UniPage presents a referral program that allows to direct clients to us and earn 10 to 20% of our revenue as commission fee. This roughly translates to between 250 and 500 USD per client. We undertake the full support of the client — from the initial free consultation to their transit to the country of study. It means that as our Agent you will not need to learn the nuances of our work, you only need to delegate the clients to us.

The following manual explains the procedures and terms of cooperation with UniPage within the framework of the Agent system. To learn how to become a UniPage agent and earn commission for each client directed to us, please read the following instructions.

What does the Referral Program include?

UniPage operates in the field of accompaniment of admission to educational institutions abroad: language courses, secondary and higher education; Foundation, IB, A-level, Pre-Masters and similar programs. We also help with visa acquisition. More…

Within the framework of the referral program, the Agent can send any person interested in our services to us. After the client signs a contract with us and pays for the services, the Agent who had sent them receives 10-20% of our fee.

How is the commission calculated and when is it paid?

Agent’s bonus amounts to 10 or 20% of the client's fee.

20% is the commission for a completed application. It is applied if the Agent registers the client, thoroughly fills out the form, provides all the listed necessary documents and informs the client of our prices and the minimal budget for living in the country of study and paying for education there.

10% is the basic bonus. It applies when the Agent sends an incomplete application for the potential client. This includes the applications filled out by clients themselves after going through the Agent’s referral link. Due to the low attention to individual applications required from the Agents, partners with significant audiences can gain a stable passive income through such applications.

An exemplary commission calculation:

Considering the fact that 90% of our clients decide to apply for admission to top universities and schools with large admission competitions, we recommend them to apply to no less than five different institutions. The Agent receives their bonus for any service ordered from us by the client, but for the exemplary calculation we will review our most common package — the «Full Accompaniment».

  • Price for UniPage accompaniment of admission to 5 educational institutions: 2,585 USD
  • Agent’s commission: 2585 × 20% = 517 USD (~37000 РУБ.)
  • We pay out the commission fee within 40 days after receiving the payment from the client. It means that you won’t have to wait until the client is admitted to a university or transfers to the country of study. Therefore, you don’t face the risk of client changing their mind and staying home. We plan the admission strategy in such a way that after 40 days the majority of work is already done and a refund is extremely unlikely.

Average Agent income

Average income* USD258551707755103401292515510

*Income calculated on the basis of clients’ ordering accompaniment for admission to 5 universities, without extra services, which is the most common situation in our practice.

Complete list of UniPage services

How do I send and track clients?

There are two ways to send us the clients:

  1. Register on our website as an Agent, obtain a referral link and register clients through it;
  2. Send us a detailed description of a client’s request via email: education@unipage.net

In the second case we will create a personal account for you ourselves and send you authorization details so that you can track the progress of your leads.

How does the referral link work?

After a potential client follows your link, even if they don’t immediately register, our system remembers them for 6 months as sent by you. It means that if the visitor decides to leave an application form after some consideration and not immediately, they will still be recognized as your client, so you will receive your due revenue.

Didn’t use the link?

If the client, for any reason, didn’t use your link, just send us a notice with their email address and/or phone number that they used to register on our site. After that, the client will be updated as one of your leads.

Who can become an agent?

Any company or individual can act as our partner. Our cooperation will be the most profitable to:

  • Educational institutions (Universities, language courses, schools (especially private), professional education centers, international exams preparation courses, etc)
  • Teachers (tutors, homeroom teachers, foreign languages teachers)
  • Travel and education agencies
  • Overseas real estate agencies
  • Immigration agencies and consultants
  • Training centers
  • Bloggers
  • Youth organizations

How to attract clients?

You can choose any way to attract clients depending on your line of work, audience and personal preferences. Do whatever you consider appropriate and effective.

Each agent is supplied with a unique personal link that contains their ID code. A client who registers after using such link is automatically associated with the corresponding Agent. The referral link can be sent to anyone via any means, and any client using it will be considered sent by you as an Agent. You will receive your due reward for them.

For example — internet advertising:

  • Posting on social media about us (Youtube, Twitter, etc)
  • Mentioning us on your website
  • Bulk messaging (e.g. in a common chatroom)
  • Emailing to your clients
  • Direct offers via email

We can prepare texts for any of the aforementioned media for you. Each post and message must contain your referral link for you to be able to track the clients sent by you.

We can also arrange joined events with you:

  • Lectures and round tables on such topics as «Professions of the Future», «How to choose a school abroad», «Admission strategy to the World’s best universities», etc.;
  • Participation in parents’ meetings to answer their questions;
  • Conduction of webinars about education abroad and on other topics.

How to become a UniPage agent? Registration process.

1. Create a personal account.


Using the email address and the password you register with, you will be able to access your account in the future.

2. Fill out the Agent’s form:


This way, we will be able to better understand the special features of your line of work and assess the prospects of our cooperation. If you do not represent a company — do not fill in the irrelevant fields.

In the «comments» section, put the approximate amount and frequency of clients that approach you with questions concerning education abroad. Also state which countries are they the most interested in and what is their average expected budget for living and studying.

3. UniPage referral link.

Once you register as an Agent, you will be assigned 3 referral links. They will be located in the top right corner of the screen, and they lead to:

  • Site main page;
  • Site registration form;
  • Application form.

It is up to you which link to use and post through various media, depending on the context.

4. Testing the referral link.

You can create a test application to see how the UniPage referral program works.

To do that, enter any #Name and #Surname when registering a new account. The «#» symbol in front of client data will show the manager that it is a test request.

All client applications are to be created in incognito mode, so that you remain logged in as Agent in your main browser. If you are creating several client requests in a sequence — make sure to exit each newly created profile and register another one for every client.

5. Agent’s leads control. Revenue payouts.

You can keep track of all the clients registered through your referral links via your admin page.

If an application has the «confirmed» status, it means that the client has paid and you are entitled to a commission fee.

The fee is paid to the Agent's settlement account (whether the Agent represents a company or is an individual entrepreneur, or another legal entity allowed to gain revenue and pay taxes, depending on your local jurisdiction).

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Agent Agreement

The agreement is an offer that doesn’t require an Agent’s signature to be enacted.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Estimated average costs for tuition and living per year:

8,000-10,000 USD — East Europe, Baltic countries, China

10,000-25,000 USD — Rest of Europe, Asia

25,000-60,000 USD — USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

About UniPage

UniPage is an international agency that specializes in education abroad. We assist with admission to the best educational institutions worldwide, including state-funded ones. The agency orchestrates trips to more than 50 countries on language and pre-ed programs, helps applicants with enrollment in secondary education institutions, as well as Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. We apply for scholarships and grants and provide visa accompaniment.

Languages our specialists are fluent in: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Polish.

Benefits of work with UniPage

  • We are unique, because we help to acquire scholarships and enroll in European universities with full tuition.
  • UniPage specialists are multilinguals, which allows us to oversee admission even in less popular countries of study.
  • We have helped more than 3000 candidates to enroll in prestigious universities. It is our fortè, and our clients successfully get admitted to Oxford, Stanford, MIT, John Hopkins University, NUS, etc.
  • Our website is visited by more than 3,000,000 people from target audience every month. Being associated with us will increase your media presence and create an influx of new clients.
  • If you work in the education or travel industry, collaboration with UniPage will let you broaden the range of your services by outsourcing educational consulting to us.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to our email agents@unipage.net or contact us by phone +7(499)677-1864 add.161.

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