CountryCitySchoolProgram reviews.Cost
1-5 USD
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeFunctional English4.530384
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePractical English4.530384
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeFunctional & Practical English4.530712
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeEnglish for Kids4.530384
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate SPRINT English Course4.5301,140
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Business English Course4.5301,140
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Chinese Course4.530712
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporePrivate Japanese Course4.530712
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS SingaporeKorean Course (Part-Time) - Elementary ONE4.53084
 SingaporeSingaporeLondon School of Business&FinancePreparatory Course in English (2 month course)3.5130Inquiry
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Cost of living in Singapore, USD/month
Accommodation $635 $1126
Food $212 $372
Transportation $57 $98
Communications and utilities $65 $80
Clothing $23 $88
Sports and leisure $43 $115
Accommodation in Singapore, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$635
Shared room in city centre$1126
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$1122
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1709

Language schools in Singapore

  CountryCitySchool Reviews
 SingaporeSingaporeGEOS Singapore4.5
 SingaporeSingaporeLondon School of Business&Finance3.5
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Location on map - Singapore

Location on map - Singapore
Student cities in Singapore
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SingaporeCentral Singapore293547809
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