General information about Fort Lee Heliport
Country United States
Region Nicktown
ICAO code 27PA
Coordinates of Fort Lee Heliport
Region Code US-PA
GPS Code 27PA
Latitude 40.651401519775
Longitude -78.827201843262
Elevation 608.00 m.
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Closest airports to Fort Lee Heliport

Total 10 items.
23 kmJohn Murtha Johnstown Cambria County AirportJohnstownM
36 kmAltoona Blair County AirportAltoonaM
37 kmDuBois Regional AirportDuboisM
40 kmArnold Palmer Regional AirportLatrobeM
53 kmUniversity Park AirportState CollegeM
61 kmAllegheny County AirportPittsburghM
74 kmVenango Regional AirportFranklinM
75 kmPittsburgh International AirportPittsburghL
80 kmBradford Regional AirportBradfordM
82 kmBeaver County AirportBeaver FallsM