Bachelor’s degree

Who are undergraduates? In this article we provide the most important information about the first stage of higher education: what does it mean, what types exist, how much it costs abroad and how the learning process looks like.

Bachelor’s studies by country


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is a junior academic degree in the humanities. In this article, you will learn: what is its essence, admission requirements and prospects after training.

Bachelor of Education

How to become a Bachelor of Education: what is required for admission and what career awaits after.

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Economics, BEc is a junior academic title awarded to students who have completed the Bachelor of Economics (BEc) program in the British Commonwealth countries, as well as in countries with the Bologna system of higher education.

Bachelor of Computer Science

What is a Bachelor of Computer Science? What are the admission requirements and main subjects of study for the Bachelor of Computer Science?

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Bachelor in Poland

About the specifics of undergraduate studies in Poland and prospects after training.

Tourists on Main Market Square in Krakow, Poland
Bachelor in Austria

Nowadays undergraduate studies in Austria are gaining popularity: in five years, the number of foreign students in Austrian universities has increased by 40%. The main reasons are rather low tuition prices and high-quality educational programs.

Education abroad by region

Education abroad is a dream of many students from Russia and the CIS countries. The reason for this is often dissatisfaction with the domestic education system. It isn't difficult to enter a foreign university, so the main thing is to prepare for this. And the first thing to do is to decide which country to choose.

Группа веселых студентов на лекции в аудитории