CountryCitySchoolProgram reviews.Cost
1-5 USD
 AustraliaBrisbaneKaplan BrisbaneVacation English* (maximum 17 weeks)4.5531,280
 AustraliaBrisbaneKaplan BrisbaneIntensive English4.5531,410
 AustraliaBrisbaneKaplan BrisbaneIELTS Preparation (Intensive)4.5531,410
 AustraliaBrisbaneLSI BrisbaneGeneral 20/ISY 204.374510
 AustraliaBrisbaneLSI BrisbaneIntensive 24/ISY 244.374532
 AustraliaBrisbaneLSI BrisbaneIntensive 30/ISY 304.374556
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Cost of living in Brisbane, USD/month
Accommodation $385 $649
Food $214 $428
Transportation $92 $204
Communications and utilities $99 $109
Clothing $25 $94
Sports and leisure $28 $97
Accommodation in Brisbane, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$385
Shared room in city centre$649
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$819
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1119

Language schools in Brisbane

  CountryCitySchool Reviews
 AustraliaBrisbaneKaplan Brisbane4.5
 AustraliaBrisbaneLSI Brisbane4.3
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Location on map - Brisbane

Location on map - Brisbane
Student cities in Australia
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SydneyNew South Wales, City of Sydney204627345
MelbourneVictoria, Melbourne184246375
BrisbaneQueensland, Brisbane82189878
AdelaideSouth Australia, Adelaide81225235
CanberraAustralian Capital Territory8367752
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