Финансовый тип Некоммерческий
Организац. тип Публичный
Учителя 1,139
Студенты 10,301
Иностранцы 3%
Религия Нет
Учеб. календарь Семестры
ЗачислениеПо результатам экзаменов
Гендерные ограничения Без ограничений
Программы обмена Есть
Библиотека Есть
• Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
Международный рейтинг527
Рейтинг в стране16
Качество преподавания266
Рейтинг в мире по сферам
Науки о жизни и медицина328
Международные рейтинги
UniPage World University Ranking527
QS World University Rankings563
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking615
Альтернативное название
Университет Каназавыru
Universidad de Kanazawaes
جامعة كانازاواar
Université de Kanazawafr
Universität Kanazawade
Universidade de Kanazawapt

Университет Каназавы - Описание

Kanazawa University, originating form a smallpox vaccination center of the Kaga Clan, as far back as 1862, was founded in 1949 as one of the new national universities by uniting institutions such as Ishikawa Teacher Training School, Kanazawa Medical College and the Fourth Higher School. Thenceforth for half a decade, Kanazawa University in its position as the nucleus of higher education of parts of Japan facing the Sea of Japan, has constantly contributed to the higher education of the country and to the academic world through efforts to deepen, broaden and integrate scholarship, and also by qualitative and quantitative maintenance of undergraduate and graduate organizations. Kodatsuno accommodate approximately 11,000 students including 350 international students. I have no doubt that the interaction between the students, conversations with the lectures and contacts with the local people in the community, should provide the students with an ideal setting for the cultivation of individual personalities.

Бакалавриат - Университет Каназавы

Center for the Creation of Knowledge through the Fusion of Knowledge Kanazawa University as the Stronghold of Intellect in East Asia The origin of Kanazawa University dates back to a smallpox vaccination center established by the Kaga Clan in 1862. It is the third oldest national university and one of the Hokuriku Region’s major institutions of higher education. Succeeding the history and tradition of its predecessors, the university was established in 1949. Today, it is comprised of 3 colleges, 16 schools, 5 graduate schools, university hospital, cancer research center and other sectors. We uphold the charter to be “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society,” tackle the various problems of today’s society and believe it is our mission to create the knowledge and train personnel to solve these problems. Our university aims to be the university that is open to the world, while growing roots in the local community through the advanced education and research with global eyes, local ties in community service and active interaction with businesses. Also, the university has always been involved in the creation of new culture in the historical and cultural city of Kanazawa. We...

Описание - Kanazawa University

A Traditional, SocietyContributed, Education-Oriented Research University Founded in 1949, Kanazawa University is contributed to Japanese higher education and academic research as the leading university on the Sea of Japan coast. The origin of Kanazawa University is in the Kaga clan's Smallpox Prevention and Treatment Center established in 1862. With a proud history and tradition stretching back nearly 150 years, Kanazawa University has attended by a large number of motivated students, who receive an education that gives them specialized knowledge and the ability to carry out research, as well as a cosmopolitan outlook and an ethical perspective. Kanazawa University’s tradition of regional partnership and academic structure of 3 collages and 16 schools place Kanazawa University faculty and student in an ideal position to aim for the university’s goal, “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society.” Located in Kanazawa, a city rich in history and traditional culture, has cultivated a respected intellectual profile since the time of the Kaga fiefdom (1598 - 1867). Lively interaction among students, communication with faculty, staff and the local community make it the perfect venue for students’ personal growth and development. Academics At Kanazawa University, undergraduates can choose a course from among 3 collages 16 schools. Under 3 colleges — the College of Humanand Social Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, and College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences — there are schools that form the main units of education. Flexibility of the 3 collages 16 schools structure allows to address the broad range of challenges faced in nurturing the human resources needed in modern society, and it is committed to building a "university for students."   The academic structure of 3 colleges 16 schools has major distinguishing features compare to the traditional universities. One big featureof the College of Human and Social Sciences and the College of Science and Engineering is the adoption of a system where the student can choose a field of specialization after entering the university. Until now the special field of study had to be decided when enrolling in the university, but under this system the student can choose his or her special field while learning the basics. Another feature is the major / minor system. This system allows students to participate in various courses corresponding to their future path. It provides opportunity to take additional classes related to respective paths of students who study in a fixed course of the College of Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Health Sciencesas well. This availability of educational platform is well functioning to cultivate awareness in the students of what it means to be a medical professional in the sense of collaboration between medical specialists, with importance attached to team medicine. Mission Education Kanazawa University shall accept motivated students with various talents and competencies, giving consideration to collaboration with various educational institutes, recurrent education for adults, international student education and lifelong learning. The university will implement aquality educational program with clearly defined objectives at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Kanazawa University shall respect the individuality of students as well as their right to learn, having self-study as the basis of education. Organized faculty development activities geared towards educational reform will be enhanced in order to foster the ability to acquire specialized knowledge and the capability to pursue problems. Furthermore, our faculty members are adaptable to international society, are of high moral character, and have personalities rich in human qualities. Research Kanazawa University shall endeavor to cultivate the intellect of students in all of its forms — from that required for fundamental research dealing with the pursuit of truth, to that required for practical research directly connected to technology. The university shall thus actively contribute to society by opening up new academic fields and by promoting the transfer of technology and the creation of new industry. Kanazawa University shall provide its members with an environment suitable for carrying out research, independently guaranteeing academic freedom and healthy competition, regardless of the field of study, i.e. whether it be humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or medicine, and regardless of the type of research, i.e. whether it be fundamental or applied research. Furthermore, the university shall promote prospective research and train young researchers, thereby maintaining a structure capable of challenging the status quo at all times, and bringing out its own distinct characteristics. Social Contribution Kanazawa University shall use its resources to promote the development of academic culture and lay the foundations for the educational, medical and welfare systems of the region. Serving as a stronghold of intellect in East Asia, it shall continue to disseminate information to the globalizing world. Kanazawa University shall fulfill its responsibility as “a research university dedicated to education, open to both the local and global community”, by extending student education from the pre-entrance to post-graduation period, by utilizing and managing intellectual property resulting from academic research to actively contribute to society, and by promoting the development and popularization of advanced medical services. Administration Kanazawa University shall apply an autonomous and self-reliant administrative policy, and all departments shall work organically with each other, while developing their own characteristics based on their respective specialties and roles. Moreover, the University shall evaluate the extent to which plans have been carried out, and implement constant reforms including revision of the organization and its systems. Kanazawa University shall utilize grants from the government and funds raised independently in a judicious and systematic manner. The University, while paying respect to human rights, will provide its members with a secure environment suitable for devotion to their duties. Furthermore, as a National University Corporation serving the public, it shall fulfill its duties in the area of social accountability

Программы - Бакалавриат

Бакалавриат Advanced Legal Studies
Бакалавриат Applied Chemistry
Бакалавриат Asia
Бакалавриат Bio-Engineering
Бакалавриат Biology
Бакалавриат Business Law
Бакалавриат Chemistry
Бакалавриат Civil Engineering
Бакалавриат Comparative Studies of Social and Economic
Бакалавриат Computational Science
Бакалавриат Drug Development
Бакалавриат Earth Science
Бакалавриат Economic Theory and Economic Policy
Бакалавриат Electrical and Electronic
Бакалавриат Energy Environment
Бакалавриат Environment and Disaster Management
Бакалавриат Europe
Бакалавриат Health and Sports
Бакалавриат History and Culture Studies
Бакалавриат Human Machine
Бакалавриат Human Science
Бакалавриат Hydrological Sciences
Бакалавриат Information Management
Бакалавриат Information Systems
Бакалавриат International Community
Бакалавриат Japanese Language Education In Japan
Бакалавриат Language and Culture Studies
Бакалавриат Life Information
Бакалавриат Machine Intelligence
Бакалавриат Mathematics
Бакалавриат Mechanical System
Бакалавриат Medicine
Бакалавриат Nursing Department
Бакалавриат Occupational Therapy
Бакалавриат Pharmacy
Бакалавриат Physical Therapy
Бакалавриат Physics
Бакалавриат Psychology
Бакалавриат Public Law and Policy
Бакалавриат Radiation Science and Technology
Бакалавриат Regional Planning
Бакалавриат Science Education
Бакалавриат Scientific and Technical Inspection
Бакалавриат Subject Pedagogy
Бакалавриат Substance Circulation Engineering
Бакалавриат Symbiotic
Бакалавриат U.S. and British
Бакалавриат Urban Design
Бакалавриат Welfare Management

Программы - Магистратура

Магистратура Biological Sciences
Магистратура Cancer
Магистратура Civil Engineering
Магистратура Community
Магистратура Comparative Culture System
Магистратура Corporate Management
Магистратура Economics
Магистратура Education
Магистратура Electronics and Information Engineering
Магистратура Electronics and Information Science
Магистратура Engineering Material
Магистратура Environmental Medicine
Магистратура Environmental Science
Магистратура Global Environmental Studies
Магистратура Harmonious Society
Магистратура Health
Магистратура Human Basic Science
Магистратура Human-Machine Science
Магистратура Humanities
Магистратура Innovative Technology and Science
Магистратура International Political Economy
Магистратура International Studies
Магистратура Law and Political Science
Магистратура Law and Society
Магистратура Life Information
Магистратура Materials Chemistry
Магистратура Materials Science
Магистратура Mechanical Science
Магистратура Medical Science and Brain Science
Магистратура Medical Science, Circular
Магистратура Physics and Mathematics
Магистратура Regional Art
Магистратура Science Physics and Mathematics
Магистратура Social System Comparison

Местоположение на карте - Университет Каназавы

Местоположение на карте - Университет Каназавы
Университеты, похожие на Kanazawa University
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Процесс поступления - Университет Каназавы

Мы проводим зачисление в данное учебное заведение, при этом мы курируем весь процесс поступления.
Актуальность информации. В настоящий момент в интернете много устаревшей и не актуальной информации, ориентируясь на которую абитуриенты часто допускают ошибки, которые могут быть критичны для успешного поступления. Отказ при зачислении может быть вызван совершением формальных ошибок, например, неправильно заполненной аппликационной формы или характеристики. Мы регулярно зачисляем абитуриентов в учебные заведения по всему миру и владеем самой актуальной информацией о всех тонкостях поступления в конкретное учебное заведение.
Гарантированное зачисление. При подаче заявок в топовые университеты за рубежом вы соревнуетесь с самыми сильными студентами из разных стран. По статистике, менее чем 10% абитуриентов удается пройти конкурс, что говорит о чрезвычайно высокой конкуренции. В связи с этим, еще до момента назначения Вам интервью только Ваш аппликационный пакет презентует Вас приемной комиссии и, следовательно, должен быть оформлен идеально. Мы знаем, как выглядит успешный пакет документов и с нами Ваши шансы на поступление в университет многократно возрастают.
Мы экономим Ваше время, которое Вы можете с пользой потратить, например, на совершенствование иностранного языка или подготовку к экзаменам. Являясь официальным представителем многих учебных заведений за рубежом, а также пользуясь наработанными технологиями поиска академических программ и успешными стратегиями поступления, мы поможем Вам избежать бесконечного поиска информации и совершения неверных лишних шагов.
Мы экономим ваши деньги. Мы предложим наиболее качественное образование даже при ограниченном бюджете. Мы разработаем стратегию поступления и обучения, позволяющую максимально сэкономить на общей стоимости получаемого образования. Обратившись к нам, у Вас будут максимальные шансы на привлечение дополнительных источников финансирования.

Поступление в университет - это один из самых важных и ответственных шагов в жизни, сделайте его вместе с профессионалами:
  • Проконсультируем по вопросам образования за рубежом;
  • Подберём университет и академическую программу;
  • Переведём диплом и приложение к диплому;
  • Подготовим и откорректируем комплект документов;
  • Отправим заявку в учебное заведение;
  • Поможем оформить студенческую визу;
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