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Sungkyunkwan University
成均館大學校 성균관 대학교
Country South Korea
City Suwon-si
Bachelor (foreigners)$7,000/year.
Master (foreigners)$11,000/year.
Cost of living $713-1195/mon.
Official Website
Organization type Private
Abbreviation SKKU
Teachers 3,527
Students 23,689
Foreigners 9%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitations None
Colors Green and blue
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Humanity, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom. (Pursue Truth and Embody Social Justice)
• Ministry of Education, Korea
World ranking156
Country ranking5
Academic Reputation149
Employer Reputation26
Quality of teaching95
Citations per Faculty341
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities57
Engineering and Technology51
Life Sciences and Medicine139
Natural Science78
Social Sciences and Management58
Ranking in world by discipline
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking156
QS World University Rankings118
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking403
Alternative title
Университет Сонгюнгванru
Universidad Sungkyunkwanes
جامعة سيونج كين كوانar
Université de Sungkyunkwanfr
Universidade de Sungkyunkwanpt
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Sungkyunkwan University has a long and distinguished history of 607 years. As on e of the most significant institutions in Korea, SKK University has played a role in everything from the development of the Korean alphabet to the teaching of Confucianism the underlying social philosophy of modern Korean society. As a contemporary enter of higher education, SKK University has dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence. SKK University has two separate campuses: the Humanities and Social Sciences campus in central Seoul, and the Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon.

Description of Sungkyunkwan University

The History of Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU), which is celebrating its 615th anniversary this year, represents the origins of Korea's higher education. Reflecting on the history of world universities, the most prestigious tend to have emerged from a long history. They also were initially at the forefront of moral and civic education. This is true of SKKU, which was founded on the principles of Neo-Confucianism and embodied its four cardinal virtues ( 인의예지 pronounced In, Eui, Ye, Ji) which literally translate in English to humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom. These virtues represent an expression of humankind's four inherent elements of spirit, action, conscience, and intellect. At present Sungkyunkwan University is striving to educate talented students with abroad knowledge base, communicative leadership and a creative challenging spirit. As a World Class Research University this is one way in which SKKU is contributing to the development of a harmonious global society. With the support of the world renowned global company SAMSUNG, Sungkyunkwan University has become a creative and innovative center of higher education. Our collaborative approach represents a paradigm shift in which we focus on pedagogical models that incorporate foundational knowledge, applied research, a focus on global society, and academic-industrial collaboration. As we look ahead to the next 10 years we are seeking to advance our notion of the universities new role that of spreading the values of self-autonomy, diversity, communication and trust as core components of our campus life. We are not simply following the same path that others have trod. We are definitely pursuing the path less traveled. We have a dream that someday that our direction will eventually become the standard by which all great universities are measured. This is the sort of thinking that is part of our VISION 2020. To achieve this, Sungkyunkwan University has set forth a number of goals that we will pursue with passion over the next decade. They include: 『 Upgrading SKKU Brand Power 』 , 『 Educational Innovation as a Study Community 』 , 『 Strengthening our Global Research Capability 』 , 『 Developing Communication and Creative Management Strategies 』 , 『 Developing a Future Orientated Campus 』 . We welcome you to join us in our transformational endeavor as we develop SKKU into a truly leading university for the 21st century. As we move forward we can share the task of enlightening human society through the cultivation of ethically responsible innovative young minds that realize no matter how many kilometers separate us physically we are bound by our common humanity

Program - Sungkyunkwan University

Master - Doctorate

Bachelor Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering
Bachelor Architectural Engineering
Bachelor Architecture
Bachelor Bio-Mechatronic Engineering
Bachelor Biological Science
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Chemical Engineering
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Child Psychology and Education
Bachelor Chinese Language and Literature
Bachelor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Civil Law
Bachelor Classical Chinese Education
Bachelor Computer Education
Bachelor Computer Engineering
Bachelor Constitutional Law
Bachelor Consumer and Family Sciences
Bachelor Corporate Law
Bachelor Criminal Law
Bachelor Cross-Cultural Studies
Bachelor Dance
Bachelor Design
Bachelor Digital Media Content
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Education
Bachelor Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Bachelor English Language and Literature
Bachelor Fashion Design
Bachelor Film, Television and Multimedia
Bachelor Fine Arts
Bachelor Food Science and Technology
Bachelor French Language and Literature
Bachelor Genetic Engineering
Bachelor German Language and Literature
Bachelor Global Business Administration
Bachelor Global Economics
Bachelor History
Bachelor Human-Computer Interaction
Bachelor Human-Robot Interaction
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Industrial Pharmacy
Bachelor Interactive Design
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Program
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Program of Bio-Industry Engineering
Bachelor International Law
Bachelor International Trade and Policy
Bachelor Japanology
Bachelor Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor Korean Language and Literature
Bachelor Korean Literature In Classical Chinese
Bachelor Landscape Architecture
Bachelor Library and Information Science
Bachelor Management Route
Bachelor Management Technology
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Mathematics Education
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Mega Buildings and Bridges
Bachelor Performing Art
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Political Science and Diplomacy
Bachelor Polymer Science and Engineering
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Public Administration
Bachelor Public Interest Law
Bachelor Public Law
Bachelor Russian Language and Literature
Bachelor Semiconductor Systems Engineering
Bachelor Social Welfare
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Sports Instruction
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Studies of Glocal-Cultural Contents
Bachelor Systems Management Engineering
Bachelor Tax Law
Bachelor Theatre
Bachelor U-City Design and Engineering
Master Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering
Master Architectural Engineering
Master Architecture
Master Bio-Mechatronic Engineering
Master Biological Science
Master Business Administration
Master Chemical Engineering
Master Chemistry
Master Child Psychology and Education
Master Chinese Language and Literature
Master Civil and Environmental Engineering
Master Civil Law
Master Classical Chinese Education
Master Computer Education
Master Computer Engineering
Master Constitutional Law
Master Consumer and Family Sciences
Master Corporate Law
Master Criminal Law
Master Cross-Cultural Studies
Master Dance
Master Design
Master Digital Media Content
Master Economics
Master Education
Master Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Master English Language and Literature
Master Fashion Design
Master Film, Television and Multimedia
Master Fine Arts
Master Food Science and Technology
Master French Language and Literature
Master Genetic Engineering
Master German Language and Literature
Master Global Business Administration
Master Global Economics
Master History
Master Human-Computer Interaction
Master Human-Robot Interaction
Master Industrial Engineering
Master Industrial Pharmacy
Master Interactive Design
Master Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Master Interdisciplinary Program
Master Interdisciplinary Program of Bio-Industry Engineering
Master International Law
Master International Trade and Policy
Master Japanology
Master Journalism and Mass Communication
Master Korean Language and Literature
Master Korean Literature In Classical Chinese
Master Landscape Architecture
Master Library and Information Science
Master Management Route
Master Management Technology
Master Mathematics
Master Mathematics Education
Master Mechanical Engineering
Master Mega Buildings and Bridges
Master Performing Art
Master Pharmacy
Master Philosophy
Master Physics
Master Political Science and Diplomacy
Master Polymer Science and Engineering
Master Psychology
Master Public Administration
Master Public Interest Law
Master Public Law
Master Russian Language and Literature
Master Semiconductor Systems Engineering
Master Social Welfare
Master Sociology
Master Sports Instruction
Master Statistics
Master Studies of Glocal-Cultural Contents
Master Systems Management Engineering
Master Tax Law
Master Theatre
Master U-City Design and Engineering

Location on map - Sungkyunkwan University

Location on map - Sungkyunkwan University
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