CountryCitySchoolProgram reviews.Cost
1-5 USD
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los AngelesVacation English4.7571,640
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los AngelesGeneral English4.7571,670
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los AngelesIntensive English4.7571,720
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los AngelesAcademic English4.7571,770
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los AngelesTOEFL/TOEIC/GRE Preparation4.7571,770
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles WestwoodVacation English4.62121,545
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles WestwoodGeneral English4.62121,595
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles WestwoodIntensive English4.62121,765
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles WestwoodEnglish for Business4.62121,765
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles WestwoodTOEFL iBT4.62121,765
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Cost of living in Los Angeles, USD/month
Accommodation $685 $935
Food $268 $494
Transportation $80 $191
Communications and utilities $96 $109
Clothing $21 $77
Sports and leisure $27 $99
Accommodation in Los Angeles, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$684
Shared room in city centre$935
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$1103
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1473

Language schools in Los Angeles

  CountryCitySchool Reviews
 United StatesLAFLS Citrus College Los Angeles4.7
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles Whittier4.4
 United StatesLAKaplan Los Angeles Westwood4.6
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Location on map - LA

Location on map - LA

Student cities in United States

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Big AppleNew York948175133
ChicagoIllinois, Cook County582695598
District of ColumbiaWashington, D.C., Washington County39601723
LACalifornia, Los Angeles County373792621
BostonMassachusetts, Suffolk County36617594

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