UniPage is an international educational agency, the idea of ​​which was born in Sydney back in 2008. We started out as a small team of enthusiasts and helped international students to enroll in Australian universities. Over time, we have grown to become true professionals in the field of international education, and in 2013 we created the UniPage agency. We now organize admission to the best educational institutions around the world.

We all went through the admission process at one point, so we know how difficult it is. Almost blindly, we chose a suitable university, looked for scholarships, and applied to programs. Even today, the Internet is full of contradictory and abrupt information regarding education. To solve these problems, we took two paths.

Firstly, we have collected all the necessary information about studying abroad into one place. This has made us the most visited website among educational agencies, according to the data provided by Alexa.com and Similarweb.com.

Secondly, we began to work directly with students, fully overseeing the admission process. The UniPage team provides applicants with guidance every step of the way. Using our experience and knowledge, we:

  • advise,
  • select programs,
  • build an admission strategy,
  • prepare documents,
  • edit motivation and recommendation letters,
  • apply for scholarships,
  • resolve any and all issues with universities,
  • and stay near until the very enrollment.

Our main goal is your successful admission. We believe that quality education should be available to everyone.

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Алексей Каргин и Анастасия Елисееева., выставка QS
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Выставка QS — образование за рубежом
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Выставка MPIRES недвижимость & образование за рубежом

Why UniPage

  • We are professionals in our field. All UniPage mentors are experts in the field of education abroad, having many years of experience in enrolling in programs of varying complexity: from architecture to medicine. Every one of the mentors has worked, studied, or interned abroad, which allows us to better understand the difficulties faced by applicants. We know what the admission committees pay attention to and how to make your application stand out from others.
  • We enroll at state universities. Our accumulated knowledge helps us to work with any university, including state ones. And this is the main area of expertise of ​​our company. Harvard, TU Munich, Sorbonne, Sydney University — we enroll students at the top universities around the world.
  • We work with a large number of countries. UniPage experts work with educational institutions in Europe, Asia, USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, and any other country where you want to apply. The versatility and knowledge of the specifics of all education systems allows us to supervise admission to several countries at once: compare their requirements, costs, application and response periods, and exclude those that do not suit you based on your academic profile and personal preferences.
  • We speak eight languages. Our experts speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and even Burmese. Thus, we can arrange admission to even the most exotic countries.
  • We help with paperwork. Our team employs a professional creative editor who specializes in writing motivation and recommendation letters. He leads the creative process from start to finish, from the moment of thinking through the idea to the final version of the text.
  • We provide a free consultation. We always provide detailed and objective information. At the first consultation, UniPage mentors will answer all questions about education abroad and tell you about the step-by-step interaction process. In person or over the phone, we are available in any format convenient for you.
  • We approach work responsibly. The mentor fully develops the admission strategy, monitors deadlines and applications, is attentive to details, and helps with difficult questions. He accompanies you during admission for nine to twelve months.
  • We guarantee admission. UniPage experts select programs and universities based on your profile and personal interests. We apply for admission to several universities at once and only for those programs whose requirements you fully meet. A competent selection of programs ensures the success of admission.
  • We are trusted. All prices for services, requisites, the text of the agreement, and the lists of universities where our students were admitted are in the public domain on our website. No unexpected markups or charges.
  • We share our experiences. UniPage not only oversees admissions abroad, but also writes detailed articles for those who want to go this way on their own. Our site is an encyclopedia for education abroad. You can find all the guides here.

With UniPage, you ...

  • Save money. Our experts will select quality programs to fit your budget and apply for a university scholarship. We will develop a strategy that will allow you to get an overseas education and save on training costs.
  • Save time. With us, you do not need to independently study the websites of universities. We fully supervise the entire process: from the selection of programs to the submission of documents and enrollment. You can spend your free time preparing for exams, learning the language, and enjoying life.
  • Increase your chances of admission. The UniPage team are professionals in their field. Our work experience will allow us to choose the universities that suit you best. First and foremost, we consider your profile: interests, academic performance, and budget.
  • Save nerve cells. The UniPage mentor will always be in touch — he will resolve all issues with universities and monitor the quality of documents and the motivation letter. Forget sleepless nights, and do not worry about admission!

Frequently asked questions

How exactly will you help me? What can you do that I cannot myself?

You can apply to a foreign university on your own. For those who want to try their hand, we have prepared detailed country guides. But in the case of going abroad, experience is better than theory.

Our experts have enrolled more than 4,000 students — including at universities such as Stanford, Sorbonne, and the Technical University of Munich. We know exactly how to choose the programs that are right for you and prepare the perfect package of documents.

We understand the peculiarities of admission to different countries and universities: what the admission committee pays attention to, how to properly present oneself in the USA or Japan, what is better to write in a motivation letter for a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, and so on.

UniPage mentors literally live in the world of education abroad — they follow the latest news, admission requirements, and visa requirements. It is more difficult to collect this information on your own, due to the lack of access to professional sources.

With UniPage, you get experts in their field who will increase your chances of admission.

Do you guarantee admission? What exactly will you do to increase my chances?

Let's look at two cases. Let's say one student enters a private partner university on a paid basis, while another applies to a public university. We will honestly answer that in the first case, the enrollment is 100% guaranteed, but in the second it is not. Why?

The fact is that there is more competition among state universities, and the admission committee evaluates you on a general basis. Essentially, you are competing with applicants from all over the world.

Our task is to make you stand out from other applicants. Universities always select students who meet their own internal criteria, and this is not necessarily about passing grades. Each university has a certain image of the ideal candidate. UniPage specialists annually enroll students at public universities in different countries. They know which profile is suitable for a particular university — which applicants are paid attention to in the first place. Our specialists not only look at the general requirements posted on the website of the admission committee, but carry out detailed research and look at the cut-off ranges from previous years, which gives a clearer picture of the chances of admission.

Can I get into Stanford? Honestly tell me what my chances are.

There is always a chance. Prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard, or MIT enroll 3-5% of applicants. High academic performance, strong motivation letters, recommendations, commitment, and an active life position are required by default. There is no surprise here.

What really sets you apart is your personal history: motivation, vision of the future, research plans, work experience, and already some kind of expertise in the specialty you are applying for. Top universities look not at the passing score, but at the student's personality. They assess what he can bring to the university, how his knowledge and skills will make the life of the community better.

Do you help with exam preparation?
Yes, we have such a service. We will select a professional from our internal tutor base, who will help you prepare for passing a language test (IELTS, TOEFL, HSK, etc.) or an international exam (SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.).
All details can be found on the service page.
How can you help me save on tuition?

We want education to be as accessible as possible for everyone, so we help students save on tuition.

If you sign an agreement for full support, then when applying to the university, our experts fill out an application for an internal university scholarship. We send documents to several universities at once, and you have a chance to receive a scholarship at each university that offers one. As a rule, this is a certain discount on tuition for one semester or year, or for the entire period of study.

We also help with registration and submission of documents for government grants, such as American Fulbright, German DAAD, British Chevening, and others. The full list of scholarships we work with can be viewed here.

Do you work with citizens of other countries?

Yes, UniPage is an international company. We work with clients from all countries.

What if I am still not accepted into the university?

We apply for admission to several universities at once, and we include in the selection only those programs whose requirements you meet. This means that you will definitely receive an offer of admission from at least 1-2 universities.
If you are applying for a program that involves university entrance exams, requires a creative portfolio or interview, then our task is to bring you to these stages and help you prepare. We will show you sample exams from previous years or sample portfolios if we have them, and give you tips on how to behave during interviews. However, passing the entrance tests is entirely up to you.

Why should I trust you?

UniPage believes in transparency: prices for services are fixed and indicated on the website. Before starting work, we sign an agreement with you, in which the rights and obligations of each party are clearly spelled out. No fishy transactions, frivolity, or risks.

The full text of the agreement is available on our website. You can study it in advance and express any of your concerns to our experts.

Our team

The UniPage team are masters of their craft, experts in education abroad. We have helped students enroll at Cornell University, the University of Sydney, the University of Zurich, and many other universities around the world.

We call each expert a "mentor" because his task is much broader than that of a simple education “agent”. The main task of the mentor is to guide you through the admission process, always supporting you throughout this difficult path.

You can choose your mentor by reading his profile. It provides detailed information about his education, interests, work experience, and indicates the universities to which our students entered under his leadership. If you are in doubt about which mentor to choose, ask for advice — we will help.

About the team

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