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How much does it cost to study abroad?

Estimated average costs for tuition and living per year:

  • 8,000-10,000 USD — East Europe, Baltic countries
  • 10,000-25,000 USD — Rest of Europe, Asia
  • 25,000-60,000 USD — USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

UniPage service fees

120 USDSecondary and Tertiary educationAcademic programs searchMore
789 USDSecondary and Tertiary education«Full accompaniment» packageMore
590 USDLanguage course (at university)«Full accompaniment» packageMore
200 USDLanguage course (at school)«Full accompaniment» packageMore
List of UniPage services

UniPage admission guide — Stages

Submit an Application

  • Create an account on;
  • Fill out the application form to confirm your desire to study abroad;
  • Provide the information about your academic and professional background, accomplishments and skills.

Receive free counseling from one of our experts

  • Professional counseling about education abroad;
  • Impartial assessment of your chances of admission and obtaining a scholarship/grant, based on your profile;
  • Determination of university/program and country preferences;
  • Discussing graduate job options and employment prospects or
  • postgraduate education abroad (Master’s, Ph.D.).

Sign a contract with UniPage

  • We base the program search criteria on your profile details and stated preferences;
  • Both parties accept the terms and conditions of the contract
  • You pay for our services by a bank transfer;
  • We begin our cooperation.

Program search by criteria

  • UniPage analyzes your academic background, expectations and budget and defines the criteria for suitable academic programs;
  • We find out the admission requirements;
  • We create an individual admission strategy — a step by step admission instruction;
  • Then we specify the application deadlines of the selected universities;
  • We prepare the documents required for the admission.

The preparation of the admission documents. What we offer

  • Determination of your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant;
  • Selection of the documents to present to the university;
  • A guide on international exams and tests, establishing the best time frame to take them, etc.;
  • Professional editing of CVs, motivational and recommendation letters, etc.;
  • Assistance and counselling at every stage of the admission to the university;
  • Sending the applications to the selected universities;
  • Assistance with payment of registration fees;
  • Preparation and submission of documents for grants and/or scholarships.

Receiving the letter of acceptance

  • We advise you how to successfully pass an interview at the university;
  • We receive an invitation and all the necessary documents from the university;
  • We assist you with the preparation of student visa documents;
  • We advise you on how to pass the interview at the consulate/embassy;
  • We book accommodation for the period of study for you (if available).