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The influence of Italy on the development of modern Western civilization is difficult to overestimate. The Roman Empire gave us the legal system and the foundations of the political system, and Florentine art still decorates galleries around the world.

Studying art, law, and fashion in a country like Italy is a truly unique experience. The oldest universities in the world are located here — the University of Bologna, the University of Rome "La Sapienza," and others. They and other universities in the country offer programs in both Italian and English.

If you are looking for information on higher education in Italy, our articles from the series on this country will help you understand how everything works.

Italian education

  1. Education in Italy

    What are the features of Italian higher education? Let’s discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of studying there, how much does it cost for a foreigner and why Italy is the number one destination for the Erasmus exchange program.

  2. Universities in Italy

    The average price at Italian public universities for a foreign student is about 4000 EUR per year. Learn more about Italian universities in the article.

  3. Italian courses in Italy

    In this article we tell about language courses in Italy, what you need to know about admission, how much tuition costs, and how to get a visa.

Best universities in Italy

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DSU scholarship to study in Italy

The Italian DSU scholarship fully covers tuition, accommodation, and meals. It also provides a grant of up to 7000 EUR. Learn how to apply and what documents are needed.

How to learn Italian

Learning Italian can give you new opportunities in life and travel. Have fun using the techniques that are right for you!