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China is the world's most populous country. It is an extremely diverse country that emerged from an ancient civilization. 56 ethnic groups live on its territory, each with its own customs and national cuisine. The local flavor attracts thousands of tourists and students every year.

Education in China is developing rapidly, as is the country's economy as a whole. Local universities are world leaders in the number of scientific publications. And China also provides many options for grants and scholarships for foreign students.

Learn more about admission and education in China with our series of articles.

Chinese education

  1. Secondary education in China

    Everything about secondary education in China. How the system works, its features, languages of instruction, costs, and admission.

  2. Education in China

    Full information about the Chinese education system: programs, admission process, tuition fees, visa, etc.

  3. Universities in China

    About 500 Chinese universities accept foreign students. Everything you need to know about universities in China — in the article.

  4. Admission process in China

    It is possible to enroll at Chinese universities, but only if you are young, healthy, and have a good reputation. These factors are so important that they are written out on the websites of universities and the visa center. Evaluations are made through health declaration forms, recommendation letters, and other documents. In addition, you must be proficient in Chinese or English.

  5. Chinese courses in China

    Everything you need to know about Chinese courses in China: the cost of programs, features of admission and study, types of courses and the most popular language schools.

Best universities in China