperial systems of measurement;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro can play different vibrations for different types of notifications;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro makes it possible to ignore notifications from unwanted applications without displaying them on the watch.

iWOWN i6 Pro design and construction

iWOWN i6 Pro has a very attractive and minimalist design that will suit any user, regardless of the style of clothes. The device is available in black, blue, blue, brown and orange colors. The strap of the watch is very comfortable and does not cause allergic reactions, although it can become dirty quite easily and quickly.
The smart-watch is also very light and almost imperceptible on the hand, its weight is only 18g.
The watch is equipped with a reflective LCD display with a diagonal of 0.73" and is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard. The LCD matrix provides the device with more advantages, as the screen is very well visible even in direct sunlights.
There are good opportunities for customizing the look of the main watch screen (a choice of 5 themes without the possibility of downloading additional ones from the Internet).
iWOWN i6 Pro looks similar to other smart watches designed by iWOWN (iWOWN i6 HR, iWOWN i6 HR C, iWOWN i5 Plus). One of a few differences between iWOWN i6 Pro and previous models is a monolithic case in which the watch face can not be removed. It is both convenient and impractical at the same time. On the one hand, it reduces a risk of the face falling out. On the other hand, if the strap is stretched, you just cannot replace it (unless you buy another device).

Pros of iWOWN i6 Pro

  • iWOWN i6 Pro supports more than 20 kinds of sport, including running outdoors and running on a treadmill, dancing, functional training, golf, basketball, tennis and table tennis, swimmimg, badminton and even bowling;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro shows quite good results of autonomous work: up to 7 days without recharging;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro’s set of functions is wider than in popular fitness wristbands Mi Band and Mi Band 2;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro is compatible with many languages (Chinese, English, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Maltese, Albanian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Swahili, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Kazakh, Mongolian, Welsh, Icelandic, Latin).

Cons of iWOWN i6 Pro

  • Not responsive touchscreen which works only when you click on its center part;
  • If you move more than 5 meters away from a smartphone or a tablet connected to iWOWN i6 Pro, the smartwatch will lose the Bluetooth connection to the attached device and it will have to be reconnected;
  • The IWOWN i6 Pro display is poorly visible in direct sunlights;
  • iWOWN i6 Pro is incompatible with Xiaomi Redmi 4 and early Samsung smartphones (those that were launched before Samsung Galaxy S4);
  • Manufacturers of iWOWN i6 Pro declare that the device is excellent for swimming, but in fact the dust and moisture resistance of the IP67 does not give the device sufficient protection during long dives in the water. Those who want a smart watch for swimming should pay attention to more reliable devices in terms of their moisture resistance (Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit Ionic, Garmin Vivioactive 3 and Samsung Gear Sport);
  • If your iWOWN i6 Pro charging cable is broken or lost, you will not be able to buy a new one because they are not on sale. In order to buy a new cable, you will need to buy a new device;
  • The usage of public transport and driving can be mistaken for walking by iWOWN i6 Pro.

Recommendations for iWOWN i6 Pro

  • Android users should remember that iWOWN i6 Pro cannot be connected to Bluetooth with the help of phone settings, the connection must be made through the iWOWN Pro application;
  • In order to make heart rate monitor’s data more accurate, the iWOWN i6 Pro strap should fit your arm tightly but without squeezing it;
  • It is important to be careful when installing the application for iWOWN i6 Pro because there is a regular version (iWOWNfit) and PRO version (iWOWN Pro). It is the iWOWN Pro application that is compatible with this device.

IWOWNfit i6 Pro Reviews

  • iOS users complain that the version of iWOWN Pro app for Android works much more stable than one for Apple's gadgets;
  • Owners of iWOWN i6 Pro say that the interface of the device is quite simple, but it takes some time to get used to it;
  • Overall, it is noted that iWOWN i6 Pro is good value for money.

Comparison of iWOWN i6 Pro with its equivalences

iWOWN i6 Pro is most often compared to Fitbit Alta HR and Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Let's look at some differences between these devices:
  • iWOWN i6 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Band 2
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is behind iWOWN i6 Pro not only in its design, but also in set of functions. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness wristband display is made of plastic and in practice it is less durable and reliable and more prone to scratches than iWOWN i6 Pro one. Moreover, the wristband designed by Xiaomi is compatible only with running and walking, unlike iWOWN i6 Pro, which is compatible with 20 kinds of sport.
    Comparing the iWOWN i6 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 designs, we can state firmly that the smart watch from iWOWN demonstrates the status of its owner more evident than the fitness wristband from Xiaomi does, which looks more like a toy and is suitable only for those who prefer sport style of clothes. In addition, wearing iWOWN i6 Pro adds some more unique peculiarities to the appearance of its owner, since Xiaomi wristbands are very mainstream devices.
    However, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does have advantages: this wristband has more accurate sensors. In addition, the device holds a charge up to 20 days, so if the battery life plays the most important role for you when you choose a gadget, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be a good choice. Nevertheless, you should think carefully whether such a limited and inaccurate set of functions deserves attention only due to long intervals between recharges.
  • iWOWN i6 Pro and Fitbit Alta HR
  • Comparing iWOWN i6 Pro with Fitbit Alta HR, it is impossible to note any serious differences as the set of functions of these devices is the same. At first sight, the only major difference is that Fitbit Alta HR is much more expensive than smart watches designed by iWOWNfit. Although, it may be noted that the Fitbit tracker app is much more elaborated, the device keeps stable Bluetooth connection, makes more accurate measurements and thus looks more prestigious than iWOWN i6 Pro.
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