Personal experience

Singapore challenge

How I got admitted into FZD? Why should one choose Singapore? How I searched a place to rent, spent sleepless nights doing homework, and honed my skills?

Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

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Work while study abroad

Working as a student abroad is a great opportunity to cover some expenses, develop your hard and soft skills, start a successful career, or even stay in the country afterwards. Learn more about the pros and cons of the options you have.

International Internships

An international internship is a great way to experience life and work abroad without spending a lot of time and money. From this article you will learn how to find an international internship, its pros and cons, and other important facts.

Student cities in Russia

There are more than 650 state universities in Russia, as well as hundreds of private educational institutions. We offer a ranking of Russian cities by the number of universities.