СтранаГородШколаПрограмма Отзыв.Стоимость
1-5 USD
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreGE-20 Standard4.4236600
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreGE-30 Intensive4.4236796
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreGE-20 + 5 Combination4.4236982
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreGE-20 + 10 Combination 4.42361,366
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreFCE-30 Intensive (B2)4.4236796
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreCAE-20 Standard (C1)4.4236600
lang ИрландияЛимерикеLimerick Language CentreIELTS-30 Intensive (A2)4.4236796
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Круглогодичные программы

Название курсаКол. уроков в неделю1 - 6Недель7 - 12Недель13 - 24НедельHight Season(Июль - Август)
GE-20 Standard20€125€115€105€145
GE-30 Intensive 30 €215 €205 €195 €235
GE-20 + 5 Combination 20 group + 5 one-to-one€300€290€280€320
GE-20 + 10 Combination20 group + 10 one-to-one€475€465€455€495
FCE-30 Intensive (B2)*20 general + 10 FCE€215€205€195€235
CAE-20 Standard (C1)*20€125€115€105-
IELTS-30 Intensive (A2)*30€215€205€195€235
  • Продолжительность одного занятия 45 минут
  • *NB: Exam Dates for Cambridge Examinations are in March, June, August and December (specific dates to be finalised). IELTS exam dates are more frequesnt. Students following these courses are recommended to take a 12-week course but are welcome to join an existing group for a shorter period of time. Exam fees are approx. €175 - €190.
    Название услугистоимость
    Регистрация на программу€30
    1 на 1 урок€35
    Бронирование (опционально)€35

    Что студенты могут делать во время обучения?

    1. Can borrow their course book for the duration of their course
    2. Avail of the free Wi Fi throughout the school building
    3. Use the computer facilities and reference materials in the Student Self-Access area
    4. Borrow books in the Student Library
    5. Make free tea and coffee and use the fridges and microwaves in the two kitchen areas
    6. Relax and use recreational facilities in the Student Lounge

    Описание программ

    Standard Programmes (GE-20 & CAE-20): 20 lessons per week, Monday to Friday.
    Intensive Programme (GE-30, FCE-30 & IELTS-30): In addition to 20 lessons per week, we also offer the option of taking an additional 10 lessons per week which are taught afternoons, in small groups. This represents 30 lessons per week.
    Combination Programmes (GE-20 + 5 & GE-20 + 10): These feature the standard 20 lessons per week but also includes 5 or 10 lessons per week of tuition on a one-to-one basis. These represent 25 or 30 lessons per week.
    Academic Year Programmes (AY-FCE, AY-CAE & AY-IELTS): The Academic Year Programme is specifically designed for Non EU/EEA students who wish to follow a 25-week full-time Standard programme in English while also taking the opportunity to travel and work in Ireland.
    Each of the above can be paired with accommodation in a Host Family or Student Apartment which are available all year round. All programmes are offered at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

    Программы - Академический год

    Academic Year ProgrammesMinimum Entry25 weeks tuition
    AY-IELTS (13 weeks x GE-20 + 12 weeks x IELTS-30)level: A1€ 2700.00
    AY-FCE (13 weeks x GE-20 + 12 weeks x FCE-30)level: B1€ 2700.00
    AY-CAE (13 weeks x GE-20 + 12 weeks x CAE-20)level: B2€ 2700.00
    REQUIREMENTS for Academic Year students:
    Students must register for and sit a recognised end-of course exam such as Cambridge or IELTS examination. Before registration with GNIB, you must pay a €200 exam fee to the school which we can use later when registering you for the appropriate examination. The school will register students for the appropriate end-of-course exam when registration dates are available.
  • Obligatory Academic Year English Examination Registration Fee per person €200.00
  • Students must have valid medical insurance. Students can purchase MediCover Insurance through Limerick Language Centre which is accepted by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB).
  • Medical Insurance Fee (25 weeks – 1 year) per person €110.00
  • Условия проживания в семье

    • Minimum age: 17
    • Host Family Accommodation per person per week € 190.00
    • Extra Night in Host Family € 30.00
    1. Breakfast, packed-lunch/lunch & dinner, every day.
    2. The evening meal in the company of family members.
    3. Laundry facilities
    4. A relaxed and sociable atmosphere, whether conversing or watching television.
    5. A comfortable single bedroom, cleaned weekly.
    6. A change of bed sheets and towels once a week.
    7. A desk or table provided in the room. Alternatively, a quiet area to study elsewhere in the house.
    8. Adequate storage for clothes
    9. Access to a shower or bath once a day with an adequate supply of hot water and towels.
    10. Sufficient light and heat when necessary.
    11. No other student of the same mother tongue in the home (unless requested for couples, siblings or friends)
    12. Fresh food, varied from day to day.
    13. Wi Fi or internet access

    Студенческие апартаменты

    • Minimum age: 18
    • Student Apartment Accommodation per person per week: € 130.00
    • Extra Night in Student Apartment: € 20.00
    1. Single en suite bedroom (bedroom including shower, washbasin & toilet)
    2. Fully-equipped kitchen for self-catering
    3. Access to laundry facilities in Student Village for a small fee per use
    4. A comfortable living room with television in your apartment
    5. Bed linen is provided (but not towels or toiletries)
    6. A desk in your room
    7. Adequate storage for clothes
    8. Access to internet for a weekly fee
    9. Electricity, water and waste disposal included in price

    Требуемые документы для зачисления

    • School letter
    • Medical insurance
    • Passport
    • Proof of finances/bank statement
    • End-of-course examination registration fee
    • Credit card (required to pay GNIB fee)

    Школы - Limerick Language Centre

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