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Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent. It is famous for its diverse flora and fauna.

Australian universities rightfully hold high positions in global rankings and are centers of research and scientific progress.

Learn about admission and education in Australia in our series of articles on higher education in this country.

Australian education

  1. Education in Australia

    Education in Australia is the benchmark of quality. Here you'll find everything you need to know about studying in Australia: types of universities, admission process, tuition fees, student visa, etc.

  2. Universities in Australia

    Universities in Australia rightfully occupy high positions in world rankings and are centers of research and scientific progress. International students come to Australian universities for high-quality education, an international atmosphere, developed infrastructure and prestigious diplomas.

  3. English courses in Australia

    English courses in Australia: list of English language schools in Australia, language programs, costs, admission process and other facts about English courses in Australia.

Best universities in Australia

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Life in Australia

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Australia's Sydney Opera House
Immigration to Australia

How to immigrate to Australia: professional and student immigration. Immigration for labor, business, or investment. Requirements for documents and assessing chances of getting a visa.

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TAFE Colleges

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Group of Eight

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Universities in Sydney

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