Финансовый тип Некоммерческий
Организац. тип Публичный
Аббревиатура UCC
Учителя 1,205
Студенты 13,869
Иностранцы 14%
Религия Нет
Учеб. календарь Непрерывное
ЗачислениеПо результатам экзаменов
Гендерные ограничения Без ограничений
Программы обмена Есть
Библиотека Есть
Where Finbarr Taught Let Munster Learn
• Department of Education and Skills, Ireland
• European University Association (EUA)
• Utrecht Network
Международный рейтинг303
Рейтинг в стране3
Академическая репутация268
Репутация работодателей218
Качество преподавания384
Интернационализация преподавателей116
Интернационализация студентов307
Индекс цитирования309
Рейтинг в мире по сферам
Искусство и Гуманитарные науки285
Инженерное дело и технологии203
Науки о жизни и медицина174
Естественные науки249
Социальные науки и менеджмент313
Стоимость проживания в Корке, USD/мес.
Жильё $269 $347
Питание $173 $343
Транспорт $57 $145
Связь и электричество $73 $87
Одежда $18 $71
Отдых и спорт $21 $72
Варианты проживания в Корке, USD/мес.
Отдельная комната не в центре$269
Отдельная комната в центре$434
1-комнатная квартира не в центре$671
1-комнатная квартира в центре$786
Международные рейтинги
UniPage World University Ranking303
QS World University Rankings233
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking429
Альтернативное название
Университетский колледж Коркаru
Colegio Universitario de Corkes
كلية جامعة كوركar
University College Cork (UCC)fr
University College Corkde
아일랜드 코크 대학ko
Faculdade Universitária de Corkpt
Coláiste na hOllscoilega

Университетский колледж Корка - Описание

Postgraduate Profile University College Cork (UCC), in the south of Ireland, is a research-intensive university which delivers world-class research in nationally- and internationally-recognised academic departments and research centres, such as the Tyndall National Institute and the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre. The university receives major funding from many national and international research funding agencies, including Science Foundation Ireland and EU Framework Programmes. The university has over 3,000 postgraduate students, across all the major academic disciplines, including 930 students undertaking PhD degrees. Many of the taught programmes are offered on a part-time basis and the university is committed to increasing flexibility in its programmes, e.g., by introducing modular and distance learning programmes, such as the MEngSc (Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering and Construction). Other new programmes on offer include the MSc in Corporate Finance, which offers students to the opportunity to work with senior executives and industry leaders from both the corporate and corporate finance sectors during their studies. A suite of new postgraduate programmes in the area of Asian Studies has also been developed, offering students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the geopolitical and economic realities of East Asia, in combination with the development of core business skills such as...

Бакалавриат - Университетский колледж Корка

Undergraduate Profile University College Cork (UCC) was originally established in 1845 as one of three Queen's Colleges in Cork, Galway and Belfast. In 1908 it became a constituent College of the National University of Ireland and a constituent University of the National University under legislation enacted in 1997. The university has a beautiful and cosmopolitan campus with the gothic revival style main quadrangle building, modelled on a typical Oxford College, at its centre. The campus is within easy walking distance of Cork city centre where cafes, restaurants and night life combine to create a vibrant European city atmosphere. Cork is a university city with almost 30,000 students in different institutions of higher learning and was European City of Culture in 2005. Today University College Cork is a major research-intensive university delivering world-class research in academic departments and in research centres of national and international significance. The university boasts a student population of over 18,000 students in 2009/10 including some 12,000 undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor Degree programmes, over 3,000 postgraduate students pursuing higher degrees and over 1000 visiting and exchange students.The international student population includes students from 93 different countries. The university is committed to lifelong learning and there are also...

Описание - University College Cork

University College Cork A tradition of independent thinking University College Cork is one of Ireland’s most prestigious universities. It boasts a vibrant, modern campus with an unsurpassed student experience in Ireland. A learning community where the student is at the heart of everything and the special relationship between student and lecturer is primary to our unique ethos.The campus is located a mere ten minutes walk from the heart of Cork city, a former European Capital of Culture. Cork is listed as a top ten location in the Lonely Planet guide which states it “has always had an unshakeable self-confidence and innate sense of pride”, a description which is equally applicable to the University itself.UCC’s uniqueness is comprised of several threads, which when woven together create the fabric of an exceptional university experience. Those elements include its cosmopolitan character; diversity of student backgrounds; successful access programs; excellence in teaching; high academic standards; flexibility in the delivery of programs; high completion rates and levels of graduate employment; excellent sporting facilities and a broad diversity of societies and social activities resulting in over two thousand student led events per term.The campus possesses a range of unique cultural and historical attractions, where preservation and progress coexist; the University’s original 1845 buildings designed by Sir Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodworth are considered to be of international architectural significance. The Hibero-Romanesque glory of the Honan Chapel (1916), and the Glucksman Gallery(2004,) a visionary purpose built modern art exhibition centre, are located within a two minute stroll. Our setting in beautiful grounds which include the historic Main Quadrangle, impressive gardens and riverside walks all provide a rich, varied, and inspiring experience to student and visitor alike.There are c.20,700 full-time students: c.14,000 of these follow undergraduate programmes, while c.4,300 are engaged in postgraduate study and research. UCC’s diverse student-body includes c.3,300 international students representing 104 countries worldwide. The university’s Centre for Adult Continuing Education serves over 2,700 part-time students. The university is one of the Region’s largest employers, employing c. 2,600 people.UCC is the leading Irish higher education provider of work and international placement opportunities for students. In 2014/15 over 90% of UCC’s undergraduates had the opportunity to avail of work and international placement to boost employability skills under UCC’s ‘World Ready, Work Ready’ initiative. Over 90% of UCC’s undergraduate programs now provide placement opportunities.UCC is the first University in the world to be awarded the esteemed ‘Green Flag’ award and remains the only Irish institution to be honoured in this way. We were ranked 2nd in the world on the Global Green University Rankings including a ranking of second ‘greenest’ urban university campus in the world. We are co-founders of the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster (IMERC) one of the world’s largest research projects in sustainable energy and the marine. Similarly, UCC is an inaugural partner in a novel research collaboration between enterprise, Higher Education and the Irish Naval Service.UCC boasts several international elite research centers including the Tyndall National Research Institute (microsystems, photonics, nanotechnology), the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Center (alimentary health, functional foods), both recognized as global leaders. Research funding from EU sources has increased by over 200% in the two years to 2013. UCC takes pride in being the best-funded research university in Ireland. In 2013 UCC was awarded the largest joint state/industry research investment in Irish history with UCC leading four of the seven Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) research centers announced, co-leading a fifth and partnering in the remaining two in the $400m investment. The university is acutely aware of its global commitments and hosts the Centre for Global Development recognising global challenges can only be addressed in collaboration between the developed and developing worlds. Joint degrees are awarded in partnership with University of Mekelle in Ethiopia. Campus societies enthusiastically support staff and student engagement with development issues. The University hosts the National Centre for Research in Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) which nurtures excellence in research-led teaching. Imaginative teaching approaches and learning styles are fostered and supported while teaching and learning enjoy parity of esteem with research. A student-centred approach to education is embedded into the curriculum. Accordingly UCC attracts the highest calibre of students to over 120 degree and professional programmes throughout its four colleges.UCC is the top performing higher education institution internationally according to the EU sponsored U-Multirank which published its latest survey results on March 31st 2015. This system has been designed to broaden the parameters measured providing a holistic and relevant assessment of complete university performance. UCC scored the highest number of A grades - 21 out of a possible 28 - in the survey of the 1,200 higher education institutions from 83 countries adjudicated over the past two years. U-Multirank judges university performance on 31 indicators across five core categories: Teaching and learning, Regional engagement, Knowledge transfer, International orientation and Research.UCC is actively engaged within its local community including partnership and volunteering by staff and students with a range of social and civic society organisations. A summertime open air concert, in conjunction with the local police and community services, is held annually on the main campus and the proceeds donated to local charities. A recent innovation sees students receive course credit for community based research activities.University College Cork’s inspiring 170 year history is hallmarked by excellence. We aim to build character, fulfil potential and move the human race forward. An ethos that is proudly continued today. Our unique university community is empowered by its focussed ambition to persistently deliver, by remaining on the cutting edge and shaping the world we live in. UCC – A tradition of independent thinking. UCC – A tradition of independent thinking

Программы - Бакалавриат

Бакалавриат Accounting
Бакалавриат Applied Psychology
Бакалавриат Architecture
Бакалавриат Arts Music
Бакалавриат Biological and Chemical Sciences
Бакалавриат Biomedical Science
Бакалавриат Business and Financial Economics
Бакалавриат Business Information Systems
Бакалавриат Chemical Sciences
Бакалавриат ChildrenS and Generalintegrated Nursing
Бакалавриат Chinese Studies
Бакалавриат Civil
Бакалавриат Clinical
Бакалавриат Computer Science
Бакалавриат Drama and Theatre Studies
Бакалавриат Drama and Theatre Studies International
Бакалавриат Early Childhood Studies
Бакалавриат Early Years and Childhood Studies
Бакалавриат Electrical and Electronic
Бакалавриат Energy
Бакалавриат Environmental and Earth System Sciences
Бакалавриат European Studies
Бакалавриат Finance
Бакалавриат Food Business
Бакалавриат Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Бакалавриат Food Science
Бакалавриат Food Studies
Бакалавриат French
Бакалавриат General
Бакалавриат Genetics
Бакалавриат German
Бакалавриат Government
Бакалавриат Hispanic Studies
Бакалавриат Intellectual Disability
Бакалавриат International
Бакалавриат International Development and Food Policy
Бакалавриат Irish
Бакалавриат Italian
Бакалавриат Language and Cultural Studies
Бакалавриат Law and French
Бакалавриат Law and German
Бакалавриат Law and Irish
Бакалавриат Mathematical Sciences
Бакалавриат Midwifery
Бакалавриат Nutritional Sciences
Бакалавриат Occupational Therapy
Бакалавриат Physics and Astrophysics
Бакалавриат Process and Chemical Engineering
Бакалавриат Psychiatric
Бакалавриат Public Health and Health Promotion
Бакалавриат Rural Development
Бакалавриат Speech and Language Therapy
Бакалавриат Sports Studies and Physical Education
Бакалавриат Youth and Community Work Masters Degree Programs
Бакалавриат Advanced Audiology
Бакалавриат An Léann Dúchais
Бакалавриат Anatomy Neuroscience
Бакалавриат Applied Linguistics
Бакалавриат Applied Mathematics
Бакалавриат Applied Science Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds
Бакалавриат Applied Science Analytical Chemistry
Бакалавриат Applied Science Bioinformatics with Systems Biology
Бакалавриат Applied Science Biotechnology
Бакалавриат Applied Science Ecological Assessment
Бакалавриат Applied Science Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Бакалавриат Applied Science Food Science
Бакалавриат Applied Science Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Бакалавриат Applied Science Marine Biology
Бакалавриат Applied Science Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing
Бакалавриат Applied Science Software and Systems For Mobile Networks
Бакалавриат Archaeological Excavation
Бакалавриат Asian Studies
Бакалавриат Biochemistry
Бакалавриат Biomedical Sciences
Бакалавриат Business Economics
Бакалавриат Celtic Civilisation
Бакалавриат Chemistry
Бакалавриат Child and Family Law
Бакалавриат Clinical Pharmacy
Бакалавриат Co-Operative and Social Enterprise
Бакалавриат Co-Operative Organisation/Food Marketing/Rural Development
Бакалавриат Comparative Aesthetics and The Arts
Бакалавриат Comparative and World Literature
Бакалавриат Composition
Бакалавриат Computing Science
Бакалавриат Contemporary Chinese Culture and Business
Бакалавриат Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies
Бакалавриат Contemporary Religions
Бакалавриат Corporate Finance
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice
Бакалавриат Criminology
Бакалавриат Early and Medieval Irish
Бакалавриат Ecology
Бакалавриат Economics
Бакалавриат Economics of Business Practice
Бакалавриат Electronic Business
Бакалавриат End-Of-Life Healthcare Ethics
Бакалавриат English American Literature and Film
Бакалавриат English Irish Writing: Theories and Traditions
Бакалавриат English Modernities: Romanticism, Modernism, Post-Modernism
Бакалавриат English Texts and Contexts: Medieval To Renaissance
Бакалавриат Environmental Science
Бакалавриат Ethnomusicology
Бакалавриат European Development Studies
Бакалавриат Evidence Sed Therapy Practice
Бакалавриат Film Studies
Бакалавриат Financial Economics
Бакалавриат Fisheries Management, Development and Conservation
Бакалавриат Food Marketing
Бакалавриат Food Microbiology
Бакалавриат Geography
Бакалавриат Geography Coastal Management and Geographical Information Systems
Бакалавриат Geology
Бакалавриат German Studies
Бакалавриат Government and Public Policy
Бакалавриат Greek and Roman Civilisation
Бакалавриат Guidance Counselling
Бакалавриат Health Economic Practice
Бакалавриат Health Economics
Бакалавриат Health Services Management
Бакалавриат History Historical Research, International Relations, Medieval and Renaissance History
Бакалавриат Human Osteoarchaeology
Бакалавриат Information Systems For Business Performance
Бакалавриат Information Technology In Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Бакалавриат Innovation In European Business
Бакалавриат Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship
Бакалавриат Intellectual Property and E-Law
Бакалавриат Interactive Media
Бакалавриат International Human Rights Law and Public Policy
Бакалавриат International Public Policy and Diplomacy
Бакалавриат Italian Modern and Contemporary Italian Culture: New Approaches, Italian Language and Translation Studies
Бакалавриат Local History
Бакалавриат Management and Marketing
Бакалавриат Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems
Бакалавриат Master of Dental Public Health
Бакалавриат Materials Science
Бакалавриат Mathematical Physics
Бакалавриат Mathematics
Бакалавриат Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing, Process and Automation Systems
Бакалавриат Microbiology
Бакалавриат Microelectronic Design
Бакалавриат Microelectronics
Бакалавриат Modern and Contemporary Art History
Бакалавриат Modern Irish
Бакалавриат Mph Master of Public Health
Бакалавриат Music and Cultural History
Бакалавриат Nursing Studies
Бакалавриат Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Бакалавриат Occupational Health
Бакалавриат Older Person Rehabilitation
Бакалавриат Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering
Бакалавриат Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Systems
Бакалавриат Pharmacology
Бакалавриат Philosophy
Бакалавриат Philosophy and Sociology
Бакалавриат Photonics
Бакалавриат Physics
Бакалавриат Physiology
Бакалавриат Plant Science
Бакалавриат Politics
Бакалавриат Practitioner
Бакалавриат Sociology
Бакалавриат Sociology of Development and Globalisation
Бакалавриат Specialised S/ In Applied Science
Бакалавриат Sport and Exercise Medicine
Бакалавриат Statistics
Бакалавриат Supply Chain Management
Бакалавриат Supply Chain Management Lean Scm Black Belt
Бакалавриат Sustainable Energy
Бакалавриат Teaching and Learning In Higher Education
Бакалавриат Technology Management
Бакалавриат Translation Studies French
Бакалавриат WomenS Studies
Бакалавриат Zoology Doctoral Programs
Бакалавриат Cancer Biology
Бакалавриат Digital Arts and Humanities
Бакалавриат Education Structured
Бакалавриат Health Services Research
Бакалавриат Social Sciences
Бакалавриат Texts, Contexts and Cultures

Местоположение на карте - Университетский колледж Корка

Местоположение на карте - Университетский колледж Корка
Университеты, похожие на University College Cork
Университетов в этом городе
222710Cork Institute of Technology10,902 $11,966 $
Университеты в этой стране
1111Тринити-колледж, ДублинДублин21,349 $18,147 $
2212Дублинский университетский колледжДублин25,619 $19,214 $
3804National University of Ireland GalwayГолуэе14,359 $13,828 $
4375Dublin City UniversityДублин14,411 $15,478 $
5386University of LimerickЛимерике13,191 $15,390 $

Процесс поступления - Университетский колледж Корка

Мы проводим зачисление в данное учебное заведение, при этом мы курируем весь процесс поступления.
Актуальность информации. В настоящий момент в интернете много устаревшей и не актуальной информации, ориентируясь на которую абитуриенты часто допускают ошибки, которые могут быть критичны для успешного поступления. Отказ при зачислении может быть вызван совершением формальных ошибок, например, неправильно заполненной аппликационной формы или характеристики. Мы регулярно зачисляем абитуриентов в учебные заведения по всему миру и владеем самой актуальной информацией о всех тонкостях поступления в конкретное учебное заведение.
Гарантированное зачисление. При подаче заявок в топовые университеты за рубежом вы соревнуетесь с самыми сильными студентами из разных стран. По статистике, менее чем 10% абитуриентов удается пройти конкурс, что говорит о чрезвычайно высокой конкуренции. В связи с этим, еще до момента назначения Вам интервью только Ваш аппликационный пакет презентует Вас приемной комиссии и, следовательно, должен быть оформлен идеально. Мы знаем, как выглядит успешный пакет документов и с нами Ваши шансы на поступление в университет многократно возрастают.
Мы экономим Ваше время, которое Вы можете с пользой потратить, например, на совершенствование иностранного языка или подготовку к экзаменам. Являясь официальным представителем многих учебных заведений за рубежом, а также пользуясь наработанными технологиями поиска академических программ и успешными стратегиями поступления, мы поможем Вам избежать бесконечного поиска информации и совершения неверных лишних шагов.
Мы экономим ваши деньги. Мы предложим наиболее качественное образование даже при ограниченном бюджете. Мы разработаем стратегию поступления и обучения, позволяющую максимально сэкономить на общей стоимости получаемого образования. Обратившись к нам, у Вас будут максимальные шансы на привлечение дополнительных источников финансирования.

Поступление в университет - это один из самых важных и ответственных шагов в жизни, сделайте его вместе с профессионалами:
  • Проконсультируем по вопросам образования за рубежом;
  • Подберём университет и академическую программу;
  • Переведём диплом и приложение к диплому;
  • Подготовим и откорректируем комплект документов;
  • Отправим заявку в учебное заведение;
  • Поможем оформить студенческую визу;
Стоимость услуги Подать заявку