General information about Crossma Heliport
Country France
region Jobourg
ICAO code FR-0143
Coordinates of Crossma Heliport
Region Code FR-P
Latitude 49.685123443604
Longitude -1.9099539518356
Elevation 147.00 m.
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Closest airports to Crossma Heliport

Total 10 items.
14 kmAlderney AirportSaint AnneM
20 kmCherbourg-Maupertus AirportCherbourg/MaupertusM
35 kmJersey AirportSaint HelierM
36 kmGuernsey AirportSaint Peter PortM
58 kmGranville AirportGranvilleM
75 kmCaen-Carpiquet AirportCaen/CarpiquetM
76 kmBournemouth AirportBournemouthL
76 kmDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo AirportDinard/Pleurtuit/Saint-MaloM
90 kmSaint-Brieuc-Armor AirportSaint-Brieuc/ArmorM
90 kmLe Havre Octeville AirportLe Havre/OctevilleM