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Byron Bay English Language School
Аббревиатура BBELS
Страна Австралия
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ACADEMIC – student, tourist or working holiday visas


Classes focus on effective communication in English. Teachers use modern texts, audio /DVD’s, local newspapers and magazines to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students can start any Monday. A new GE course starts every 4 weeks.
Timetable: 9.00* – 10.30, 11.00 – 12.30, 13.30 – 15.00
22.5 hours per week formal classes with a teacher
  • In October to March, some classes may start at 8.30am or 9.30am
  • 1 - 4 weeks = $385 per week, 5-12 weeks $375 pw, 13 - 24 weeks = $365 pw, 25 - 36 weeks = $355 pw, 37 - 48 weeks = $345 pw
    Levels: elementary to advanced
    Preferred Start Dates: 4.1, 1.2, 29.2, 29.3*, 26.4*, 23.5, 20.6, 18.7, 15.8, 12.9, 10.10, 7.11, 5.12 (3 weeks). * =Tues.as Mon. is holiday


    Elementary to Advanced students attend 3 hours of class.
    Timetable: 9.00
    • – 10.30, 11.00 – 12.30. 15 hours per week
    • In October to March, classes may begin at 8.30am, 9.30am, or 1pm
    1 - 17 weeks $310 per week
    Levels: elementary to advanced
    Start Dates: any Monday as per Full time GE above
    Visas: not available to student visa holders


    Cambridge examinations provide successful students with an internationally recognised certificate of English language proficiency. Courses prepare students for FCE, CAE + CPE examinations. Focus is on speaking, reading, listening and writing and includes full practice tests under exam conditions. ^CPE course is afternoon private lessons – at cost - with morning CAE/ General English classes.
    Average Class size: 11 Max class size: 14
    Timetable: 9.00* – 10.30, 11.00 – 12.30, 13.30– 15.00 22.5 hours
    All classes are face to face with the teacher.
  • In September to March, some classes may start at 8.30am or 9.30am
  • 12 weeks: March & Sept. $4,680 $140 material fee
    10 weeks: FCE + CAE Jan/June $3, 900 $140 material fee
    9 weeks Jan CPE $3,510+ private lessons at cost
    Exam Fee: FCE. $330 CAE $ 330 CPE $350
    Course Start Dates: 4.1, 14.3, 13.6, 5.9
    Exam: CAE: 12.3, 4.6, 19.8, 30.11 | FCE: 11.3, 7.6, 18.8, 29.11
    CPE: 5.3, 1.12 . All exams are paper based.


    The IELTS examination is an internationally recognised measure of English Language proficiency for university entry in English speaking countries (Academic module) and for general purposes (General Training module). The full time course focuses on the four parts of the examination: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
    Level: intermediate – advanced. Max class size: 15 students
    Duration: 12 weeks, min 8 weeks recommended. Students can join on other dates by request, subject to availability and level check. Start Dates: 4.1, 29.3*, 20.6, 12.9 - * =Tues as Mon.is holiday
    12 weeks: $4,680 ($390 per week) plus $140 material fee
    Exam fee $330 – subject to change by Cambridge
  • The school offers individual tuition if a student requires, to complement a General English course with English for Special Purpose e.g. IELTS, business, tourism, IT, art, etc. The school recommends a maximum of two hours per day face to face tuition.
    1 hour = $90 5 hours = $450 10 hours = $900


    There are four accommodation options available to students:
    HOMESTAY is accommodation with a local family. This is a great way to experience local "Aussie" hospitality and use your English in a day to day environment. Check in Saturday or Sunday, earlier by request.
    Homestay accommodation includes:
     single/ twin^/ double^ room with study desk
     2 meals per day on week days
     3 meals per day on the weekends
    Single homestay: $260 pw Extra nights: $38
    Premium homestay ^ $290 pw Extra nights $42
    ^ = subject to availability – please send advance availability request
    Twin/ Double homestay☺ $200 pp pw Extra nights: $30
    ☺ offered for friends/ couples travelling together
    Single homestay – breakfast only $210 pw Extra nights $30
    Homestay Placement fee: $220
    Christmas weeks surcharge: $60 pp pw 24.12.16 - 31.12.16
    STUDENT HOUSES - Live with other BBELS students! We offer single, twin and double rooms with shared facilities, including bed linen WiFi and all bills. Student houses are for BBELS students only. Placement fee $220 or $275 if combined with homestay placement
    Bond $200 and maintenance fee $30 – per person and both fees charged at enrolment. Availability is confirmed after enrolment is received.
    Single $250^/220 pw Twin share $170 pw
    Double room $340 pw Double – en-suite $360 pw
    Deluxe Single $300^/280 pw Couples $400 pw (private WC)
    Check in and out Saturday only. Minimum booking - 2 weeks
    ^ from Saturdays starting 2.1.16 – 27.3.16 and from 3.9.16 onwards
    HOSTEL offers shared dormitory accommodation and are self-catering. BBELS offers some dormitory style accommodation at the school for students who arrive early for homestay or student house. It is also available at the end of their course if they stay longer in Byron Bay, subject to availability.
    Price: $200 per week, $30 per night
    PRIVATE ROOMS / APARTMENTS are available but are subject to seasonal variations. Private rooms are in shared houses with local people. Students have use of kitchen / laundry facilities.
    Single Room price: from $160 - 300 per week, twin – from $130 per person per week. Placement fee $220
    GUARDIANSHIP - Students under 18 years of age only Parents of students enrolling at BBELS must nominate a guardian living in Byron Bay who will be responsible for the welfare of the child whilst studying at BBELS, or request the BBELS Guardianship Service.
    Guardianship Placement fee $300 Guardianship weekly fee $30


    One of our representatives will greet you at the Airport and transfer you to Byron Bay by car. This service is often the best choice after a long flight from your country.
  • Brisbane International Airport: $240 per pax $165 shared per pax
  • $50 surcharge for Brisbane flight arrivals at or after 10pm and until 6am
    • Ballina Airport: $90 per person
    • Gold Coast/Coolangatta Airport: $120 per person
    Self transfer:
    www.byronbayshuttle.com.au – 4 times per day, from $70 per person
    www.brisbane2byron.com – 2 times per day from $60 per person


    Students will need to provide for expenses not listed on this form. These include optional texts, excursions + transport, extra meals and some activities.