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MDIS Malaysia - Management Development Institute of Singapore
Страна Малайзия
Стоимость проживания $345-582/мес.
Официальный сайт
Стоимость проживания в Малайзии, USD/мес.
Жильё $81 $143
Питание $106 $153
Транспорт $15 $36
Связь и электричество $45 $41
Одежда $13 $52
Отдых и спорт $13 $37
Варианты проживания в Малайзии, USD/мес.
Отдельная комната не в центре$81
Отдельная комната в центре$178
1-комнатная квартира не в центре$167
1-комнатная квартира в центре$303
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Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS offers well-accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion Design, Information Technology, Health and Life Sciences, Mass Communications, Psychology and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management. These courses are offered in collaboration with highly prestigious universities in Australia, France, the UK and the USA.
MDIS Malaysia is MDIS’ second overseas campus and an outcome of the first major deal made by a Singaporean group in Iskandar’s special economic zone. Good quality and cost-effective education has made Malaysia one of the most preferred higher education destinations today. A truly multicultural country with English language as the medium of instruction, Malaysia is an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an excellent overseas learning experience.
MDIS Malaysia offers Diploma courses in Business, Tourism and Hospitality, Mass Communication, Information Technology and Digital Media as well as Degree courses awarded by accredited and globally recognized universities from UK and USA. All of these courses have already received the Malaysian Qualifications Agency’s (MQA) approval and relevant course licenses.