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Did you know that calling the Netherlands Holland is incorrect? Holland is the only two regions in the country that historically were more developed, so their name is often used to refer to the entire state.

Dutch educational institutions are known for their high research potential and unique approach called problem-based learning — students learn the material while solving a problem or task. In the Netherlands, English is spoken fluently, so students have no trouble finding English-language programs for their studies.

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Dutch education

  1. Education in the Netherlands

    The most important things about studying in the Netherlands: educational programs, academic levels, tuition fees and prospects

  2. Universities in the Netherlands

    Universities in the Netherlands emphasize the high qualifications of professors and student independence, focus on innovation and research, and value freedom of thought and creative independence.

  3. Admission process in the Netherlands

    Admission in the Netherlands is possible after the 11th grade, but not at all universities. For some, a high school diploma is sufficient, while others require foundation courses or one year of bachelor’s studies at home. Continue reading for information on prices, scholarships, visas, and other requirements.

    The Netherlands
  4. Master’s in the Netherlands

    In this article, you will find out how much a master's degree in the Netherlands costs, what the requirements are, how to find scholarships, and where to find the best programs for study.

  5. Language courses in the Netherlands

    The main information about English and Dutch language courses in Netherlands: tuition fees, types of programs, accommodation options and the best language schools.

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