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France is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Europe, with a rich history and cultural heritage. It is famous for its picturesque nature and cozy ancient cities, modern metropolises and fashionable resorts, world-class museums, and exquisite cuisine.

Education in France is highly valued for its progressive approach to learning. Three local universities are in the global top 100. And 80% of students are satisfied with the quality of education and the demand for their diploma.

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French education

  1. Education in France

    Higher education in France does not cease to attract students from all over the world. There you’ll find both ancient and modern universities where foreigners can study at a quite moderate price compared to English and American education.

  2. Universities in France

    Studying at public universities in France for foreign students does not exceed 4,000 euros per year. Everything you need to know about French universities is in our article.

  3. Admission process in France

    Foreigners can apply to French universities under the same conditions as nationals. The opportunity to enroll directly after high school, a lack of entrance exams, and a high admission rate — these factors make the admission process easier for foreign applicants and distinguishes France from its neighbors.

  4. Master's Degree in France

    You can enroll in a master's program at a French university only with a bachelor's degree in the same scientific field. What other requirements are there for admission to France? In the article you will learn everything about documents, exams and legalization of a diploma for a master's degree.

Best universities in France

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How to learn French

Learning French is an exciting journey that allows you to delve into the culture and history of the French people.