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Over the past years we have helped hundreds of students successfully enroll in educational institutions abroad. Entrust your future to professionals. Read more about UniPage…
Select the service you are interested in, fill out an application, and our specialists will call you back as soon as possible.

Full mentoring: Language courses - 200 USD

Full assistance includes:
  • Professional consultation;
  • Selection of language school and training course;
  • Reservation of a place at the chosen school;
  • Filling in the application form;
  • Providing with a achool contract, an explanation of the main terms of the contract;
  • Assistance in paying for the course;
  • Flights and hotel booking (if necessary).
Additional expenses:
  • Language course fee
  • The cost of living (incl. a refundable deposit, if applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Express Mail
  • Flight
  • Transfer from / to the airport
Service/Amount of programmes123456
Search of academic programmes110 USD170 USD230 USD290 USD 350 USD410 USDOrder
What is included:
  • Professional consultation on education abroad issues;
  • Fair assessment of student’s chances to be admitted and to receive a grant or a scholarship
  • Help in choosing a country and determining the criteria of university selection
  • Extensive research on academic programmes including a name of institution and programmes and also a link for official website.
  • Specification of all requirements for successful application, creation of a list of required documents.
  • Specification of application deadlines
  • Specification of required international tests
  • Estimation of budget for education on chosen programmes
The term of rendering this service is 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the request.
The term can be extended upon agreement with the Client.
If you decide to order "Full assistance in admission" service after you've paid for "Academic programmes search" the latter will be free of charge.

Full assistance in admission to universities

Service/Amount of universities123456
Full assistance in admission to universities739 USD1,138 USD1,537 USD1,936 USD 2,335 USD2,734 USDOrder
Full mentoring package presupposes that we will guide you through all the difficulties of the foreign university application process, from the moment you contacted us till the start of your educational program. You will always feel the support of the professionals.

Application documents editing

Recommendation letterup to 400 words (half of the page)159 USD
Motivation letter (Essay)up to 400 words (half of the page)159 USD
Motivation letter (Essay)up to 800 words (~ 1 page)189 USD
Motivation letter (Essay)up to 1200 words (~ 1,5 pages)219 USD
CV (Resume)up to 1600 words (~ 1-2 pages)219 USD
Application form (filling in)1 program169 USD
Application form (only checking)1 program69 USD
*If you would like to apply for the US Universities financial aid please ask UniPage specialists for more details and the service cost.

Visa assistance

United Kingdom (Tier 4), Canada, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, USA, France, Switzerland239 USD
Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong190 USD
China, Cyprus, Latin America, Malta, Holland127 USD
If the country you are interested in is not represented in the table above, please ask our specialists about the opportunity and cost of visa support to a certain country.
What is included:
  • Providing a complete list of required documents;
  • Providing samples for drawing up documents (sponsorship letter, certificate from work, financial documents, etc.);
  • Filling out a visa application;
  • Editing of the cover letter (if applicable);
  • Verification of all documents and the formation of a complete package of documents for self-submission by the Client to the Consulate;
  • Entry to the consulate for the nearest available date.
Terms of Service:
  • Visa support is provided only for Russian citizens;
  • Additional fees: consular fees, service fee, translation and notarization of documents, express mail;
  • The client independently (personally) submits the documents to the consulate or visa center;
  • The embassy (visa department of the embassy) has the right to request any additional document that is not included in the mandatory list;
  • If the requested document is presented in a foreign language (exceptions: documents in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese), the Client is responsible for the correctness of the document provided to us;
  • The decision to grant a visa depends entirely on the Consulate General;
  • If it is necessary to conduct additional inspections, in some cases the Consulate General reserves the right to increase the time for consideration without explaining the reasons;
  • The period of validity of the visa, as well as the number of days of stay in the country of entry is established by the General Consulate;
  • In case of denial of visa, consular and service fees are not refunded;
  • UniPage is not responsible for issuing a visa unless the full package of documents is provided within the agreed time limits. All documents for a visa are accepted in advance;
  • Extended international passports are not accepted for consideration;
  • In the student's passport there must be at least 2 clean pages in the visa section;
  • International passport must be valid minimum 3 months after visa expires.
Term of service
The period of service rendering can vary from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the date of submission of the last requested document.

Complementary services

This service is made for applicants considering a Master’s degree in Germany. Applying for this scholarship with us increases your chances to study in Germany for free.
Our specialists help to assess your chances to get this funding, however bear in mind the following requirements:
  • good/excellent academic performance (high GPA);
  • IELTS / TestDaF results are not below required scores in your chosen universities.
Selection process is on the competitive basis. Decision is made by scholarship committee.
This service aims to help you in creating strong set of documents for any financial aid program in chosen university.

Payment conditions

Our services are paid no later than 3 days from signing a contract and providing you with an invoice. You pay for our whole services and, in some cases, a part of tuition fee or deposit which consists of registration fee, accomodation or tuition pre-payment.
You may pay our service fee via online banking or at any bank using our bank details stated in the invoice.