Admission abroad overview

  1. Education abroad by region

    Contrary to popular belief, it isn't difficult to enter a foreign university if you prepare for it. First of all, decide on the country and set the budget.

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  2. How to choose a university abroad

    When an applicant decides to enter a foreign university, he faces an extremely difficult task: to choose the right one from thousands of universities around the world. How to take this difficult choice? Let's talk about the criteria that should be taken into account when applying.

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  3. How to enter a foreign university

    With planning and finances admission to a foreign university is possible. In this article, we will dispel the main myths about admission and study abroad. Step-by-step guide based on many years of experience of our specialists.

  4. Why go to university

    Do you need a university degree? In this article, we will address the pros and cons of higher education.

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Guardianship abroad

We tell you why you need a guardian abroad, how to find a guardian to study abroad, and search criteria.

How to prepare for a college interview

Who conducts admission interviews, what questions the admissions committee asks and how to answer them. Lists of questions and recommendations for preparation.

Calculate GPA

Want to enroll in a foreign university? You need a high GPA — this is the average score of your certificate or diploma. Read about how to calculate it and what to do if you have a low GPA.

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How to choose an agency?

9 main criteria for evaluating a good consultant and educational agency. What should I look for before applying for admission assistance?