CountryCityLanguageSchoolProgram Cost
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaEvening courses4.3131 + 93USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaEvening Semi4.3131 + 117USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaConversation course (Afternoon)4.3131 + 141USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaDELE Preparation (Afternoon)4.3131 + 165USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaSemi Intensive course (AM)4.3131 + 199USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaSummer Evening Standard4.3131 + 199USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaSummer Evening Intensive4.3131 + 271USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaStandard course (AM)4.3131 + 295USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaIntensive DELE (AM)4.3131 + 365USD
 SpainBarcelonaSpanishKingsbrook Idiomas BarcelonaIntensive cousre (AM)4.3131 + 365USD
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Cost of living in Barcelona
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 246 346
Food 166 336
Transportation 45 126
Communications and utilities 80 97
Clothing 25 95
Sports and leisure 27 100
Accommodation in Barcelona USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre248
Shared room in city centre349
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre478
1 bedroom apartment in city centre618
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Language schools in Barcelona

 SpainBarcelonaKingsbrook Idiomas Barcelona4.3
 SpainBarcelonaIH Barcelona4.6
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Student cities in Spain
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MadridMadrid, Provincia de Madrid243255944
BarcelonaCatalonia, Província de Barcelona231621537
GranadaAndalusia, Provincia de Granada5234325
SevillaAndalusia, Provincia de Sevilla4703206
ValenciaValencia, Província de València4814208