UniPage statistics (as of August 2022)

Year of establishment2013
Page views per month1 540 000по данным Google Analytics
Unique page views per month1 230 000по данным Google Analytics
Publications / Pages173 000
Colleges / Universities28 193
Cities47 349
Language courses2800
Language schools205
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About us

The UniPage website (unipage.net) functions as an information hub and university database. Our mission is to help universities connect with smart and qualified students. All in-depth articles on our website are based on reliable sources and the professional experience of education abroad.

With us you can create a bold, unique and strong brand for your school that will attract more students to you.

Reasons to advertise with us

  1. Evergreen content. We constantly improve and update our articles, so they remain relevant for years. Over time, most pages do not lose, but, on the contrary, gain more and more views due to the top positions of our website in search engines. We surpass all of our direct competitors by the top 10 Google and Yandex queries.
  2. Here is your target audience. Our readers come to our website for a specific purpose: tо find their dream university and learn about the admission process and available scholarships.
  3. We place ads using relevant context. We have 1.5K articles on all the possible aspects of studying abroad. Whatever your goals are, we will find just the right context for you.
  4. Professional approach. All materials are developed by specialists in their field: journalists, copywriters with knowledge of SEO and SMM, programmers, study abroad experts, and designers. Due to this, you will get high-quality and cost-effective advertising products.
  5. Readers’ trust. Students trust us. We've earned this trust with our practical guides and comprehensive articles. Granted, your institution can become one of our recommendations.
  6. You will be in the hands of a professional team. Our devoted authors and designers know how to create bold, thought-provoking, and informative content for your target audience.
  7. International reach. UniPage has an English-language rendering with readers from almost every country in the world: USA, Germany, UK, CIS countries, and many others.

Facts and Figures*

  • The most visited study abroad website (according to SimilarWeb)
  • Average growth per month — 5.42%
  • 77% of users come from search engines
  • Total impressions per year on Google — 211 000 000, on Yandex — 30 000 000
  • Average pageviews per month — 1 540 000, per year — 16 900 000
  • 79% of them are unique pageviews
  • Average time on page — 2.5 minutes

*The data are current as of August 2022

Our audience by age


The main consumer interests of the audience show the areas in which UniPage users most often make purchases:

  • higher education
  • primary and secondary education
  • employment
  • exam preparation and tutoring
  • foreign language learning
  • career consulting
  • financial/banking services
  • software (business and productivity)
  • investments and real estate

Common interests of the audience show the type of content our users look for on the Internet:

  • media and entertainment (movies, music, books)
  • shopping
  • environment
  • food and cooking
  • fashion and beauty
  • art and theater
  • technology

*Based on Google Analytics


Display advertising


LocationMonthly coverage*Medium RectangleWide SkyscraperLeaderboard
Above infoboxUnder infoboxAt the topIn the middle
In the related article**5 000 — 20 000 190 USD140 USD290 USD390 USD340 USD
In all articles covering one selected country10 000 — 60 000 590 USD490 USD690 USD790 USD740 USD
On all pages of the website***1 500 000 3,590 USD2,990 USD5,590 USD6,990 USD6,390 USD
In several articles within one section / theme5 000 — 170 000BespokeBespokeBespokeBespokeBespoke

* Average number of page views (depends on the article, country or topic)

** The minimum duration of the banner placement is 3 months

*** Display ratio of 1 in every 2 page impressions

Banners should be provided by the customer and designed in accordance with our pre-specified sizes and requirements. We can also engage our designer to prepare banners — in this case, the price is negotiated on an individual basis.

Promotion via search engine

We place the university or language school on the first line of university rankings/search pages with a "promoted" label.

Location options for universities:

Placement typeMonthly coverageCost per month

At the top of the overall university search page

5 500790 USD
At the top of the overall university search page with a filter by country4 000-15 000*790 USD

Location options for language schools:

Placement typeMonthly coverageCost per month

At the top of the overall school search page

1 000390 USD
At the top of the overall school search page with a filter by country/city1 000-3 000*390 USD
At the top of the overall courses search page2500490 USD

*Depends on the country

This is the most effective way to promote an educational institution, as users actively visit these pages and look at the rankings for the specific purpose of finding a university, school or course..

Note. The university/school appears highlighted at the top of the table, but is not actually ranked first. The ranking list remains the same.

The university being highlighted at the top of the overall ranking
The university being highlighted at the top of the overall ranking

Featured institution

Your institution logo and a short text of up to 80 characters with a link to your programme, scholarship, or open event. It is displayed either in the middle of the UniPage homepage or/and at the end of the overall university search page along with some other featured institutions.

Placement typeMonthly coverageCost per month
On the homepage20 000990 USD
At the end of the overall university / language schools search page5 500490 USD
Featured universities
Featured universities at the end of the overall university search page

Branded content — Cooperation packages

ContentMinimum BasicStandardMaximum360°
University / language school profile + link+++++
News about the university / language school on the website
+ link
+ image
VK and Telegram posts+++++

A detailed article about the university / language school

Native article
+ link
+ provided photos
Mention of the university / language school in the original material12
A series of articles about the university / language school (3 articles)
+ link
+ photos
Timing of materials preparation Can be shortened by agreement with the customer1 month2 months3 months4 months6 months
Price250 USD690 USD1,490 USD2,590 USD3,990 USD

Note. The "material preparation time" is not the same as the "placement time".

  • Material preparation time — the total cooperation time with the customer differs depending on the package. The "Minimum" package takes one month to complete, the "Basic" package takes two, and so on. In the "360°" package, we collaborate within six months, since the large amount of materials mentioned require extensive preparation and work time. Note: all meetings and interviews with university representatives must be coordinated and conducted within the established preparation deadline.
  • The placement period for university profiles and articles is at least 1 year, during which we undertake not to remove partner materials. After this period, further placement is at the discretion of the UniPage.

Main formats

University profile

The university or language school gets included in the UniPage database and rating. The profile is a short note about the institution, which contains factual information in Russian and English. After the profile is published, you have the opportunity to send us updated information once every six months. Examples:

News about the university or language school

A news article or announcement about an institution-related event published in the news section. For example, an open house announcement, information on a new course or program enrollment, rankings, certifications, and so on. The news is provided by the customer himself. If there is no news, we select the news item ourselves (for example, we describe a specific program with current admission dates).

VK and Telegram posts

All of the news, articles, and blog materials in Russian published on the website are duplicated on UniPage platforms (16 000+ subscribers):

A detailed article about the university / language school

An article on the UniPage website about an educational institution. It differs from the profile in that we thoroughly describe the benefits of education, programs, admission, features of the educational process, scholarships and grants, history, and interesting facts. We also create a photo gallery. Examples of articles about universities:

All information for the profile and article must be provided by the university or language school upon our request. This will ensure the quality and accuracy of the data. We will send a list of questions that the institution must answer in writing or have a personal meeting with the author within two to three weeks. There is an additional charge for correcting the article after publication.

Native article

An article where the client acts as a partner and is only mentioned. That is, we write not about you, but with you. The topic of the article is determined jointly with the client so that it corresponds to the theme of our resource. We write about:

  • higher education abroad
  • secondary education abroad
  • universities and schools
  • professions and careers
  • soft skills development
  • language learning
  • admission abroad
  • student life
  • paperwork required for admission
  • immigration and travel
  • visas
  • scholarships

To find out what sections / topics we write about, you can refer to the overall article search page.

Case. For example, we are approached by an international school with a Russian branch. We offer variants of native articles on topics:

  • Employment and career in the [...] field. A detailed article on a particular profession taught by a university (following the example of what we already have on our website: medical professions, legal professions, legal education). We will write a general description about education in the field the university specializes in, or about a particular profession. The university professors will act as experts: we will use their quotes, indicate the name of the university, and provide a link.
  • Foreign education in Russia. How, where to get it, what future prospects entail. In this article, there will be less emphasis on the school specifically, but it will be mentioned as an example of a foreign university in the country with a link and comments from professors/heads.

We can adapt the first topic to any institution by choosing a priority profession for you. The second theme can be completely different depending on the university. We will take into account your unique features and suggest topics that best represent you as an expert.

Mention of the institution in the original material

Name, description, and link to the university / language school or its program in the blog entry in Russian (and English, if applicable). We will make a selection of the best universities for a particular major that the school teaches (or make a selection of language schools based on a specific type of program, for example) and add your program to the list. Examples of selections:

This article format is one of the most popular on our website. Even those who are not interested in a particular profession see the selections — they are colorful and easy to read. If you'd like to see what else is published on our blog, follow this link.

A series of articles about the institution

Three articles about your particular university or language school. While we write about enrollment, university advantages, and programs in the detailed article about the institution (that is, we give more factual information), here we cover other angles of interest.

  • Student life. An article about life and studies at the university. It can be written as an interview with one or more students. It helps to present the university through the eyes of students.
  • Employment and career after graduation. Another option is to interview not just a student, but a graduate of the university. This will show what career prospects students have and why they should go there. For language schools, it is possible to describe pathway programmes which allow students to enroll at the partner university after completing the course.
  • Study process. One day (or week) of university through the eyes of a student. For instance, it could be an interview where we follow a student, find out what he or she is studying, how classes take place, lunch, and so on. It will also give applicants an idea of what awaits them.


One of UniPage’s specialists will host the webinar, and the university / language school representative will be an invited expert. The webinar topic is chosen together with the customer so that it coincides with the scope of the agency's work. It is usually wider than a specific institution or its programs. For example, if we host a webinar with a business school, we do not focus on its MBA program, but discuss business education in general and at some point mention their MBA program as one of the tools to get that education.

We organize webinars entirely by ourselves: we'll gather an audience, announce it on our social accounts, and advertise it for three weeks as a banner on all of the pages of our website (it appears when a user visits the website for the first time). Coverage is more than 1 500 000 visits per month. After the webinar we will publish the recording on our YouTube-channel and keep it there for up to a year.

The cost depends on the content of the banner and the period we keep the recording on the YouTube channel.

Banner contentKept on YouTube
1 month6-12 months
Webinar description1,590 USD2,290 USD
Webinar description with partner mention2,490 USD3,360 USD

Examples of webinars:

English translation

Our website is bilingual. To reach the largest audience and attract foreign students, we can translate and publish all prepared articles (except news and blog materials) into English. In this case, the cost of services increases twofold.

New areas are also in development: newsletters, podcasts, university reviews, and educational videos on YouTube. We'll let you know about the new formats as they become available.

For all questions about advertising on www.unipage.net, please contact media@unipage.net.