CountryCityLanguageSchoolProgram Cost
 CanadaMontrealEnglishILSC MontrealPart-Time PM (13 lessons/wk)4.779Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishILSC MontrealPart-Time AM (17 lessons/wk)4.779Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishUpper Madison College MontrealESL Programe Standard4.812Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealFrenchUpper Madison College MontrealFSL Programe Standard4.812Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishUpper Madison College MontrealESL Programe Standard Plus4.812Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealFrenchUpper Madison College MontrealFSL Programe Standard Plus4.812Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishEC MontrealGeneral English (GE)4.6201Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishEC MontrealHigher Score IELTS4.6201Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealFrenchEC MontrealGeneral French4.6201Inquiry
 CanadaMontrealEnglishILSC MontrealFull-Time (24 lessons/wk)4.779Inquiry
Cost of living in Montreal
Expenses - USD/Month Min. Med.
Accommodation 230 352
Food 259 434
Transportation 49 137
Communications and utilities 71 72
Clothing 20 73
Sports and leisure 21 75
Total 650 1,143
Accommodation in Montreal USD/Month
Shared room outside of centre 232
Shared room in city centre 356
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 404
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 581
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Language schools in Montreal

 CanadaMontrealEC Montreal4.6
 CanadaMontrealILSC Montreal4.7
 CanadaMontrealUpper Madison College Montreal4.8
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Student cities in Canada
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MontrealQuebec, Montréal231600000
Quebec CityQuebec11528595
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