Welcome here! Here I would like to look back through my positive aspects of doing research. I will be happy to share my personal experience which I hope is worth to consider by those who thirst to study and live in Australia, this No 1 green country in the world. This is to share my personal opinion only, how I did my application for PhD (research student) at the Australian university, what I’m done with, how much it cost and so on, since doing for PhD is a long but challenging business. So, take your seat comfortably and enjoy lots of motivating and instructive information from filing of application to visa receipt and arrival to Australia. Let’s go for it!

How I came to my decision?

Being a student of the Master’s level programme in Canada (second semester) I was caught by the thought of having my doctorate, to be honest. It was time to start with job seeking though I enjoyed greatly the student life and I was not ready at all to end it with.

I haven’t given this matter a good deal of thought: I surfed various online resources to find what I need to do to implement what I wanted. However, I did not consider all offers since I set my mind on the vacancy with the scholarship to be granted, first of all. I was short of cash and I was not about to borrow money from my parent. They helped me a lot yet.

I did my hits and miss to find suitable universities based in Europe. Suddenly I flashed with the idea to address to countries which I found to be greatly appealing for me since a long ago. I mean pacific countries – Australia and New Zealand. It was easy to find lists of appropriate universities posted online. I had to get through the valuable information and get to know with official web-sites for each university. I targeted to get a seat at the research programme.
It took me few days to find the appropriate university. That was Macquarie University in Sydney. That was my choice since I intended to promote my engineering qualification majoring in integrated electronics with wireless communication systems added. That was what I mentioned in my letter to the university professor. I think I was lucky to do that since we revealed things to interest both of us in common.

I received a Project Description from them. That was in-house project under development along with the large industrial partner, the manufacturer of various high-frequency integrated circuits. The projected was related to development of processor monitor for microcircuits based on gallium arsenide. They required creating the circuit that was able to identify the processor status by signals and reject the segment, if and when necessary. I was asked to prepare my proposal in view of that development in professor’s letter.

Spending a couple of days to introduce myself to materials on this subject I was finished with my proposal for the principal. That was apparently estimated positively since I got the reply from professor inviting to start with my application procedure. That was the start.

What did I do with university enrollment?

As I mentioned earlier, the target was the seat with the scholarship allotted. The candidate had to prove his/her qualification and meet the following requirements to be awarded allowances:

  • Good academic progress;
  • Publications;
  • Research experience;
  • References from two teachers.
I was not scared with such requirements. I had my thesis material published when I studied for my Master’s level; I passed my second session exams with the impressive score at distinction level (over 70%), and I could easily refer to two lecturers to provide with reference letters. Everything went all right and I was waiting for the results of my thesis estimation.

Meanwhile, I went to collect the documents I was required to submit:

  • A copy of my passport duly notarized;
  • Copies of Engineer Diploma and Bachelor Diploma duly translated;
  • Questionnaires to take part in the Scholarship programme;
  • English language proficiency certificate (IELTS, or similar);
  • Student progress report;
  • Letter of acceptance to the university of choice;
  • Recommendation letter provided by the previous employer.
Well, I finished with my papers and sent all documentation by express mail. In a month’s period I received a reply which says about their willingness to accept me as a student and grant me with the scholarship. I was about to exclaim “Hurray!” but the score for my current thesis should have been at least distinction, otherwise I failed. It did not embarrass me and I got back to my unfinished project with doubled enthusiasm and goodwill.
It was finished in early September. I took me a month and a half to wait for the results as adopted by the tertiary education institution policy.

How I got my visa and what I did for that?

Back to Moscow, to my motherland, from welcoming Canada and again, I am full of eager to keep on my study. I have a full package of admission documents to get a student visa to Australia. I took my take since no need to go to Sydney if I fail to get a good score for my thesis. I was paid off. My thesis results were higher than 70%, as issued by the Examination Committee. The only step is to receive a letter of acceptance to end with visa receipt tour.
An applicant for doctorate should submit the documents as follow, and so did I:
  • Valid foreign passport;
  • Reference number of the same officially recognized letter of acceptance;
  • Medical insurance for the full period of study.
So far this is it. Later on, I sent my admission application online by posting my photographs, scans of passport and signed questionnaires. No financial guarantees were required.
While sending my documents online, I was informed on having a medical examination at the authorized center. This service is paid. The only exclusion is tuberculosis and if everything is ok the medical exam results may be sent to Australia.
The package of documents will be considered as soon as it is delivered. It took me less than a month for that. I received a reply on my e-mail address and I only had to visit the embassy to have the stamp on visa in my passport. And that’s it – I was ready for my study abroad.

Resume: As I mentioned earlier, application for a doctorate is a challenging business and paperwork is a little bit complicated to deal with, though waiting is rather burdensome than ever. Challenges are there to deal with and this is what makes our invaluable experience of life.
So, Australia is waiting for me. Further on, I will tell you about my study at Macquarie University. This is far more exciting.