General information about Ottenberg Airfield
Country Germany
Region Nuremberg
ICAO code DE-0092
Coordinates of Ottenberg Airfield
Region Code DE-BY
Latitude 49.3287
Longitude 11.4797
Elevation 557.00 m.
Location on map

Closest airports to Ottenberg Airfield

Total 10 items.
18 kmHohenfels Army Air FieldM
19 kmRoth AirportM
22 kmNuremberg AirportNurembergL
33 kmGrafenwohr Army Air FieldM
42 kmIngolstadt Manching AirportManchingM
44 kmNeuburg AFBNeuburg (Donau)M
46 kmBayreuth AirportBayreuthM
48 kmAirport Bamberg-BreitenauBambergM
67 kmAugsburg AirportAugsburgM
68 kmHof-Plauen AirportHofM