General information about Seoul
CountrySouth Korea
Region Seoul 11
Time ZoneAsia/Seoul
Educational organizations in Seoul
Universities, Colleges68
Healthcare, Medical46
Government, Bureaus40
Commercial, Private,26
Educational institutions16
Research centers13
Libraries, Museums, Archives1
Cost of living in Seoul, USD/month
Accommodation 497 682
Food 330 468
Transportation 40 108
Communications and utilities 74 107
Clothing 27 98
Sports and leisure 32 95
Accommodation in Seoul, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre502
Shared room in city centre689
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre515
1 bedroom apartment in city centre777
Location on map - Seoul
Title BachelorMaster
521Seoul National UniversitySeoul National University6,903 USD4,384 USD
1483Korea UniversityKorea University11,433 USD11,000 USD
1494Yonsei UniversityYonsei University8,391 USD12,295 USD
2457Hanyang UniversityHanyang University11,464 USD12,821 USD
2888Kyung Hee UniversityKyung Hee University7,722 USD
3709Ewha Womans UniversityEwha Womans University
49211Sogang UniversitySogang University7,000 USD7,000 USD
52812Chung Ang UniversityChung Ang University11,536 USD11,536 USD
53613Catholic University of KoreaCatholic University of Korea
55214Hankuk University of Foreign StudiesHankuk University of Foreign Studies12,600 USD12,600 USD
57116Dongguk UniversityDongguk University7,245 USD11,259 USD
68119University of SeoulUniversity of Seoul3,000 USD
78726Konkuk UniversityKonkuk University
120930Soongsil UniversitySoongsil University7,500 USD7,500 USD
130433Kwangwoon UniversityKwangwoon University
135535Kookmin UniversityKookmin University7,500 USD7,500 USD
142338Sejong UniversitySejong University
143139Myongji UniversityMyongji University
158641Seoul National University of Science & TechnologySeoul National University of Science & Technology
173943Soonchunhyang UniversitySoonchunhyang University
174744Hongik UniversityHongik University
188348Sookmyung Women's UniversitySookmyung Women's University
343673Korea National Open UniversityKorea National Open University
388982Duksung Women's UniversityDuksung Women's University7,500 USD7,500 USD
400683Seoul National University of EducationSeoul National University of Education
400784Hansung UniversityHansung University
418086Dongduk Women's UniversityDongduk Women's University
419587Songho CollegeSongho College
438192Daejin UniversityDaejin University2,500 USD2,500 USD
460895Seoul Women's UniversitySeoul Women's University7,500 USD7,500 USD
Student cities in South Korea
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