Academic requirements

  1. Calculate GPA

    Want to enroll in a foreign university? You need a high GPA — this is the average score of your certificate or diploma. Read about how to calculate it and what to do if you have a low GPA.

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  2. Diploma and transcript translation

    Diploma, transcript and their translations are always included in the package of documents that are needed for admission. What they are, why they are needed and how to translate them — read the article.

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  3. Legalization of educational documents

    Before submitting documents to a foreign university, you need to legalize them. We explain what is legalization, when it is needed and how it takes place in different countries.

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Other documents

  1. Write a motivation letter

    A motivation letter is the most important document in an applicant's application. How to write it? Look for examples, ideas, recommendations, as well as common mistakes in the article.

  2. Academic Resume

    How to start writing a successful academic resume? What does it consist of? Main mistakes and what should be written in CV?

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  3. Academic essay

    The structure of an academic essay, examples of essays in English. How to choose a topic? The main mistakes in the introduction, thesis, argumentation, conclusion.

  4. Proof of funds

    To enroll in the selected university, the applicant must provide evidence of his ability to pay. How to do it and what documents to provide.

  5. Student medical insurance

    Insurance for students traveling abroad. Why should you take out health insurance? Countries where student insurance is mandatory.

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  6. Letter of admission

    Why you need a letter of admission from the university, types of letters, authentication, delivery and costs.

  7. How to prepare for a college interview

    Who conducts admission interviews, what questions the admissions committee asks and how to answer them. Lists of questions and recommendations for preparation.

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