Number of universities1,134
Place in the ranking8

Japan is a country of blooming sakura, anime, and high technology. Japan's history spans many centuries, making its culture and language truly remarkable.

The best subjects to study in Japan are related to technology, electronics, and robotics. Programs can be mastered in both Japanese and English.

In addition, the country has more than 50 of the largest global companies: Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Pioneer, Nintendo, and others. Students can intern and then be employed by them.

Our series of materials on higher education in Japan will tell you all about the learning process and admission to this country.

Japanese education

  1. Education in Japan

    Education in Japan is of high quality, especially in technology, innovation and robotics. In the article you will learn about higher education in Japan and why it is worth studying there (or not?)

  2. Universities in Japan

    Japan universities — top destinations, tuition fees, admission process and reasons to choose Japanese universities.

  3. Admission process in Japan

    Instruction on how to apply to a Japanese university — documents, requirements, application process, deadlines and cost of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

  4. Japanese courses in Japan

    Japanese courses in Japan are a great opportunity to learn the language, and also to prepare for university and further immigration. A visa can be obtained for two years, and the courses themselves help with the JLPT exam and paperwork. In addition, they are relatively cheap — 330 USD per month.

Best universities in Japan