CountryCitySchoolProgram reviews.Cost
1-5 USD
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeFunctional English4.530384
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePractical English4.530384
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeFunctional & Practical English4.530712
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeEnglish for Kids4.530384
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate SPRINT English Course4.5301,140
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Business English Course4.5301,140
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Chinese Course4.530712
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Japanese Course4.530712
Open SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeKorean Course (Part-Time) - Elementary ONE4.53084
Open SingaporeSingaporeLondon School of Business&FinancePreparatory Course in English (2 month course)3.5130Inquiry
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Cost of living in Singapore, USD/month
Accommodation $635 $1126
Food $212 $372
Transportation $57 $98
Communications and utilities $65 $80
Clothing $23 $88
Sports and leisure $43 $115
Accommodation in Singapore, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$641
Shared room in city centre$1137
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$1122
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1709

Language schools in Singapore

  CountryCitySchool Reviews
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS Singapore4.5
 SingaporeSingaporeLondon School of Business&Finance3.5
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Location on map - Singapore

Location on map - Singapore
Student cities in Singapore
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SingaporeCentral Singapore293547809
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