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  • In addition to the website, our ecosystem includes social networks (VK, Telegram, Yandex.Dzen), a YouTube channel, and a podcast.

We provide a range of promotional formats, such as display advertising, native materials, and expert webinars. Our opportunities extend beyond universities and language schools, as we aim to provide promotional exposure to any organization interested in reaching a target audience of smart and motivated individuals.

Whatever your goals are, we are sure that we will find the most efficient format.

Why advertise with us

  • Students trust us. Reliable sources and the professional experience of our specialists are the main foundation for our articles. Readers appreciate our recommendations, and your institution can become one of them.
  • Captivated international audience. Our readers come to UniPage for a specific purpose: tо find their dream institution and learn about the admission process and available scholarships. The interest of our audience even expands beyond education – they want to learn more about language learning, investments and real estate, financial services, modern technologies, sustainability and more.
  • Strategic visibility. We have over 1.5K articles on different aspects of studying abroad. We can match your goals with the right context.
  • Professional team. Our devoted journalists, SMM-managers and designers know how to create bold, thought-provoking, and informative content.

How to start

  1. See our media pack

    Learn more about our website and its advertising opportunities in our media pack.

  2. Fill out a short brief

    Tell us a bit about your company, and we will match you with the best-fitting format or create something new specifically for you.


  3. Obtain an individual strategy

    Your personal manager will clarify your goals and requests, compile an offer with prices and metrics. After which, you will be able to have a call with them to discuss interaction details, ask questions, and make a final decision. You can contact us at media@unipage.net.

Keep in mind

Advertising on the website is aimed at increasing your visibility and organically attracting students to your educational institution. Potential applicants learn about you from advertising on the website and can either contact the agency or apply to your institution independently.

As part of the website promotion, we conclude an advertising contract, not a partnership agreement. Therefore, our specialists will not directly offer your institution to agency clients.

If you are interested in the academic partnership program, you can learn more about it on a separate page or write to academic@unipage.net.