Career Guidance

The correct choice of profession determines whether a person will go there gladly or crestfallen, live through a fulfilling day or count the minutes until they return home. Here we clarify what career guidance is and how not to make mistakes when choosing your career path.

Profession choice

Profession lists

Jobs of the Future

We talk about professions in demand and what professions will be relevant in the future. Will robots be able to replace humans and what professions will disappear?

Highest-paid jobs

Top highly paid professions in Russia, the USA, and around the world. We tell you where and for whom to study in order to receive the highest salary.

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Letter of recommendation for employment

Want to skyrocket your job search? Having a killer letter of recommendation is key! Learn how to write a stand-out letter and give your job prospects a boost.

Medical Education Abroad

Medical education abroad: admission, university rankings, preparatory programs, fees, scholarships.

Студенты-медики изучают сердце

Medical Education in Russia

Medical education in Russia is one of the highest quality in the world. Key facts about studying in the field of medicine: fees, admissions, pros and cons

Студенты-медики читают книгу в коридоре вуза