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lang ИспанияБарселонаKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaSummer Intensive Course (5h)4.311184
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General information

"Methodology: communicative, dynamic and participative!"
Our teachers are native speakers, university educated and trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language through courses and seminars. You have classes focused on conversation, grammar and vocabulary, although we pay special attention to conversation; we want you to be speaking Spanish in your daily life quickly. We produce our own material made by our teachers with the support of our Spanish Studier Director and our Studier Director. We have our own compilation of the best material from the most popular Spanish books. Students work in small classes - 7 on average but a maximum of 10. This allows the teacher to dedicate more time to our students’ learning needs. The school enjoys an international atmosphere, welcoming 45 nationalities and making cultural exchange easy between our students. We teach six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and follow the EU directive for second languages learning. Before beginning the course, you take a grammar and speaking test to assess your level of Spanish. This places you at the correct level, and at the end of your course you receive a language certificate. At Kingsbrook, you get free use of computers with Internet access as well as free Wi-Fi connection in all areas of the school.

The School

"Comfortable and attractive design!"
Kingsbrook has an attractive design, which makes the school a perfect place to study Spanish. We opened in 2001 with 7 classrooms for a total of 14 classroms actually. Our classrooms are well climate with air conditioned, funs and heats. We have a study room where you can work comfortably. Here, once a week, our teachers give free review lessons and help you with any questions. Our two eRooms have free Internet access and DVD-ROMs of grammar exercises, vocabulary, listening and DELE preparation if you want to continue studying after your classes. Coffee area with sofas and tables where you can socialise with other students, listen to music or just pick up a bcn culture & leisure magazine. Snack area with cold drinks, coffees, biscuits, salads, sweets... Borrow free from our library. It holds Spanish and international novels and movies, books on sports and adventure, grammar, guide books, documentaries and music DVD’s. Two terraces where relax and talk to your teachers and classmates. Language exchange board to meet Spanish people studying other languages at our school and exchange languages while sharing culture.


"Covering all your language needs!"
Choose from semi-intensives courses for those who have limited time to study to really intensive courses for those who want to advance very quickly in a short period of time. We run classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can choose group courses, ‘plus courses’ (combination of group + private classes) or private classes. You can personalise one-to-one tuition – studying through Business Spanish, Examinations Preparation, Reading, Writing, Conversation or other subjects of interest for the students. In our classes, you will learn grammar in a practical and dynamic way. We teach through functional language acquisition – in other words you explore and learn concepts through real-life language situations

Школы - Kingsbrook Idiomas

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lang Испания
Kingsbrook Idiomas Barcelona4.3
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