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The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Its territory includes the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, and several islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

American universities are considered the most prestigious in the world. The QS 2021 ranking included 34 universities in the top-150 best universities in the world. America is a land of opportunity for successful employment. Many large companies were born here, hundreds of innovative startups are developing in Silicon Valley, and New York, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco are world-class financial centers.

We will tell you how to get that American education that is recognized around the world.

USA education

  1. Education system in the USA

    United States education system consists of four stages. What are they, what are their key facilities and all you need to know about — read in the article.

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  2. Secondary education in the USA

    The secondary education system in the USA — how to enroll into an American secondary school, how much does it cost, and the list of the best private secondary schools

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  3. Education in the USA

    Let’s take a look at American higher education: study degrees one can earn there and learn about costs, scholarships, student visa and other useful insights.

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  4. Universities in the USA

    US universities are the most prestigious in the world. 34 of them are among the world’s top 150 according to the QS ranking. What makes them so special and why students want to study here?

  5. Admission in the USA

    Admission to a US university is a complicated process. But studying at a university is not the only way to get an education in America. We will cover the options, requirements, and procedures related to admission in the USA.

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  6. Master's studies in the USA

    We'll tell you everything about Master's degree in the United States: pros and cons, tuition fees, admission and other important features.

  7. Scholarships and Grants in the USA

    How to get free education in the USA? Scholarships, assistantships and grants in the USA, requirements and deadlines for submission of documents.

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  8. English courses in United States

    English courses in the United States: list of language schools and programs in the USA, prices, application documents and other facts.

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Best universities in the USA

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Obtaining a medical license in the USA

Medical education abroad presents unique challenges, particularly for foreigners aspiring to work as doctors in the United States. They must undergo a licensing procedure and residency training. Here, we outline the certification process for medical specialists in America.

Fulbright — US Masters Scholarship

Would you like to pursue a master's degree in the US for free? The Fulbright Scholarship offers coverage for tuition, travel expenses, and medical insurance. We can provide guidance on how to apply and what the application entails.

Ivy League

Ivy League Universities: The History of Association and Admission to the Group of the Most Prestigious Universities in the USA. Tuition fees and graduate careers.

Green Card

What is a mysterious «green card», what opportunities it opens and how to get it? We already answered all this questions for you!

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Immigration to the USA

US immigration process is quite difficult and expensive. What are the options of immigration in the USA and which path to choose? Read in the article.


Universities in Boston

This article highlights the top universities and the cost of studying in Boston, helping you make an informed decision.