Our mentors

The UniPage team are masters of their craft. They will guide you through the entire process of admission, help you navigate the flow of information and achieve your goals.

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Why «mentors»?

We call our experts «mentors», because their tasks are much broader than those of simple educational agents. The job of our specialists is to be your mentor in the admissions process, supporting you at all times.‎

All of them once went through all the challenges of enrolling and studying abroad themselves: choosing the right university, looking for scholarships and applying. They know how difficult and scary it can get on that path. But now they have hundreds of successful admissions. And they know exactly what the admission committee pays attention to and what kind of applicants the best universities in the world are looking for.

UniPage mentors

Our former employees

We express our deep gratitude to colleagues who have departed from our team, but left a big mark in our history in the form of hundreds of happy students. Without them, UniPage would not be what it is today.

Special thanks go to mentors Stepan Eliseev, Alexandra Martynova, Lyudmila Kuznetsova, Natalia Gorbunova, Anastasia Eliseeva, as well as creative editors Veniamin Ponomarev and Ignaty Velikoda.

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