Выбор университета — очень сложная задача, особенно если планируете поступать за границу. Специально для вас мы собрали всю доступную информацию о зарубежных вузах.





Latin America

Best universities

World University Rankings

World university rankings is one of the factors that should be taken into account when choosing a university and a study program. Here you'll read about what ratings exist in the world, how they are formed and how to work with them to get the most objective information.

University groups

Affordable Universities in Europe

Education in Europe does not necessarily mean expensive. There are quite budget options to get higher education in Europe. Read more in the article.

Ivy League

Ivy League Universities: The History of Association and Admission to the Group of the Most Prestigious Universities in the USA. Tuition fees and graduate careers.

Group of Eight

List of universities of Go8. We will try to narrow down your choice of australian universities, giving you some interesting facts about Universities of Go8

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Free universities abroad

Is studying abroad risky and expensive? Not always. In this article, we discuss the options for free education, compare universities and countries, and figure out what you still have to pay for.

Associate's degree

An associate's degree is awarded after two years of study at a college or university. In the article we talk about its advantages, the areas in which it can be obtained, as well as the requirements for admission to associate's degree programs.

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Universities in Europe

Universities of the old and new worlds — what's the difference? Which European universities can you apply to?

Universities in Asia

Universities in Asia - List of asian universities, cost of study and living in Asia, admission process in asian institutes and other facts.