Финансовый тип Некоммерческий
Организац. тип Публичный
Аббревиатура UC
Учителя 2,502
Студенты 28,557
Иностранцы 8%
Религия Нет
Учеб. календарь Семестры
ЗачислениеНа основе оценок и экзаменов
Гендерные ограничения Без ограничений
Цвета Red and black
Универ. городок В городе
Общежитие Есть
Финансовая помощь Есть
Дистанционное образование Есть
Программы обмена Есть
Библиотека Есть
Strength in Unity and Seek the Highest
• The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
• The University System of Ohio
• Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)
• Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU). Sport affiliations and memberships: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Международный рейтинг359
Рейтинг в стране89
Качество преподавания375
Индекс цитирования335
Рейтинг в мире по сферам
Науки о жизни и медицина221
Рейтинг в мире по дисциплинам
Стоимость проживания в Цинциннатях, USD/мес.
Жильё $216 $333
Питание $186 $339
Транспорт $56 $139
Связь и электричество $68 $79
Одежда $15 $53
Отдых и спорт $16 $108
Варианты проживания в Цинциннатях, USD/мес.
Отдельная комната не в центре$216
Отдельная комната в центре$416
1-комнатная квартира не в центре$495
1-комнатная квартира в центре$780
Международные рейтинги
UniPage World University Ranking359
QS World University Rankings540
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking212
Альтернативное название
Университет Цинциннатиru
Universidad de Cincinnaties
جامعة سينسيناتيar
Université de Cincinnatifr
University of Cincinnatide
Universidade de Cincinnatipt

Университет Цинциннати - Описание

The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to 1819, the year in which Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio were chartered. In 1870, the City of Cincinnati established the University of Cincinnati, which later absorbed the earlier institutions. In 1906, the University of Cincinnati created the first cooperative education program in the United States through its College of Engineering. For many years, the University of Cincinnati was the second oldest and second largest municipal university in the country. In 1968, UC became a "municipally sponsored, state affiliated" institution, entering a transitional period culminating on July 1, 1977 when UC became one of Ohio's state universities. The University of Cincinnati is classified as a Research Extensive University by the Carnegie Commission, and is ranked as one of America?s Top 25 public research universities.

Бакалавриат - Университет Цинциннати

The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to 1819, the year in which Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio were chartered. In 1870, the City of Cincinnati established the University of Cincinnati, which later absorbed the earlier institutions. In 1906, the University of Cincinnati created the first cooperative education program in the United States through its College of Engineering. For many years, the University of Cincinnati was the second oldest and second largest municipal university in the country. In 1968, UC became a "municipally sponsored, state affiliated" institution, entering a transitional period culminating on July 1, 1977 when UC became one of Ohio's state universities. The University of Cincinnati is classified as a Research Extensive University by the Carnegie Commission, and is ranked as one of America’s Top 25 public research universities.

Описание - University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati, Ohio’s premier urban research university, has gained a reputation as the #HottestCollegeinAmerica, serving a diverse community of 42,000 students through a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience. Ranked by the National Science Foundation among the top 25 public research universities in the United States, UC boasts a faculty who have distinguished themselves worldwide for creative teaching and research. UC is the largest employer in the Cincinnati region, with an economic impact of more than $3 Billion. The University of Cincinnati is ranked among the Top Tier of the country's "Best National Universities" according to U.S. News. UC rose to 139th in the latest ranking – up from 156th in 2010. The 17-point move in two years puts UC's ranking at the same level as Arizona State, George Mason and Oregon State. UC has numerous programs ranked among the top 100 public universities in the nation. Of the UC programs that are nationally ranked, 34place in the top 50. The Chronicle of Higher Education calls UC a “research heavy weight.” Forbes magazine, Delta Sky and Travel+Liesure magazine have named UC one of the world’s most beautiful campuses. UC has been named a “green university” by Princeton Review, which also ranked UC among the top 20 universities in the nation for the diversity of the student population. G.I. Jobs lists UC among America’s “military-friendly” campuses for its efforts on behalf of veterans. In 2013, UC and its affiliates earned more than $400 million in grants and contracts. UC’s 2013 endowment of $1 Billion ranks 73rd in the United States among all colleges and universities, and 28th in the United States among public institutions. The University of Cincinnati earned an A+ from Intead, an international student marketing company that conducted a “secret shopper” test, posing as an international student seeking information to begin fall 2014studies. In this responsiveness test, which included universities from the United States, Canada and Australia, UC was rated No. 1 for its impressive response. In the International Student Barometer survey of 193 universities, UC ranked eighth in the world. The survey asks student opinion about their experiences in categories ranging from student learning to student life and social activities; support services (career advising, counseling, IT support); and experience on arrival (orientation services, registration). The University of Cincinnati leads the world in Cooperative Education, which for more than 100 years has provided students with the opportunity to alternate full-time terms of school and work to provide them with a solid base of experience and professional development. In recent years, UC launched the Academic Internship Program, which provides access to opportunities for part-time internships and the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement to supporting campus-community connections. Germany and Japan have been the traditional international co-op destinations since international co-op began as a formal offering in 1990, and those placements have held steady in recent years. However, recently, co-op placements in China have been increasing dramatically. China is now the second-largest international destination for UC co-op students. InFY13, UC began the Singapore Experience, allowing UC co-op and internship students to live and work in Singapore to gain experience in and exposure to Asia, home to 60 percent of the world’s population. The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to 1819when, due to the tireless energy of Daniel Drake – physician, scholar, teacher, and lecturer – the State of Ohio chartered both the Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio. These pioneer institutions endure today as UC’s colleges of law and medicine. Despite ambitious beginnings, scarce funds and internal friction handicapped both institutions and they fell into inactivity. In 1835, the Cincinnati College was revived under President William Holmes McGuffey, author of the famous McGuffey Readers. Again, financial trouble and the effects of the Civil War prevented the institution from achieving success. Only the college’s Law School survived. In 1858, a wealthy merchant and landowner named Charles McMicken bequeathed his estate to Cincinnati for the creation of a municipal university. This gift provided the foundation of the University of Cincinnati, chartered in 1870 by the Ohio General Assembly. During the next century, a number of Cincinnati educational institutions were merged with the University of Cincinnati, including the colleges of medicine, law and pharmacy. Also merging were the esteemed College-Conservatory of Music, the Ohio Mechanics Institute, and the Cincinnati Observatory. Over the course of its first century, UC founded colleges of engineering, business, education, nursing, and art. The university has awarded graduate degrees since 1878. By the mid 1960s, it was apparent that the resources of the City of Cincinnati could not be stretched to accommodate the rapidly growing student body and an aging physical plant. The citizens of Cincinnati voted overwhelmingly to convert their university to full state status, and UC was named Ohio's 12th state university on July 1, 1977. The University of Cincinnati has established a continuing reputation for academic accomplishment and innovative ideas. Since its founding, UC has been the source of many contributions to society, including the oral polio vaccine, the first program of cooperative education, the first electronic organ, the first safe anti-knock gasoline, and the first antihistamine. Among the historic faculty or alumni of the University of Cincinnati are found President and later Chief Justice William Howard Taft; Albert Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine; Nobel Peace Prize winner and U.S. Vice President Charles G. Dawes; Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Walt Handelsman; Doris Twitchell Allen, founder of Children's International Summer Village; Astronaut Neil Armstrong; soprano Kathleen Battle; Cleveland Abbe, whose work at UC led to the National Weather Service; Eula Bingham, environmental scientist and head of OSHA; Marilyn Gaston, assistant surgeon general; Broadway producer Kevin McCollum (“Rent”), author Thomas Berger (Little Big Man, Neighbors); prima ballerina Suzanne Farrell; sports greats Sandy Koufax, Oscar Robertson, Jack Twyman and Tony Trabert; architect Michael Graves; artists Tom Wesselmann and Gilbert Young; and Tony Award winner Faith Prince. The number of living alumni of the University is counted at 260,421.

Программы - Бакалавриат

Бакалавриат Accounting
Бакалавриат Accounting Option
Бакалавриат Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
Бакалавриат Aerospace Engineering
Бакалавриат African Studies
Бакалавриат Ancient Greek
Бакалавриат Anthropology
Бакалавриат Applied Administration
Бакалавриат Arabic Language and Culture
Бакалавриат Archaeology (Geoarchaeology)
Бакалавриат Archaeology (Landscape Archaeology)
Бакалавриат Archaeology (Social Complexity)
Бакалавриат Architectural Engineering
Бакалавриат Architecture
Бакалавриат Art History
Бакалавриат Asian Studies
Бакалавриат Athletic Training
Бакалавриат Aviation Technology
Бакалавриат Ballet
Бакалавриат Bassoon
Бакалавриат Biochemistry
Бакалавриат Biological Sciences
Бакалавриат Biological Sciences (Biology of Animals)
Бакалавриат Biological Sciences (Biomedical Studies)
Бакалавриат Biological Sciences (Cell & Molecular Biology)
Бакалавриат Biological Sciences (Ecology & Evolution)
Бакалавриат Biomedical Engineering
Бакалавриат Business Economics
Бакалавриат Business French
Бакалавриат Business Information Technology
Бакалавриат Business Management Technology
Бакалавриат Business Management Technology: Gen Business
Бакалавриат Business Spanish
Бакалавриат Chemical Engineering
Бакалавриат Chemistry
Бакалавриат Civil Engineering
Бакалавриат Clarinet
Бакалавриат Classical Civilization
Бакалавриат Classical Guitar
Бакалавриат Classics
Бакалавриат Clinical Laboratory Science
Бакалавриат Communication
Бакалавриат Communication Sciences and Disorders
Бакалавриат Composition
Бакалавриат Computer Aided Design Program
Бакалавриат Computer Engineering
Бакалавриат Computer Networking Systems
Бакалавриат Computer Science
Бакалавриат Computer Systems Support
Бакалавриат Computerized Accounting
Бакалавриат Construction Management
Бакалавриат Creative Writing
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice Tech: Corrections
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice Tech: Forensics
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice Tech: Law Enf W/Police Acdy
Бакалавриат Criminal Justice Tech: Law Enforcement
Бакалавриат Critical Visions
Бакалавриат Dietetics
Бакалавриат Diversity Studies
Бакалавриат Double Bass
Бакалавриат Drama
Бакалавриат Early Childhood Care & Education
Бакалавриат Early Childhood Education
Бакалавриат Economics
Бакалавриат Electrical Engineering
Бакалавриат Electrical Engineering Technology
Бакалавриат Electronic Media
Бакалавриат Emergency Medical Services
Бакалавриат English Literature
Бакалавриат English Literature - Creative Writing
Бакалавриат English Literature - Literary & Cultural Studies
Бакалавриат English Literature - Rhetoric & Professional Writi
Бакалавриат Entrepreneurship
Бакалавриат Environmental Analysis & Policy
Бакалавриат Environmental Engineering
Бакалавриат Environmental Studies
Бакалавриат Euphonium
Бакалавриат European Studies
Бакалавриат Fashion Design
Бакалавриат Finance
Бакалавриат Fine Arts - Art
Бакалавриат Fire Science
Бакалавриат Flute
Бакалавриат Food and Nutrition
Бакалавриат French
Бакалавриат French Horn
Бакалавриат Geographic Information Sciences
Бакалавриат Geography
Бакалавриат Geography (Environmental Emphasis)
Бакалавриат Geography (Gis Emphasis)
Бакалавриат Geography (Human Emphasis)
Бакалавриат Geography (Remote Sensing)
Бакалавриат Geography (Urban Economic Emphasis)
Бакалавриат Geology
Бакалавриат German Studies
Бакалавриат German-American Studies
Бакалавриат Gerontology
Бакалавриат Graphic Communication Design
Бакалавриат Harp
Бакалавриат Health Education (Exercise & Fitness)
Бакалавриат Health Education (Public & Community Health)
Бакалавриат Health Information Management Administration
Бакалавриат Health Sciences
Бакалавриат Heritage Studies
Бакалавриат Historic Preservation
Бакалавриат History
Бакалавриат Horticulture
Бакалавриат Human Social Services Technology
Бакалавриат Industrial Design
Бакалавриат Industrial Management
Бакалавриат Information Systems
Бакалавриат Information Tech - Networking/Systems
Бакалавриат Information Tech - Software App Devel
Бакалавриат Information Technology
Бакалавриат Interdisciplinary
Бакалавриат Interior Design
Бакалавриат International Affairs
Бакалавриат International Business
Бакалавриат International Human Rights
Бакалавриат Italian Language and Culture
Бакалавриат Japanese Language & Culture
Бакалавриат Jazz Studies
Бакалавриат Journalism
Бакалавриат Journalism - Magazine
Бакалавриат Journalism - News
Бакалавриат Journalism - Photojournalism
Бакалавриат Judaic Studies
Бакалавриат Latin American Studies
Бакалавриат Liberal Arts
Бакалавриат Marketing
Бакалавриат Marketing Management Technology
Бакалавриат Mathematics
Бакалавриат Mathematics (Mathematics)
Бакалавриат Mathematics (Statistics/Actuarial Sciences)
Бакалавриат Mechanical Engineering
Бакалавриат Mechanical Engineering Technology (Bacc)
Бакалавриат Medical Assistant
Бакалавриат Medical Assisting Services
Бакалавриат Medical Biller/Coder
Бакалавриат Medical Humanities & Bioethics
Бакалавриат Middle Eastern Studies
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Lang Arts & Nat Science
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Lang Arts & Soc Studies
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Language Arts & Mathematic
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Math & Nat Science
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Soc Studies & Math
Бакалавриат Middle School Education Soc Studies & Nat Sci
Бакалавриат Modern Hebrew
Бакалавриат Multidisciplinary
Бакалавриат Music
Бакалавриат Music Education
Бакалавриат Music History
Бакалавриат Musical Theater
Бакалавриат Neuroscience (Brain, Mind, Behavior)
Бакалавриат Neuroscience (Neurobiology)
Бакалавриат Neuroscience (Neuropsychology)
Бакалавриат Nursing
Бакалавриат Nursing Technology
Бакалавриат Oboe
Бакалавриат Operations Management
Бакалавриат Organ
Бакалавриат Organizational Leadership
Бакалавриат Paralegal Studies
Бакалавриат Percussion
Бакалавриат Philosophy
Бакалавриат Physical Therapist Assistant
Бакалавриат Physics
Бакалавриат Physics (Astrophysics Concentration)
Бакалавриат Piano
Бакалавриат Political Science
Бакалавриат Pre-Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
Бакалавриат Pre-Business Administration
Бакалавриат Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders
Бакалавриат Pre-Criminal Justice
Бакалавриат Pre-Early Childhood Education
Бакалавриат Pre-Elementary Education
Бакалавриат Pre-Health Sciences
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Lang Arts/Math
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Lang Arts/Nat Sci
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Lang Arts/Soc Stu
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Math/Nat Sci
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Soc Stu/Math
Бакалавриат Pre-Middle Childhood Education - Soc Stu/Nat Sci
Бакалавриат Pre-Organizational Leadership
Бакалавриат Pre-Pharmacy
Бакалавриат Pre-Psychology
Бакалавриат Pre-Secondary Education
Бакалавриат Pre-Secondary Education - Chemistry
Бакалавриат Pre-Secondary Education - Life Sciences
Бакалавриат Pre-Secondary Education: Language Arts
Бакалавриат Pre-Secondary Education: Math
Бакалавриат Pre-Social Work
Бакалавриат Pre-Special Education: Lang Arts & Math
Бакалавриат Pre-Special Education: Lang Arts & Nat Science
Бакалавриат Pre-Sport Administration
Бакалавриат Presecondary Educ - Social Studies - History
Бакалавриат Psychology
Бакалавриат Public Relations
Бакалавриат Radiation Science
Бакалавриат Radiation Therapy Technology
Бакалавриат Radiologic Technology
Бакалавриат Real Estate
Бакалавриат Respiratory Care
Бакалавриат Saxophone
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Chemistry
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Earth Science
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Engl Lang Arts
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Life Sciences
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Mathematics
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Physics
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Social Studies - Geography
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Social Studies - History
Бакалавриат Secondary Education - Social Studies - Poli Sci
Бакалавриат Social Work
Бакалавриат Sociology
Бакалавриат Software Productivity Ii
Бакалавриат Spanish
Бакалавриат Special Education - Lang Arts & Mathematics
Бакалавриат Special Education - Lang Arts & Nat Sci
Бакалавриат Special Education-Interpreting
Бакалавриат Sport Administration
Бакалавриат Substance Abuse Counseling
Бакалавриат Surgical Assisting
Бакалавриат Surgical Technology
Бакалавриат Technical Studies
Бакалавриат Trombone
Бакалавриат Trumpet
Бакалавриат Tuba
Бакалавриат Urban Planning
Бакалавриат Urban Studies
Бакалавриат Veterinary Technology
Бакалавриат Viola
Бакалавриат Violin
Бакалавриат Violoncello
Бакалавриат Voice
Бакалавриат Womens Gender & Sexuality Studies
Бакалавриат Writing

Программы - Магистратура

Магистратура Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Магистратура Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Магистратура Adult Nurse Practitioner
Магистратура Adult/International Tesl
Магистратура Aerospace Engineering
Магистратура Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Магистратура Anthropology
Магистратура Applied Economics
Магистратура Art Education
Магистратура Art History
Магистратура Artist Diploma in Brass
Магистратура Artist Diploma in Percussion
Магистратура Artist Diploma in Piano Performance
Магистратура Artist Diploma in Strings
Магистратура Artist Diploma in Woodwinds
Магистратура Arts Administration
Магистратура Asian Studies
Магистратура Assessment and Evaluation
Магистратура Audiology
Магистратура Bassoon
Магистратура Behavior Analysis
Магистратура Biological Sciences
Магистратура Biomedical Engineering
Магистратура Business Administration
Магистратура Cancer and Cell Biology
Магистратура Chemical Engineering
Магистратура Chemistry
Магистратура Civil Engineering
Магистратура Clarinet
Магистратура Classical Guitar
Магистратура Classics
Магистратура Clinical and Translational Research
Магистратура Clinical Nurse Specialist
Магистратура Collaborative Piano
Магистратура Communication
Магистратура Communication Sciences and Disorders
Магистратура Community Planning
Магистратура Composition
Магистратура Computer Engineering
Магистратура Computer Science
Магистратура Computer Science and Engineering
Магистратура Conducting, Choral Emphasis
Магистратура Conducting, Orchestral Emphasis
Магистратура Conducting, Wind Emphasis
Магистратура Counselor Education
Магистратура Criminal Justice
Магистратура Curatorial Practice
Магистратура Curriculum and Instruction
Магистратура Design
Магистратура Double Bass
Магистратура Educational Leadership
Магистратура Educational Studies
Магистратура Electrical Engineering
Магистратура Engineering Management
Магистратура English and Comparative Literature
Магистратура Environmental Engineering
Магистратура Environmental Health: Biostatistics
Магистратура Environmental Health: Epidemiology
Магистратура Environmental Health: Industrial Hygiene
Магистратура Euphonium
Магистратура Family Nurse Practitioner
Магистратура Fine Arts - Art
Магистратура Flute
Магистратура French
Магистратура French Horn
Магистратура Genetic Counseling
Магистратура Geography
Магистратура Geology
Магистратура German
Магистратура Harp
Магистратура Health Administration
Магистратура Health Education
Магистратура Health Education/Health Promotion
Магистратура Historic Preservation
Магистратура History
Магистратура Human Resources
Магистратура Immunobiology
Магистратура Interdisciplinary
Магистратура Interdisciplinary - Neuroscience
Магистратура International Business
Магистратура Leadership, Management and Policy
Магистратура Literacy & Second Language Studies
Магистратура Marketing
Магистратура Materials Science
Магистратура Materials Science & Engineering
Магистратура Mathematics
Магистратура Mechanical Engineering
Магистратура Medical Education (Curr & Instruction)
Магистратура Mental Health Counseling
Магистратура Metallurgical Engineering
Магистратура Molecular and Developmental Biology
Магистратура Molecular Gen, Biochem, Microbiology
Магистратура Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology
Магистратура Museum Studies
Магистратура Music (Musicology)
Магистратура Music Education
Магистратура Music History
Магистратура Nurse Anesthesia
Магистратура Nurse Midwifery
Магистратура Nursing Administration
Магистратура Nursing Practice
Магистратура Nursing Research
Магистратура Nutrition Sciences
Магистратура Oboe
Магистратура Occupational Health Nursing
Магистратура Occupational Medicine
Магистратура Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
Магистратура Operations Excellence
Магистратура Organ
Магистратура Paralegal Studies
Магистратура Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Магистратура Peace Education
Магистратура Pediatric Nursing Practitioner
Магистратура Percussion
Магистратура Pharmaceutical Sciences
Магистратура Pharmaceutical Sciences/Biopharmaceutics
Магистратура Philosophy
Магистратура Physical Therapy
Магистратура Physics
Магистратура Physiology
Магистратура Piano
Магистратура Political Science
Магистратура Postsecondary Literacy Instruction
Магистратура Preparing Future Faculty
Магистратура Prof Cert Pgm in Accountancy
Магистратура Professional Writing
Магистратура Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Магистратура Psychology
Магистратура Public Opinion and Survey Research
Магистратура Regional Development Planning
Магистратура Romance Languages and Literatures
Магистратура Saxophone
Магистратура School Counseling
Магистратура School Psychology
Магистратура Social Work
Магистратура Sociology
Магистратура Spanish
Магистратура Special Education
Магистратура Statistics
Магистратура Stem Teaching and Learning
Магистратура Systems Biology & Physiology
Магистратура Theory
Магистратура Toxicology
Магистратура Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences
Магистратура Trombone
Магистратура Trumpet
Магистратура Tuba
Магистратура Urban Educational Leadership
Магистратура Viola
Магистратура Violin
Магистратура Violoncello
Магистратура Voice
Магистратура Womens Gender & Sexuality Studies
Магистратура Womens Health

Местоположение на карте - Университет Цинциннати

Местоположение на карте - Университет Цинциннати
Университеты, похожие на University of Cincinnati
Университетов в этом городе
Университеты в этой стране

Процесс поступления - Университет Цинциннати

Мы проводим зачисление в данное учебное заведение, при этом мы курируем весь процесс поступления.
Актуальность информации. В настоящий момент в интернете много устаревшей и не актуальной информации, ориентируясь на которую абитуриенты часто допускают ошибки, которые могут быть критичны для успешного поступления. Отказ при зачислении может быть вызван совершением формальных ошибок, например, неправильно заполненной аппликационной формы или характеристики. Мы регулярно зачисляем абитуриентов в учебные заведения по всему миру и владеем самой актуальной информацией о всех тонкостях поступления в конкретное учебное заведение.
Гарантированное зачисление. При подаче заявок в топовые университеты за рубежом вы соревнуетесь с самыми сильными студентами из разных стран. По статистике, менее чем 10% абитуриентов удается пройти конкурс, что говорит о чрезвычайно высокой конкуренции. В связи с этим, еще до момента назначения Вам интервью только Ваш аппликационный пакет презентует Вас приемной комиссии и, следовательно, должен быть оформлен идеально. Мы знаем, как выглядит успешный пакет документов и с нами Ваши шансы на поступление в университет многократно возрастают.
Мы экономим Ваше время, которое Вы можете с пользой потратить, например, на совершенствование иностранного языка или подготовку к экзаменам. Являясь официальным представителем многих учебных заведений за рубежом, а также пользуясь наработанными технологиями поиска академических программ и успешными стратегиями поступления, мы поможем Вам избежать бесконечного поиска информации и совершения неверных лишних шагов.
Мы экономим ваши деньги. Мы предложим наиболее качественное образование даже при ограниченном бюджете. Мы разработаем стратегию поступления и обучения, позволяющую максимально сэкономить на общей стоимости получаемого образования. Обратившись к нам, у Вас будут максимальные шансы на привлечение дополнительных источников финансирования.

Поступление в университет - это один из самых важных и ответственных шагов в жизни, сделайте его вместе с профессионалами:
  • Проконсультируем по вопросам образования за рубежом;
  • Подберём университет и академическую программу;
  • Переведём диплом и приложение к диплому;
  • Подготовим и откорректируем комплект документов;
  • Отправим заявку в учебное заведение;
  • Поможем оформить студенческую визу;
Стоимость услуги Подать заявку