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We ourselves studied abroad, knowing how difficult and scary it can be on this path. To support equally talented and ambitious students, we created the international educational agency UniPage.

Every year, hundreds of people realize their dream of studying abroad with our help.

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Don't know where to start?

Our website is an encyclopedia that helps you navigate the different stages of admission.

However, each case is unique. For individual assistance, please contact our mentors directly.

Where our students study

Our clients study at universities that are considered the best in their countries and have a high ranking around the world.

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  1. Natalia Tsvetkova

    Customer service director

    She led 60 students at the same time, all while maintaining an individual approach towards each one

    UniPage specialist Natalia Tsvetkova
  2. Alexei Kargin

    Expert on education in France, Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore

    He can find a way out of any situation and turn a difficult case into a successful one

    UniPage specialist Alexei Kargin
  3. Fati Thagapsoeva

    Expert on education in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    She has an excellent memory and can answer any, even the most narrow question

    UniPage specialist Fati Thagapsoeva
  4. Irina Kavokina

    Expert on education in the United States, Eastern Asia and Scandinavian countries

    She will defend your interests until the last, even if it means writing to admissions committees on social media

    UniPage specialist Irina Kavokina
  5. Markha Dadaeva

    Expert on education in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Turkey and Korea

    She masterfully copes with unusual and innovative specialties

    UniPage specialist Markha Dadaeva
  6. Ksenia VanNess

    Wordsmith who will help you open up through a motivational letter

    She was born and raised in the United States, making English her native language

    UniPage specialist Ksenia VanNess
  7. Sofia Nobelman

    Expert on education in the UK, United States, Canada and EU countries

    She received her master's degree from Oxford and enrolled for a PhD at Cambridge

    UniPage specialist Sofia Nobelman
  8. Ekaterina Solovova

    Expert on education in English-speaking and EU countries

    She received 3 grants to study in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Portugal

    UniPage specialist Ekaterina Solovova
  9. Ulyana Ivanushkina

    Expert on education in Eastern and Western Europe, Canada and the United States

    A systematic approach to preparation, excellent time management, lobbying interests - these are just a few of her superpowers

    UniPage specialist Ulyana Ivanushkina
  10. Leon Apsov

    Expert on education in English-speaking and EU countries

    His credo: “If there is a desire, there will be opportunities. If there are actions, there will be a result"

    UniPage specialist Leon Apsov
  11. Anna Sharapova

    Expert on education in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    She is very attentive and organized, checking documents several times to avoid even the smallest mistakes

    UniPage specialist Anna Sharapova
  12. Natalia Kalinichenko

    Expert on education in China

    Students especially appreciate her attention to detail and quick feedback

    UniPage specialist Natalia Kalinichenko
  13. Natalia Bukhteeva

    Preliminary consultation specialist

    Has angelic patience and phenomenal attention to detail

    UniPage specialist Natalia Bukhteeva
  14. Demid Rybakov

    Expert on education in France, Belgium and Switzerland

    His favorite areas for admission are European politics, international relations and regional studies

    UniPage specialist Demid Rybakov
  15. Natalia Askerova

    Expert on education in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium

    She applied for 5 grants to study abroad and won all of them

    UniPage specialist Natalia Askerova
  16. Semyon Romashov

    Expert on education in Italy

    He takes on the most difficult admissions to Italy — for example, medical school at public universities

What our clients say

  • L

    Big thanks to Unipage LLC for helping me understand the details and intricacies of admission. You are professionals in your field! Special thanks to Fati Tkhagapsoeva, our curator, for professionalism, efficiency, support and kindness! We applied to 5 universities in the UK and got accepted to all of them!

    Read review
  • MD
    Maria Davydova

    Many thanks to Ekaterina from Unipage LLC for her help in entering the Autonomous University of Madrid for the specialty that I wanted. My curator, Ekaterina, helped me with the selection and preparation of documents, explained various “subtleties”, the knowledge of which, perhaps, was the key to admission.

    Read review
  • AT
    Alexey T.
    Yandex maps

    Thank you very much Alexei Kargin! He performed a miracle in incredibly difficult conditions. My daughter entered ArtFX in France. She is delighted with the academy, teachers, programs, and learning conditions. She flies to the academy as if on wings. According to the work sent from her, we see huge progress in her mastery in just a month of training. It's a miracle. We are all very grateful to UniPage and personally to Alexey Kargin.

    Read review
  • i

    Many thanks to Unipage LLC for the opportunity to quickly and reliably navigate matters of education abroad! Special thanks to Irina Kavokina for professionalism, efficiency, support and kindness! As a result of her work, invitation letters were received from all three selected universities. Currently, my son is studying in the foundation program at the University of Manchester.

    Read review
  • NA
    Natalia Abushkina

    We applied to UniPage in January and, already in June, my daughter became a student at one of the best universities in Poland. Full support, answers to any questions quickly and professionally. Many thanks for your professionalism and indifferent approach to your work and to your clients. THANK YOU!!!

    Read review
  • EM
    Ekaterina Mitroshkina
    Yandex maps

    I want to express my deep gratitude to the entire Unipage team! And in particular - Ekaterina Solovova and Irina Kavokina. Ekaterina selected as many as three universities and explained in detail the conditions for admission, helped to prepare and send all the necessary documents, write a wonderful motivation letter, prepare for an interview with the university and keep in touch with representatives from both universities. As a result, I chose one university that I really liked.

    Read review
  • AY
    Anna Y.
    Yandex maps

    I thank UniPage, and especially Natalia, for helping me enroll in Seoul! It is impossible to overemphasize the quality, literacy in the preparation of documents, promptness of a response from and communication with the university! The UniPage team fully met my expectations and brought a fruitful result in the form of successful admission to the university of my dreams. Thanks a lot ;)

    Read review
  • EV
    Elena Vladimirovna
    Yandex maps

    True professionals in their field! They know exactly what and how to solve any issues with studying abroad! It is difficult to enroll in a foreign country, and it is almost impossible to do so during a pandemic. But we were lucky, we found Unipage. Now, my daughter is studying medicine in Germany. We are very grateful to Fati, our mentor and a very good person, who withstood all our questions, misunderstandings. Amazing, rare professionalism in our time!!

    Read review

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