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Located in the Black Earth belt, the Voronezh State University appears as the largest tertiary education institution with graduates who have found employment in more than 90 countries of the world. Founded in 1918 as the conventional university, it is now one of leading centers of national science and culture.

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Voronezh State University scientific achievements

  • The University arranges 5 research and development institutions, 10 educational and scientific production centers.
  • The University houses 14 R&D establishments arranged along with the Academy of Sciences of Russia.
  • The scientific work involves more than 70 professors and corresponding fellows of various schools, 292 PhDs, postgraduates and students.
  • Among the scientific accomplishments of the University is the development of staphylococcus germicide, a new technology of thermal and mechanical treatment of tool steel.
  • In 2014, the project offered by the University scholars to work with the death of human immune cells was supported with the sum of 60 mln Russian roubles.
  • The young scholars committed to invent nanotechnological for photoactivated management of cancer.

Why the Voronezh State University?

  • The University houses one of the largest Russian libraries of science that comprises of more than three million books and publications in forty ancient and contemporary languages.
  • The University terrain is vast enough to accommodate seven museums and the Galychya Gora Reservation that occupies 234 hectares of land. The reservation operates the laboratory of mycology, plant kingdom and greenery, entomology, vertebrate zoology, herbarium, and a rich collection of invertebrate species. The station of atmospheric observations runs in here.
  • Business School functions at the place as part of the University structure.
  • The University adopts the unique interaction model with industries: the corporate master’s program is employed for this purpose.
  • The Center of shared scientific equipment is open at the University as well as the industrial park with laser station, spectrometer and other equipment.
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Factsheets about Voronezh State University

  • In field of Physics, the notable alumni of the University include Pavel Cherenkov, the Nobel Prize Laureate of 1958. Another one, Mikhail Tsvet, the founder of chromatograph diffusion method, lectured in here.
  • The youngest postgraduate in Russia is among the striking alumni of the University. It is Dmitriy Voevudskiy, 13-year old student who majored in Humanities in 2007 and became a postgraduate student – in 2010. The oldest student of Russia is also worth to be noted: this is Nadezhda Korotisheva, 68-year old woman, who graduated from the Biology and Soil Science School of the University in 2007.
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