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The United Kingdom is a state in northwest Europe, known worldwide for its centuries-old history and traditions.

UK universities are considered among the best. 18 universities are included in the top 100 educational institutions in the world. Such a reputation makes graduates of British universities highly sought after in the international job market.

Find out how to obtain higher education in the UK in our series of articles.

UK education

  1. Higher education in the United Kingdom

    What do you want to know about higher education in the UK? We'll tell you everything: how much does it cost, what type of institution to choose, how to apply and get accepted.

    образование в Великобритании
  2. Universities in UK

    All you need to know about UK universities: infrastructure, enrollment process, requirements and more

    Oxford University
  3. Admission process in the UK

    Full guide to a British university: how to choose a program, why you need preparatory courses and what exams you will have to take.

    Admission process in the UK
  4. Bachelor's studies in UK

    Everything you need to know about the British bachelor's degree programs: universities, tuition fees, prospects after graduation and other facts.

    Выпускники бакалавриата
  5. Scholarships and Grants in the UK

    How to get free education in the UK. Scholarships, grants and bursaries in the UK. Requirements for the UK Study Scholarship. Deadlines for submission of documents.


Best universities in the UK

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British Scholarship for Masters Students — Chevening

Looking to pursue a free master's degree in the UK? Well, you might just have a chance! The Chevening Scholarship provides full coverage for student tuition and accommodation expenses. Find out how to secure this opportunity in our article.


A-Level is part of the compulsory general education program in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Why is it needed and for whom?